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message 1: by Beth (last edited Dec 21, 2017 12:54PM) (new)

Beth | 502 comments coins:

2 Ruby Coins
description description

2 Ruby Coins for Book of the Month participation
read The Martian Chronicles and participated in all days' DQs

1 Oynx Coin

[Onyx Coin is for participating in a team challenge for at least 6 weeks]

Around the World Team Challenge
1/14/2017 - 4/14/2017 - 1 coin

1 Onyx Coin for participating for 6 weeks


Sapphire Coins: 1 earned for reaching highest level (149 words found) in Karma Challenge
Option 5: Scavenger Hunt Freestyle
Level: Karma

Emerald Coins: 3 earned


Emerald Coin earned August 26 2017, for reading 30 books in the Planning vs Achieving Challenge:

To-Read Weight Loss: Emerald Coin for completing 4 diets 8/27/2017

Emerald Coin for Around the World in 80 Days (1 year from start date) - completed 10/9/2017!

Amethyst Coins: 1 earned

Amethyst Coin

New to U Authors - coin earned 11/26/2017 for completing highest level (20 books or more)

message 2: by Beth (last edited Dec 21, 2017 12:36PM) (new)

Beth | 502 comments working on:

Sapphire Coins for CYOA challenges when highest level is reached:
1. Astronomy
2. Eras
3. Over the Hill
4. Myths & Legends

Emerald Coins in progress:

Finish This Sentence

Time Warp Challenge

Translation Tango

Amethyst Coins: in progress

NBRC Alphabet 26, Mix & Match (Spell it Out)

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