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emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
A house for the kids of Merida. Outside there is also a shooting range.

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Nina | 526 comments Merida stepped in the living room holding her bow in her left hand. "Manic? Are you here?" she asked and looked around. She hadn't seen her brother since ages.

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Nina | 526 comments ((Haha oops yes my dear!!))

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Nina | 526 comments Sophia turned to her brother and smiled widely. "Hello brother! I missed you." She exclaimed and hugged him. Then she sat down on a couch and smiled again. "So how was your day?" she asked and fixed her ponytail.

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Nina | 526 comments ((Haha it's alright))

Sophia raised an eyebrow and smirked. "I'm glad! Well, it's been a good day... The dance? You mean that Valentine's day event? No, I won't..." She replied and laughed. "What about you?" she asked quickly full of curiosity.

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Nina | 526 comments Sophia smiled full of surprise. "So you have a girlfriend! Happy to hear that! When did you meet her?" she asked and leaned forward, full of excitement.

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Nina | 526 comments Sophia chuckled and tickled him. "Well I don't have a partner. And I'm not into these stuff very much brother" she replied and winked.

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Nina | 526 comments Sophia chuckled and stopped tickling him. "Oh don't worry... It's just that I haven't met many people since we moved here, so... I miss mom and our castle" she whispered her tone serious and sighed.

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Nina | 526 comments Sophia smiled mischievously at his suggestion. "Oh really? But you know that I'm the best! I accept your challenge Manic, let's go!" she said and winked with a mischievous grin.

((How old is Manic?? ;) ))

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Nina | 526 comments Sophia chuckled and grabbed her bow. "Come on then!" she said happily and led him out. The shooting range was big and there was a lot of space to practice. "Okay Manic. You may start!" she exclaimed and laughed slightly, waiting to see his archery skills. She had trained Manic and he was a great archer, but she was the teacher.

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Nina | 526 comments Sophia clapped her hands and looked at him rather surprised. "Very well! I thought it would be worse.... But it was very good!" she replied and and caressed his head. She took the arrow and breathed deeply. She aimed and shot, hitting right on the target. "The trick is to keep both of your eyes open and to breathe. You have to relax..." She said and smiled widely, revealing her porcelain teeth.

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Nina | 526 comments Sophia chuckled and her jaw dropped. "Should I feel threatened right now? Very good! You are getting better day by day." She admitted and smiled kindly. She took her bow and started shooting , while walking, missing only the last target for two inches. "Ahh... Could have been better!" she moaned trying to stifle a laugh.

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Nina | 526 comments Sophia chuckled and hugged Manic. "Well, you're right! Come on let's get back in side. It's getting very cold and I can't feel my nose." She said and waited for him to follow her.

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Nina | 526 comments Sophia ran after him, but he was faster. "Oh yes... You win at this one!" she said and winked. She took of her jacket and sat next to him, smiling. "So is there any girl I should know about?" she asked full of curiosity and raised an eyebrow.

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Jo (jojodamay) Venus tapped on the door lightly. She waited for him to answer. She was a little nervous because though you could sword fight in the sea, a bow and arrow wouldn't have any wind so she had never even seen one.

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