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message 1: by Britnie (new)

Britnie | 352 comments Mod
Jack decided he is going to preach on Sunday. Do you think he is ready for this? Do you think it’s still too soon for him to be preaching?

message 2: by Britnie (new)

Britnie | 352 comments Mod
That's tough for me to say honestly. There is part of me that says yes. I mean, he's still figuring out what he's doing. I think it might be a little soon for him to be preaching with everything that's happened. At the same time though, there has been a tremendous amount of growth happening inside of Jack. Maybe he is ready. Father Frank was telling him how he needs to make a sermon that lifts people up, instead of tears people down. It seemed like Jack knew that, and wants to do the same thing.

message 3: by Darlene (new)

Darlene Well, I mentioned in the answer to the last question that I thought it was time. Again, maybe not for a full sermon, but he has had a lot of growth. We all sin, but the majority of us don't have our sins broadcast for the world to see. He could be very encouraging and uplifting to those who hear his story.

message 4: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Esparza | 119 comments Saying a few encouraging words yes, but preaching a We all sin and we all sin probably daily, but there is still so much that Jack is trying to figure out. He is still even struggling with his faith in God. How can someone "lead" by preaching when they're own faith is being tested and unsure of where they stand? Jesus even had to walk away from the crowds and His disciples so he could recharge those batteries and pray to God. He knew he needed that time away from teaching and doing miracles.

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