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UNSOLVED: One specific book > H/h and ex is interfering. anyone know??

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Izzie d Ladies trying to find a book for a friend, this is what they remember: The H and h are in a relationship, possibly living together. The H's ex-wife lives across the street with his two sons. The Ex-wife is always walking in to the H's house uninvited. In one scene the ex walks in and interrupts the H and h on the couch. The excuse being she was out of milk. Another scene I remember is the h is waiting for the H to come home and she sees him across the street through the window of the ex's house. The ex was having a party and invited the H. The h calls the H and sees him look at the phone and reject the call. The h has had enough and leaves to go to her friends house. H is older than h by 8-10 years. He's maybe early 30's and h is early 20's. The H's two sons are around 9-10 and 12-13
H has a blue collar job. What I mean is he doesn't wear a suit and work in an office. Maybe auto repair or construction. The H and h were always arguing over the ex. The h felt the ex was overstepping her bounds. The H didn't see a problem because he and the ex had shared custody of the two boys. The h had planned a special evening and the H was across the street at his ex's house. The ex was having a party. The h could see him through the ex's window. He was drinking and talking with the ex and another guy. The h calls his phone and she watches as he pulls it out of his pocket, looks at it, rejects the call and puts it back in his pocket. The h leaves and goes and stays with her friend. The friend had her own story in a previous book.

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☆Joycedale☆ | 225 comments This was solved in another group it's Breaking Old Habits by Melissa Bender

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Izzie d thank you.

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Shelia Williams | 751 comments Where can i get this book it isn't on Amazon.

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Izzie d wattpad

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There's been a rise in requests appearing in the group that were generated on Facebook. Our group is not intended to be a clearinghouse for every book request ever seen on social media. Rather, the purpose of the group is to help YOU locate a book that you read and then forgot. We want book queries to originate "organically."

One reason for this is that we know authors use social media to generate buzz about their books, whether openly or surreptitiously. We are not here to promote authors or books, but solely to help readers.

From now on we will close threads which arise solely from social media. Please continue to use the group to locate books that YOU PERSONALLY read and then forgot the title and author.

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