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Name: Erica Snied
Occupation: Mercenary
Age: NA
Residence: Whitefall
History: Taken from her parents when she was young, she knows nothing but pain and suffering. She struggles a lot with whether what she's doing is wrong or right. She works for anyone that will pay decent amount of money to get her away from the suffering and back to her parents.
Personality: Cunning, Sly, Emotionless, Sarcastic, Jerky.

- Spying
-Her parents
- Nosy people
- Teamwork

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9124crystal (imagination_145) | 60 comments Mod
Full Name: Silver Scion
villain name: Fury of Death

occupation: Marine Biologist
Age: 28
Ability: Can breathe underwater and control water.
Rescidence: Scion Mansion

Personality: Two-faced, Intimidating, Toxic, Sly, Crazy

History: Silver used to be a marine biologist until Dr. Pril fired her. In her anger, she went to his house that night to kill him. Which she did, but at his last defence, he sprayed a bucked of radioactive water acid on her hand. Thus is where her power came from.

Allies: None...

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