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Lys: the adorkable kitten | 452 comments Mod
First things first i dont want to be bore you all with the same ole boring news.

But me gotts too. Sorry.

1. Have fun, always have fun.

2. Respect the mods and others, or else you're gone

3. Romance is allowed but, no is the main focus here.

4. If by some strange reason things get to crazy/mature go to pm, please.

5. DO NOT SPAM, thats why there are chats!

6. Have a wonderful day

Featherflight  (featherflight) | 45 comments Ok, I agree

Ardent || LoveArdent || Raya (loveardent) | 330 comments I pledge to uphold these rules to the best of my ability :)

message 4: by K (new)

K I agree

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