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message 1: by Erin *Proud Book Hoarder*, *Daily Planet Intern* (new)

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* (erinpaperbackstash) | 580 comments Mod
I finally saw this. Didn't think it was bad. Not as cutesy humor as I was fearing and they kept a lot of the dark stuff. The focus was on Harley and the Joker and Deadshot.

I heard Joker was in it very little but he was actually in it a good degree I thought. I could have watched an extended version though

Jared Leto is an excellent actor but his joker version just felt odd

message 2: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) | 473 comments Lord, what a mess!
There was a good movie fighting to get out, but luckily the director and editor were able to beat it back and keep it from escaping.

A fairly decent cast, who are all really trying hard ( except maybe for Jared Leto, who was doing some weird Al Pacino impression while wearing clown makeup.) but the script is a mess and it looks like it was edited with a weed whacker.

Shame, as there was some potential here, but it just ended up being very frustrating.

and could one of the DC movies remember the Joker was dyed those colors by chemicals! He's not wearing clown makeup!
Stop splashing a little white on his face and then forgetting to color his hands!

message 3: by Erin *Proud Book Hoarder*, *Daily Planet Intern* (new)

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* (erinpaperbackstash) | 580 comments Mod
I think that the low reception of Jared Leto has the Joker cancelled out the plans for a Harley and Joker spin-off movie, from what I've been reading. That's a good thing because them carrying off their own movie wouldnt work.

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