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Alia ~you are not your anxiety~ (aliaongoodreads) | 370 comments This is a dorm for Nora of Avalor (Jazmine), Mei-Hui of China (Celira), and Star Entwistle (Nina). Only these two characters should come into the dorm unless you have permission or are roleplaying with one of them!

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Nina | 526 comments ((Hello! :)))

Star had just finished unpacking her stuff. She sighed and laid on her tiny bed made of a velvet, chocolate box. Her other roommates hadn't arrived yet, but she just couldn't stop flying around the room quite nervously. She stood up again and brushed some fairydust off her white dress, made of flower petals. She fondled her wings and took out off her luggage, her translation device. She was still very anxious though. "What if they don't want a fairy as a dormmate? Will they be able to see me?" she murmured, making a delicate bell sound for those who could hear her and sighed deeply again.

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Celira -I love you- 我爱你-Je t'aime-사랑해- | 251 comments ((Hey :) ))
Mei-Hui wandered in, claiming the right side of the room. She began to unpack her stuff, her pet dragon culling up in the corner. She sighed uncertainly, worried they wouldn't be able to understand her English. "Fánróng, what do you think." she said softly in Chinese, picking up the little red dragon and facing the room. She put the dragon down, and continued unpacking.


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Nina | 526 comments ((Nice to meet you!))

Star saw the girl entering the room and sighed enthusiastically. She put on her translation device and flew in front of her face. "Hello!! I'm your dormmate! I'm Star Entwistle, but you can call me Star! Who are you?" she said kindly to the girl with her delicate voice and flew closer to observe the face of the girl. "Wow! Your side is super cool! Where are you from? By the way, you look amazing!" she exclaimed with one breath before she could answer and Star gave her a big smile.

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Nina | 526 comments ((Hey! Star doesn't have a side, as she is as big as a palm and will be sleeping in a chocolate box XD))

Star waved to the other girl, still waiting for the first girl to answer. "Hello to you too!!! I'm Star Entwistle. Call me Star! Nice to meet you!" she continued with the same enthusiasm and smiled widely at both girls.

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Nina | 526 comments ((Haha yes my dear! Normally when she speaks, the ones that aren't fairies, hear a bell sound. Now, though she's wearing a communication device Tinkerbell has made for her. You can check the character out, in character creation :) ))

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Nina | 526 comments Star nodded enthusiastically at her words and flew closer to her face to observe her better. "You have a pretty name! Who are your parents?" she asked and blinked playfully with a big smile on her tiny face. "It's the first time for me too! I think we are going to have an awesome time!" she exclaimed and laughed.

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Nina | 526 comments "Oh! Your mommy must be wonderful!" she said and sighed deeply, just as she had just seen a beautiful boy passing by. "Ah, well fairies are born from a baby's first laugh. Then with the help of the wind, we reach Neverland where we discover our talent! And then we get to work. We are responsible for the seasons, the weather... All these! But I was trouble" she said happily, but at her last phrase, she frowned and the smile disappeared from her tiny face.

Celira -I love you- 我爱你-Je t'aime-사랑해- | 251 comments ((Sorry for the really late reply! ^-^ I locked myself out of my account and it took a while before I could get in again XD))

Mei-Hui shook her head, snapping out of her thoughts. "Sorry." she said, hoping they could understand her through her accent. "My name is Mei-Hui of China and this is Fánróng." she said, introducing herself and her dragon. "It's is an honor to meet you."

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Nina | 526 comments (( Hey girls! I've been facing the same problem..'. Hope you don't mind))

Star looked at her other roommate and smiled widely. "Oh hello to you too! Nice to meet you both! I'm Star Entwistle! Call me Star, if you don't mind...Your Dragon is so beautiful... I just hope it doesn't hurt me! It's much bigger than me" she introduced herself and then approached the Dragon and the girl leaving a path of golden fairydust behind her.

Celira -I love you- 我爱你-Je t'aime-사랑해- | 251 comments Mei-Hui gasped, and smiled. "A fairy?" she wondered. She gently held the dragon, who was currently the size of a small house cat, out towards Star. "Would you like to pat him? He's very peaceful."

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Nina | 526 comments Star kindly nodded "yes". She had heard of dragons before, but she had never actually seen one in her life. She approached carefully and she observed the majestic creature with her intense, sweet stare. The dragon was so beautiful, yet intimidating. Star smiled and with very slowly moves, her tiny soft hand met the space between the dragon's nostrils. Its skin felt hot and rough under her delicate palms, but Star was feeling like she'd been hypnotized. The dragon seemed to like her, but she didn't want to overdo it from the first time and stepped back again, still smiling but feeling worried.

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