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What to do, what to do? There were so many possibilities for Tsubasa's future now that she was back at the International Space Academy. Well — limited possibilities. She was, after all, still wheelchair bound. Then again, that in and of itself opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Extension three - one - two. She leaned back, content, as she waited for the other end to pick up. As soon as she heard the telling click, she grinned. "Caleb, dear? Yes, it's me again. Don't get too excited. I already know. Anyway, my projector isn't connecting to my computer, so come and fix it. You're a gem."

Tsubasa settled the phone back into its holster and returned to working on her lesson plans. Back when she was at INSA, she had never dreamed of coming back, except maybe to say ha, fuck you, I'm a hero now. Because why would she want to come back to the place where she was despised by her peers because they were jealous of her natural ability? Hated for the very thing Caleb Lee was loved for. What a joke.

Even so, it wasn't so bad. The students were alright — most of them were open enough to learning, if only because their knowledge of Innerspace warfare and strategy was directly proportional to their chances of survival in the world. The food was decent, certainly better than when she was a student. Facilities had improved.

And then, of course — there was the fact that she had her own personal assistant.

((Pssst ext. 312 is his initials, 3=C and 12=L lmao))

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"Asai, did you know that this school has IT personnel?" He asked, but it was already too late, she had hung up as soon as she had finished what she had needed to say. Typical.

So why was Caleb walking over to the war room right now? It's not like felt obligated to. Far from it. If Asai was going to fuck herself over and become a paraplegic, why couldn't she have done a proper job and had her tongue paralyzed in the process? God, that woman had no consideration. And of course she had to come back to this school. Of course.

He stopped at her door for a moment, practicing a smile that didn't just look like he was aggressively clenching his jaw. Knocking politely, he waited one miss-i-ssi-ppi before opening the door for himself and entering the room, one order of his classic eye + tooth smile combo In Action.

"Hello, Ms. Asai. Your projector, was it?"

Looking perfectly complacent and casual (and not like he wanted to pick up the lady on wheels and throw her off the fourth story window), he reached up to look at the projector, quickly checking to see if any of the cables had been pulled out— and then realized that the projector wasn't even on. It took everything in Caleb not to rip the projector off the ceiling and— smile.. He turned it on, very calmly. Still smiling.

"All fixed." Laugh, Caleb. Caleb laughed. "Well— if that's all— good day... Ms. Asai."

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Let's get this straight: Asai Tsubasa's classmates from INSA hated her because she was a bitch. She was gifted in every possible way, and she flaunted it. Why should she not have? It was the way of the world. The haves and the have-nots. Very simple.

Of course, she had tamed her ways a bit after becoming a paraplegic. It was, quite literally, a grounding experience. Was it her fault? No. And she understood, now, some of why people hadn't liked her. She understood because now, she was the one envying others. She wouldn't have liked herself, either.

Speaking of not liking people

"Caleb!" She clasped her hands together, her prettiest smile — ha, jokes, all of her smiles were equally stunning and, more importantly, Caleb-infuriating — spread wide across her face. "How kind of you to come."

Oh? The projector was just off? Tsubasa hadn't any idea that that was the case. "Actually..." She threw her pen across the room. "I dropped my pen. It would be so nice if you could get it for me; it's really quite difficult to maneuver around all those desks, you know. And you're so helpful. Your father asked me how I was settling in earlier, see, and he was concerned that you weren't making yourself useful, but I assured him that you've been an absolute doll."

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Oh, fuck them. Making himself useful? Being a... doll? The amount of self-control it took for Caleb not to revert to some elementary school-esque state of mind and stab her with a pencil was... extraordinary, to say the least.

Not that it showed.

"Of course, it's my pleasure," Caleb replied sunnily (sunnily!!), slowly walking over to the other side of the classroom and picking up her pen. Who knew that this was what Caleb would be doing when he came back to INSA? The child prodigy, the genius pilot, bending to Asai Tsubasa's every will? For the sake of keeping up a pretense of good graces with the Asai family? What bullshit.

Except— Except it wasn't bullshit at all. They needed this connection. Caleb knew that. Jonathan Lee was a smart man. His success came from his logical reasoning— who was Caleb to doubt that? Put the pen back in the cup, Caleb told himself. He put the pen back in the cup. "Thank you so much for putting in a good word about me to my father, by the way— you really didn't have to."

"If I had more time, I would stay longer, but I'm afraid that I have a class to get to." A lie. It was 9 am and flight lessons didn't start until 11:30 am on any given day. But it's not like Asai knew, did she?

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