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A.F. (scribe77) | 369 comments Mod

Ani H. Manjikian

Ani H. Manjikian

Do You Believe In Legend?
(Stars of Heros Book 2)

"Legend isn't about people. It's about pursuing a dream or higher ideal. About believing in something impossible and transforming the belief into reality through faith and hard work. The future is a legend written and unwritten."
Jo Mason believes that creativity, spontaneity, and faith exist as definable words, but not actionable items. Negative consequences always follow the rare positive outcomes. It seems her destiny is surviving a chaotic world she can't control. Hearing her own voice where she shouldn’t have leaves her wondering about her place in time.
Jeff has always been a part of her life, offering encouragements, wise words when she needed them, and many other things she can never completely thank him for. She knows he replaced her cousin who died saving his life. When she questions why he didn't get to stay with his family, Jeff replies that without fixing the timeline everything she knows would be different.
When Jeff’s twin brother Randy falls into her lap, both literally and figuratively, Jo hopes he can give her a better answer. There is only one slight problem… He doesn’t remember anything about himself or his life and what he does, doesn’t help.
Together, the three of them learn that life isn’t about who or what you know, but who and what you care for.

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Ani Manjikian (lonehorseend) | 26 comments Howdy everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Besides Legend, I've also written

Spirit of the Lone Horse (Stars of Heros #1) by Ani H. Manjikian Spirit of the Lone Horse

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A.M. Justice | 24 comments Intriguing book descrption!

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A.M. Justice | 24 comments Read some of the GR preview. NICE writing. I really like how you're using the debrief/inquisition to inform readers of what went on in Book 1, which I'm going to get. :)

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Ani Manjikian (lonehorseend) | 26 comments Thanks A.M.

One of the hardest things about writing a series is having an ongoing storyline and trying to avoid a cliffhanger, but needing one because of the thread. Each book in my series is designed to be 90% self-contained making sure to reference previous books so that people don't get lost. My ideal is for a reader to pick up any book and not get confused.

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Ani Manjikian (lonehorseend) | 26 comments Infinite Lens (Book #3)

Don't really have a blurb for this, but Infinite Lens ties in the Paleo-Balkan mythology of the Thracian Horseman (Heros or Heros Equitans) and is a partial origin story of my definite shape changing, psychic equine-humanoid Arkillians.

Revealed its cover during my takeover of the Science Fiction, Fantasy and other genres: learning to promote effectively Facebook group (

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Ani Manjikian (lonehorseend) | 26 comments A Dream to Share (Book #4)

No cover for this one, but do have a blurb...

A Dream to Share returns us to 21st Century and happens after the closing days of Do You Believe in Legend?, the book I released in February. In it, Jo Mason is striving toward the dream of a peaceful future for all of humanity and leaving friends and family behind in the process. Two people in particular. One has disappeared completely and the other doesn’t want anything to do with her, even though he’s under her direct command. Now, she must rebuild her relationships so that the future isn’t jeopardized.

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