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message 1: by Hasham (new)

Hasham Rasool | 3 comments I want to write a novel. I want my story reaches 500-1000 pages. I don't mind if my story has over 1000 pages. I would like to have pieces of advices for writing. what pieces of advices will you give me for writing a story?

message 2: by Tom (new)

Tom Kane (tigerbites) | 1 comments 1st. Write your book.

2nd. Read your book and make sure your grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting are all spot on. Do this as much as you can without going insane, or send for editing if you can afford it.

3rd. Read it again.

4th. Publish

5th. Market your book and be prepared for a long hard slog... marketing will take longer than writing.

Good luck.

The Demon Murders

message 3: by Philip (new)

Philip (phenweb) | 75 comments Specifying a length for a book is hard. It will be as long as the story takes in my experience.

Some writers plot out the whole story in an outline. Others just go where the tale takes them.

How you do it will be how you want to write. Whatever suits you. Good luck

message 4: by Hasham (new)

Hasham Rasool | 3 comments Thank you everyone :-)

message 5: by Eva (new)

Eva King | 1071 comments I tend to think of the characters first. The rest comes later.

message 6: by Hasham (new)

Hasham Rasool | 3 comments Thank you Eva

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