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Michelle Horner | 2 comments Last day! My New Adult horror story with a fantasy twist is free all day today & tomorrow! Tons of action. Experience a new kind of horror.

****4 Stars****


Strange phenomenons have spread across the nation like a wildfire. Signal loss and unsolved murders have swept through the United states. All victims that survive the attack awake with a strange case of amnesia except for one young girl named Soneyu. She tried to live a normal life with her two older siblings and adopted father. Her life was quickly turned upside down upon the first encounter with a masked man. He hides behind every corner slowly driving the girl insane as she tries to unravel the mystery behind the nightmare specimen. The hellish journey with her best friend pushes their mental capacity to the limit as they encounter many gore scenes and many different nightmare creatures. The battle to prove that she isn't mad to those involved in her everyday life becomes a challenge as the nightmare creatures tend to mysteriously vanish after an attempt to take her life. New people have shown up in the small county during the beginning of the end. One guy out of the strange group of people catches the main characters eye. It seems as though fate has brought the two together as their destiny appears to be connected through the nightmares.

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Michelle Horner | 2 comments Last day!

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