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message 1: by Hasham (new)

Hasham Rasool | 4 comments I want to write a novel. I want my story reaches 500-1000 pages. I don't mind if my story has over 1000 pages. I would like to have pieces of advices for writing. what pieces of advices will you give me for writing a story?

message 2: by Popsytops (new)

Popsytops | 3 comments Hasham, Hi. I think the first thing I can say is that 1000 pages is very long for a book. It is less a story than a saga. I have just been looking in my library and the thickest books I can find are all 600 pages or so and at least one of those was, in the opinion of my husband and me, at least 100 pages too long. One of the other books is one of the George RR Martin Game of Thrones series. So I think the first question you need to answer is what is so compelling about this story that it needs so many pages? Is it one story or 3?

message 3: by Hasham (new)

Hasham Rasool | 4 comments It is one story. I want to include 10 kingdoms and kings of whole kingdoms and his family in the story.

message 4: by Popsytops (new)

Popsytops | 3 comments That is a bigger thing than game of thrones already which is a bit scary. I wouldn't know how to begin with something like this. You probably need a mentor who is already writing in your chosen genre, whatever that is

message 5: by Hazuki (new)

Hazuki (hazuki_lc) | 2 comments First thing's first, decide whether you want to plan it or pants it - i.e. do you want to know everything that's going to happen in it, or do you just want to see where your writing takes you? Then I'd say begin looking into what genre - if you're doing fantasy, especially high fantasy, I would recommend doing some world building before you write (so name of the world and habitants, what government they have, currency, language, where is it, culture and customs etc). Contemporary will probably need a lot less world building. Then obviously you need a plot or an idea - I can't help you with that one. You might be inspired by another book or you might experience something that you want to fictionalise. Then from that you'll need characters: (a) protagonist(s) and (an) antagonist(s). From there, you've got the tools to write - just open up a word document or get a pen and paper and write!

message 6: by Hasham (new)

Hasham Rasool | 4 comments Thank you. My story genre is fantasy.

message 7: by Hasham (new)

Hasham Rasool | 4 comments Brandon Sanderson is only author inspired me to write a story. George R.R Martin is good author but Sanderson is my favourite author.

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