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Miss you!

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message 1: by Whitney (new)

Whitney (whitneyschuster) | 3 comments Mod
Hey y'all! Just thinking about you guys as I was adding your books for 2017 to my "to-reads." Hope you all are well! Miss you! <3

message 2: by Rebekah (new)

Rebekah | 1 comments We miss you! Let us know what you think about the books this year. Have you found a new Texas style Book/Pie Club?

message 3: by Sara (new)

Sara | 2 comments We need a book club reunion!

message 4: by Whitney (new)

Whitney (whitneyschuster) | 3 comments Mod
Yes! Reunion! Will you be back in MI at all this summer, Sara?

I have a book club here that I really enjoy. But it isn't the same... I miss my Michigan bookies!!!

message 5: by Sara (new)

Sara | 2 comments Unfortunately I'll only be back for a quick weekend in Detroit for a wedding. I joined a book club in Oregon too, even found them on Craig's List, but man I miss you guys!!

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