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A palace for Belle and the Beast along with their two kids, Ben and Sophia.

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Fidèle was talking on the phone
" ya the little theif was heart broken when she learned I was dating him that should show her not to steal from my dad no don't worry I will break up with him once she gets over him bye" fidèlè hung up

Kay was there to apologize to fidèle for her actions this morning when she heard it all" what do you think you're doing " Kay asked

" teaching you a lesson " fidèle said

" not if I tell Matt what a liar you are first" Kay said

" oh but I'm not the liar you are remember I am just a sweet little auradon girl" fidèle said smiling sweetly

* she's right* Kay thought

" so go and tell him you will just look like a jealous ex" fidèle said" oh and get out of my house "

" my pleasure " Kay said leaving

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Fidèle heard Matt and opened the door

Kay passed Matt in the hall " Matt I need to talk to you.."

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" fidèle is just.. " Kay was cut off by fidèle

" hey Matt come in" fidèle said smiling

" we'll talk later in private please " Kay whispers

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" after your done with her" Kay said not calling her by her name

Fidèle just smiled

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" the little thief just barged in and demanded that I broke up with you "fidèle lied

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" because she was jealous and wanted to get back together with you" fidèle said

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" December 11" fidèle said " when's yours" she asked

( I was thinking Kay will try to warn him but he won't listen and then fidèle breaks up with him what do you think)

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" cool by the way you could have told me you were coming by" fidèle said * what if you heard that whole conversation * she thought

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(Maybe after Kay try's to warn him)

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" that's not what mean " fidèlè called out the door * what did Kay see in him" fidèle thought

| meet me in the forest a sap| Kay sent this text

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" bye" fidèle said

| because it's about your so called girlfriend | Kay texted *back how did she forget that he could be so stubborn *

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| well it kind of the opposite | Kay sent

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| you'll see not something to say on text though then you can't shoot me if you don't believe me| Kay sent
( I did)

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| hey Matt meet me at beauty's place | fidèle sent

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" hey I am breaking up with you " fidèlè said

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" I am sorry I shouldn't have brought you into this it was wrong I hope you can forgive me" fidèle said ashamed of her actions

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( OK I posted )

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