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message 1: by Naal (new)

Naal Alexandria (possibleregrets) | 11 comments Hello! I'm looking for assistance and feedback to the novel that I'm currently writing. If you'd like to join the team, I'd welcome it, and am always looking to improve!

Nothing is ever as it seems; Be wary of who you speak to.

Meeting someone from a dream you had ten years ago never really goes over well. The complications that have already started are doubled, and all the while, theres an even larger storm coming....

It's the beginning of the end, and its time for one girl to grow up and realize her place before that happens. Join a multitude of characters and journey with them to the end of all days. Part one out of seven.

message 2: by Ime (new)

Ime Atakpa | 82 comments I can help out if you wanna message me!

message 3: by Naal (new)

Naal Alexandria (possibleregrets) | 11 comments I am still accepting help and beta readers!

message 4: by JaDean (new)

JaDean Frehner | 6 comments Are you up for a trade? Need first three chapters mg fantasy feedback.

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