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Danielle | 8 comments Hi! I've completed a ~72k young adult novel and first revision. Looking for some beta readers interested in the genre to provide some constructive feedback before I complete my next edit.


When she arrives at the illustrious Ridgefield Academy in Maine, high school junior Elisa Lavie is nothing but overwhelmed. It’s about as different from her small town Montana life as it gets. As she struggles to fit in with her elite classmates, she finds herself drawn to Levi Jefferies. He’s everything she’s not – rich, well connected, charming - all the things she tries to avoid. But no matter how hard she tries to stay away, their lives begin to intermingle.

Elisa soon discovers that’s not the only force she has to deal with at Ridgefield. As she starts to uncover the mysterious and mystical, Elisa finds her life expanding beyond what she ever thought possible.

Dark and alluring, Spark is a captivating love story, showing what’s possible when you discover the strength within.

message 2: by Danielle (new)

Danielle | 8 comments Also I wanted to mention - this is my first time reaching out / posting about betas. If anyone has tips on the beta process, how to find good readers, etc., I'd love to hear it. Finally putting your work out there is an exciting but nerve racking thing to do!

Thanks all

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