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message 1: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Hey there so you want to make characters or just jump on in to the rp.

message 2: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments I just want to jump in.

message 3: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Okay cool. so do you mind starting us off?

message 4: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Are you okay with us starting from the beginning? Like when she's treating him?

message 5: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments No I don't mind at all. We can start there and get it going from there.

message 6: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Harleen walked down the hall of Arkham Asylum. Guards were leading her to her favorite patient. She'd been treating Joker for a while now and she couldn't help but get a little tingle of excitement now. At first she'd been terrified, now things were certainly different. She ran a hand through her long blonde hair and let out a soft breath when she saw his cell. A guard started to tell her the rules but she tuned him out, she'd heard them all before. She stepped inside after the spiel was done. "Hello," she said softly, walking farther into the dark room.

message 7: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments The Joker sat in his seat ready to be analyzed by a special little someone that has been coming just to sweetly pluck the strings of his twisted mind. He made her feel like she wasn't alone and gave him a thrill no one else could other than one man who dressed as a flying rodent. He looked over to the door hearing voices talk to each other and he knew what it was. It was something they told everyone to just make sure that he didn't get in their mind but that didn't work for most of who came in to his room, He always found a way into their mind. He finally sees Harley, as he calls her, walk into his room and he smiles widely at her showing all of his white teeth to her. "Hello there, Harley.'" he said as he moves to sit on the side of his bed, "I have something for you actually! But I am stuck so I will give it to you later." He was in his straight jacket because no one trusted him to play by their rules.

message 8: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Harley moved further into the room. She grabbed the chair that she always ended up sitting in and moved it closer to him but still at a good distance away. Once sitting she crossed a leg over the other and twisted a strand of hair around her finger. "Really? Why don't you just tell me what it is, J?" she questioned with intrigue and a hint of excitement in her voice. Her bright blue eyes looked him over from behind the clear lenses that shielded them. "I don't know why they put that jacket on you. I trust you," she stated, leaning forward in her chair. She was always drawn to him. Even from the first day when she had been new and willing to work with anyone. She had been naive and didn't know what she was getting herself into. But now she was sucked in and couldn't get out.

message 9: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments He chuckles lightly knowing how naive she was to trust him so well and be willing to have him free and about with her. He liked the trust he had in her actually quite a lot, knowing at any second he could ask her for something and she would most likely give it to him was one thing he liked about her the most. "Well... Harley. I would tell you but that... hahaha. Is a surprise for you." He then moves closer to the edge of the bed and leans his head forward so his face was closer to hers so he could get what he was going to say to her out crystal clear. "Harley, if you don't mind. May you please... remove this jacket off of me. I just want to feel free... like how you are."

message 10: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Harley felt a wave of butterflies wash over her when he moved closer. She bit her lips gently as she listened to what he wanted. "You know I can't do that J..." she spoke, eyes meeting his. She let her gaze fall to the jacket, undoing it mentally and wondering what he'd do if she did. She liked to think he'd sweep her off her feet but she knew he'd only try to escape someway. It was tempting to let him out though.

message 11: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments "Oh come on. Please come on come on come on come on." he says to her begging that he just be set free by her. He wasnt really going to do anything to her or try to break out of the place... yet. He just wanted to gain her trust fully so he can just call her at the snap of his fingers and she would be at his feet begging for a task. "I thought you trusted me. I thought you believed that I was harmeless and would do nothing to you. Or I guess you don't believe I am a nice guy." he says as he moves back from her looking down and pretending to be sad. "And I was going to tell you a whole boat load of me but I don't know if I can trust you." He still wanted her to release him from the jacket he didn't like.

message 12: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Harley's eyes softened. She looked at him with sadness in them. "No no. I'll let you out. Just turn towards me again. I promise I do trust you. And I'm sure you aren't what they say you are," she said quietly. She mustered a smile and motioned for him to come closer to her. "But you can't tell anyone I did it otherwise they won't like me come anymore," she stated. That was the last thing she wanted. Being deprived from Joker sounded awful to her warped mind. Once he had done what she'd asked Harley slowly moved her hands forward and unfastened the buckles, pulling it away when she had it completely undone.

message 13: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments He smiled as she removed the jacket from him and as soon as she was done with it he slowly removed it from himself and was happy to see his hands again. He looked at his hands and starts to think of what trouble that he could get into as soon as he gets out of the damned place he was cast out in. He places his left hand onto her shoulder and says "Thank yoouu. No really, thank you for this chance to be free for the moments that I have with you." He then sits back down onto his bed and laughs a maniacal laugh. "Sooo... What does the good doctor want you to do to me... Harley. They want me to tell you my darkest and most twisted secrets or just wanted you here so you can check up on me. Oh! Wait! I forgot." He then reaches under his bed to reveal to her the rose he had got for her. It was small and dying but he knew she was going to love it either way.

message 14: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Harleen looked to the hand on her shoulder and felt her stomach twist in an odd way, she looked to it before looking to his face and giggling softly. She was about to answer his question when he produced the rose and she felt her cheeks heat up at the gesture. A huge smile broke out over her face revealing her bright white teeth. "Thank you Mr. J," she said and she reached out and took the rose. It's condition didn't bother her in the slightest, she couldn't believe he'd even given her such a thing. "A bit of both though. You know they always want to know your deep dark secrets," she spoke as she admired her flower.

message 15: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments He smiles seeing her reaction to his gift and laughs joyfully looking up to the ceiling and then finally back to her. "Well I know that they want to do that. But I have to say none of the other doctors have ever been able to come so close to reaching into my mind and taking all of my secrets besides you of course." He then moves over to her side and places his arm around her stooping down to her level so he can whisper to her "Well today do I have a story to tell you. But first you have to tell me a tale yourself. I want to know more about you Harley, I want to know what makes you you." when he finishes he walks over to his bed to lay down.

message 16: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Harley's eyes never once left Joker except for when she closed her eyes when he whispered in her ear. "I don't know what to tell you J. There isnt an interesting story," she spoke quietly, eyes opening. "I'm just a psychiatrist assigned to you," she added. What kind of story did he want? A cutesy childhood one? A darker one? She didn't know what to give him anyway.

message 17: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments The Joker smiles when she started to wonder about what to tell him. He turns his head to face her, "Harley Harley Harley Harley Harley..." he rambled on, "You are not just a psychiatrist sent assigned to me. You are so much more. You can not let yourself be limited by the minds of those above you." He laughs slightly at the thought of her actually going wild. "Now I know you are way more than just a psychiatrist. You are... Harley Quinn." He looks back up to the ceiling getting ready to ask her a specific question. "Tell me... what makes you... you?"

message 18: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Joker was the only person Harleen ever let shorten her name. She liked that he'd given her a nickname. It felt endearing. She'd begged for three months to be put on his case, and now that she was she loved every minute of it. "What makes me, me? Well I don't know. There's gymnastics I guess. And I like coming here to visit you, Mr. J," she said, adding one of her bright smiles at the end of her comment. She twisted the stem of the flower between her fingers, making it spin.

message 19: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments The Joker smiled at her response and he moves over so he was laying on his stomach and pretended to be a preteen, at some sleepover, who was sharing secrets with her BFF. "Oh yes. Really?" he said intrigued a bit by her being a gymnast, "Well, Harley, you can be so much more than just that. You can be my closest and most dearest friend. You can be out there with me having the time of our lives." He wanted to see how far he could push this girl so he would push her boundaries slowly making her think she wanted all of this but really it is what he wants from her.

message 20: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Harley pushed her glasses further up onto her nose. "I thought we were already friends J. But what does having the time of our lives entail?" she questioned. The five minute warning knock came. In the asylum there was no extra time if a patient needed it, especially not when it came to the Joker. "Please tell me," she pleaded. She wished they were on the outside so they could do amazing things together. Maybe if he somehow ever got out they could. It would be amazing.

message 21: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments The Joker now had her begging to him for an answer which was what he loved. He slowly gets up from his bed and walks over to her slowly making every step seem as if it was taking an eternity for him to get to her. Once he was in front of her he whispers, "Oh Harley. We would be telling jokes to the world and we will play pranks together on unsuspecting people in order to make them laugh. We. Will. Make... The world laugh Harley." He then moves away from her and lays down on his bed and says "But that is for another day I guess. People won't let me out so probably never." He sighs sadly and just closes his eyes.

message 22: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Harley's eyes watched every step he took closer to her with eager anticipation. She just wanted him there. And when he was her blue eyes met his, admiration sparkling in them. "One day we'll be able to," she said softly. She bit her lip gently and just as she was about to say something the door opened. "Dr. Quinzel time is up," the guard stated. She looked to the Joker and stated, "good session today. I'll see you tomorrow." She first hid her rose in her jacket then stood from her chair. They wouldn't let her back if they knew she'd accepted something from him, that was one of the rules. Her heels clicked against the ground as she left the room.

message 23: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments The Joker looked over to the guard as he came in to tell her that she needed to get out of the room. He lays in silent until the last second when he says, "I can't wait Harley. I can't wait!" He begins to laugh uncontrollably in a fit of mad and crazy laughter that grazed all of the notes that his vocal chords could hit. When he was finally done laughing he looked under his pillow and reached for the small ball he had to bounce around for fun to just pass the time.

message 24: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Harley had smiled darkly as she walked away. The guards couldn't see her and she knew that. She wanted to get him out. She just wasn't sure how to go about it. Because he was right, they were never going to let the Joker out. Even if she gave a good analysis on his mental health saying he would be able to be released and not be a threat to society. She went home and started wondering what she'd be able to do. Maybe she could ask Joker. She put her rose in a vase, not caring it was already dying, and admired it. The next day she returned. Today her hair was pulled back and her lab coat rest on top of her black dress. "Just let me in," she groaned when they ran through the rules. "Hello Joker," she said sweetly.

message 25: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments The Joker thought about how he got in her head and how now she craved for him to be with her on the outside. She wanted to prove to everyone that he was sane and also have a little one and one time at her home with him. He laid in his bed singing a song to himself "Only yooouuuu... can make all this world seem right. Only yooouuu... can make the darkness bright. Only you and you alone can thrill me like you do And fill my heart with love for only yooouuu." He laughs in between and stands up to walk to her still singing "Only you can make all this change in me, For it's true, you are my destiny, When you hold my hand I understand the magic that you do You're my dream come true, my one and only you." He then gives Harley a kiss on the cheek and walks backwards to the chair she sits in and points to his bed for her to sit on. "Hello... My Harley." He said with a grin full of teeth.

message 26: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Harley's cheeks turned as red as her lipstick when he kissed her cheek. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear shyly. After walking over and sitting where he wanted her she looked to him. "Hi.." she said in return then realized she had already said that. "I need your help today, Joker," she spoke quietly. It was odd that she was supposed to be the one helping him get today she needed the help. But bad things were more his area of expertise, not her own. She didn't even know where to begin with breaking someone out. She had this vision in her mind of them being on the other side together, able to be together all of the time. She could help him, be his sidekick of sorts.

message 27: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments The Joker laughs when he hears her laugh, "Harley you already said that." he said grinning at her and fixing his hair by moving it back with his right hand. He moves his chair closer to the bed by bouncing over to her, "And What do you need help with Harley. Don't worry the doctor is here to help you out!" he exclaimed as he reached out for her glasses and notepad with a pencil that she had always had on her to take notes of their conversation. He looks to the notes and saw a whole boatload of notes with his name with hearts around them. He puts the glasses on carefully and starts to get ready to write down anything, "Now Harley... Tell me. What is it that is bothering you?"

message 28: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Harley went to protest him taking her notebook. She was a little embarrassed of the 'notes' she'd been taking. Her eyes went to him and she gave the man a small smile. "Joker I want to get you out," she stated. Now her gaze fell to her lap, "but I don't know how." She didn't have his mind. He hadn't influenced her enough to make her start thinking like him, she was just head over heels in love with him. To a point she'd do anything he told her to. And that really did include absolutely anything. Even jumping off of a bridge or breaking him out of Arkham Asylum.

message 29: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Joker nods at her words thinking about a way that she could break out and whispers, "Well my dear, like I said before you can be so much more and it looks like you are taking the first step to doing so. But in order to prove that you can be something more you must take the hard route to do so... I can show you but whats the fun." As he spoke he drew in her notepad on empty pages making a little flip cartoon for her to find when he gave it back to her. He finishes the drawing and then starts to write actual words in the last page that he had left. He hands it back to her with a gleeful smile, "Now I want you to get creative because what I gave you right now is hope for an even more greater chemical reaction between us." He moves the notepad up and flips the pages revealing a stick figure that represented him and another that represented her they where deformed a bit but that was just his style. They moved to each other and hugged and danced until a flying rat came over and dragged away the Joker leaving Harley heartbroken. The final page was revealed and it was a shopping list. It was many chemicals that she could get and then use to create chemical reactions to aid her in helping him escape.

message 30: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments ((Hey Nikki you there?))

message 31: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Harley looked at the notebook then back up to the Joker. If he wanted creative she was going to give him that. A wicked grin took over her lips. She'd do anything to be with him outside that she didn't even mind breaking him out. "I'll see what I can do," she spoke quietly. "And I'll get creative," she assured. She really believed that they could have something outside of this room.

message 32: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments He smiles and leans his head forward to meet his lips against hers and then walks over to his chair to sit down. He looks to her and laughs maniacally and says "Well... Harley. What else would you like to tell me before our meeting is over. Any last words if you will." He loved it. He had finally gotten someone in this damn place to fall for his trap and break him out of the mad house so he won't be trapped in here.

message 33: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Harley had been surprised when his lips found hers. She felt like she was going to have a heart attack from the excitement. Her cheeks reddened to a dark color. She shyly looked to her lap and listened to him. Lifting her head with a wicked smile her eyes met his, "I'm gonna get you out, Mr. J," she spoke. She stood and grabbed her things, letting those be her final words before she went and knocked on the door, letting them know she was done with him for the day.

message 34: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments He looks to her as she walks out of his room and then began to laugh to himself his wild laugh that started to echo throughout the entire asylum. He was excited to see her getting ready to go out and get him out of his room and into the world already. He started to think about his plans for the outside world where he would go and what he would kill in order to get the bats attention.

message 35: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Harley left and immediately got the things she would need and a few other things. She went home and did some research on what she wanted to do. She pulled out the pistol she'd just bought and held it towards the wall, pretending to shoot it. She grinned. When she returned the next day she'd impress Joker. She had to get him out otherwise she was afraid he'd never love her like she did him. Her plan was really quite simple and would work considering the two guards that brought her down every day would never suspect a thing. She got to work with getting things together and finishing her planning.

message 36: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments He wondered what other cells were near him and had hoped that he had the maniac Zsasz was near him so he could set him loose and causes mayhem in the asylum. Or maybe he could be oh so lucky to be near the man who had a heart of ice and free him to cause mayhem to the city while he planned. He relaxed in his bed thinking of how he was going to make this comeback a huge bang with the big old bat. Maybe he would stay at large this time for a good while till he lost to the bat.

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