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THE TRAINING ROOM is a high-tech
room that can accurately mimic MOST environments.
it also has targets, punching bags and
other typical training equipment.

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This dummy wasn't going to budge. Alex knew from the moment she went to try and shunt it across the training room floor that she had been too ambitious in choosing a victim.

And yet here she was, some fifteen minutes later, grinning like a fool at the massive vaguely-human shaped flesh blob which towered over her. She couldn't help feeling proud of the fact that she'd even managed to get it from the corner of the room to the center. Perhaps this is how mothers felt when they helped their children take their first steps. Or... not. She shook herself out of the analogy, cracking her neck, blowing at a stray hair, rewrapping her wrists a final time.

She punched. Nothing. More elbow. Nothing. A set of roundhouse kicks. Yeah, no. More elbow. Pain. Her shoulder locked and she tripped forward, running straight into her target like a dead weight. Still nothing. Maybe if she ran faster? Rolling out her elbow, she stepped back twenty paces before charging. You're a football player. You're 6'8 and weigh 350 pounds and- the impact of the crash sent Alex flying back and the fucking dummy... stayed exactly how it was. It wasn't even vibrating.

Honestly. How pathetic was that? She swatted at defiant stray hairs in annoyance before slowly standing back up. Like hell she would be defeated by an inanimate object. Alex rewrapped her wrist. She took a deep breath. Again.

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Some may wonder whether or not Kang Jaehyun, the strong, handsome, charismatic — okay, maybe not — commander of the Sun sector's first battalion had a girlfriend. His answer? Yes, he does. And her name, as he so lovingly had given her in his first year at the academy, is Susan. He's always been accepting of all body types, and Susan's five feet and three inches of vinyl-covered, sand-filled glory are no exception to the rule.

And, of course, every gentleman visits his best girl — Susan, of course, who else? — which is why Jaehyun was headed for the practice room.

It came as no surprise to find Alex there — after all, they were part of the first battalion, and you don't get there by lazing around. It was this determination, this single-minded dedication, which had brought them together in the first place. Together, they were fighters: strong and steadfast and stubborn and —

Well. Considering the giant dummy which loomed at least a foot above her head, maybe Alex could do to be a little less stubborn.

"You know," he said, pushing up his sleeves, "if this were actually a mission, you could just, you know. Shoot him."

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Why. wouldn't. it. move. Alex was just about ready to go all the way back to the door and try sprinting at it full throttle... but the door opened before she could move. She went back to punching, hoping she could at least figure out what to do with the temperamental locking shoulder whenever she came in full speed at a close angle.

She didn't acknowledge the extra body in the room— Alex had learned it was better to just leave her battalion commander alone when he headed straight for the far left corner of the training room after 10 pm. Susan. If Alex hadn't been so busy glaring intensely into Dummy's flesh colored, pupil-less eyes, she would definitely be ruthlessly teasing Kang Jaehyun, that lameass nerd, but—

But he beat her to it.

She gave a final punch (still nothing) before whirling around, breathing heavy. "If this were actually a mission—" she raised a finger (wait), gulping in dry air — "If this were actually a mission, Susan would have killed you and your loud feet before you even had the chance to walk into these doors, commander."

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Jaehyun scoffed. "Don't bring Susan into this." He didn't mention that, even if that were true, it would be better to be him than a hostage, or a civilian, or Alex, or anyone else in the battalion. "Besides, Susan would never hurt me. She couldn't hurt a fly." Which was, strictly speaking, true, because Susan couldn't exactly do anything.

"Anyway," he said, "I'm not here to practice with Susan, subordinate. I came to do target practice with the new model of blasters." A blatant lie. He 100% had come with the intent of warming up with Susan, as per his daily schedule.

A glance at Alex, and then to her colossal dummy. "Then again," he said, beginning to stretch — look, when you like a girl, and your biceps look like Jaehyun's do, you do not pass up this opportunity — "if you're tired of your staring contest with Paul Bunyan over there, I have meant to make time for some blocking practice."

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Alex snorted, shaking her head as she turned back around, facing her first opponent while willfully ignoring her second one. "Of course you did. Who's roleplaying as the target this time, you or Susan? "

Still not looking.

If she leapt at this flesh slab with just the right momentum or velocity or whatever the scientific term was, there was a chance she could get on top of him and take him down head first. Not exactly realistic, but at this point, realism was not exactly a pressing priority.

But at the words blocking practice, her head turned (against her own will, goddammit) to face opponent number two, or, to be more exact, to face opponent number two's right bicep. For an entire half-second, there was silence as the retort at the tip of Alex's tongue vehemently refused to come out, caught somewhere in between the fluid muscles of her commander's arm. Then her eyes shot seven inches up, meeting his.

"I'll pass," she said with a grin, cheerful crescents forming all over her face as she slowly turned back around to greet meat pack for the 700th time. Alex swung her arm back, all the way back, eyes narrowing with determination, and then—

Abruptly whirled around right as she threw the punch, a real smile curling at the edge of her lips.

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Too easy. In all truthfulness, Jaehyun would have been more surprised if she hadn't thrown the punch. Perhaps that was narcissism, under the assumption that yes, she will always accept the offer to practice with him, or wishful thinking, or the fact that they'd been practicing nearly daily together since their first year at the academy, but all the same — he wasn't wrong.

Anticipating the punch, Jaehyun raised his arm to block the blow with his elbow. "Tch." Wrong foot placement. He'd been able to block it from hitting his face, sure, but there was a reason he was practicing blocking, after all. To not block properly would be a quick way to run down energy.

Jaehyun preferred fighting from a farther proximity — for one, it was safer for him as well as the rest of the battalion, and secondly, because what the hell is the point of having high-tech blasters if you don't fucking use them? — and practice had ensured that it was pretty reliable, taking into consideration accuracy. At the same time, close combat could not simply be avoided, but his style of fighting relied more heavily on offense than defense. Which was great, considering that he could essentially beat anyone at the school in a fight — until he got into the real world and strong and fast only mattered until he met someone stronger and faster.

He adjusted — correct your stance, distribute your weight, angle your hips — and squared his shoulders, ready to try again. "Again," he said. And then, "But this time, why don't you try to actually hit me?"

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"Only if you promise to stop swatting flies and start blocking properly," she shot back, not missing a beat. Oh, she'd try alright, and this time, she'd succeed.

Rolling out her sore elbow, she took a couple steps back, closing her eyes for a second to refocus, breathing from her stomach, realigning her forearm to square evenly with her shoulder. She took a mock swing, trying to practice the motion, like she'd done millions, no, billions of time before in this same room, with this same person.

Her eyes narrowed, locking on his. She feinted once, twice, forcing him to get his hands away from his face, leaving his neck exposed. Perfect. Wrist aligned perfectly with the forearm, second and third knuckles extending slightly further out, feet planted, legs squared, gaze locked, she swung back, waiting for the satisfying swoosh

But it was beaten by the sound of ripping seams which ricocheted of the high ceilings as Alex threw her punch.

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Feint, feint. Jaehyun could have guessed that Alex would pull this on him. He reacted anyway, raising his arms to block punches that never came — an impulsive reaction, because when a fist comes swinging at your face, you generally don't want it to make impact.

Third time's the charm, right? He was prepared for a real punch. For the face, or lower? Adjust the arms to in between — an easy reach to block either? Jaehyun did not, however, get the chance to block. Instead, the tearing sounds took him by surprised, and he ducked to the side in time to dodge the blow.

Oh. Oh. Oh, fuck.

It wasn't as if Jaehyun had never seen Alexis Ku in a (sports) bra before. Of course he had. They trained nearly every day together, and it wasn't like he went to the training room with the intent to get an eyeful of boob. It was no big deal. Then again, though, the last time that she'd taken off her shirt to cool down during practice, it had been intentional. Not a tear. Not to mention the fact that it had also been a few years ago, when Jaehyun hadn't known that he was, you know, in love with her.

He stood there, frozen in his own dumbassery awkwardness, pointedly looking anywhere but at her. He could already feel the heat rushing to his ears. Great. "Here," he said, tossing — whoops, it was not supposed to be that aggressive — his jacket at her. "I'm, uh. Not looking?"

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The punch never made impact. How disappointing.

"Dammit," Alex muttered. It would've struck too— her fist would've struck milliseconds faster than his hands, she was sure of this— but then he just had to move. What a cheater.

"Hey, asshole—" That's as far as she got before she got a face full of jacket. Suddenly her blocking partner, who had been a locked target in a very clear line of vision, was gone in polyester navy blue. Oh. Oh. Her shirt. Right.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to—" she stopped. Why was she apologizing? Why did she suddenly feel so self-conscious? Bicep, Alex thought numbly to herself as she slid her arms through the much-too-large sleeves. She contemplated whether or not she should zip the jacket up— and then realized that as Jaehyun very unsubtly tried to look at everything that wasn't Alex, he had somehow left his entire back exposed.

He cheated first. Without thinking, she broke into a sprint, leaping up to give her commander a hearty thwack on the back of his head. "You owe me a shirt."

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Jaehyun hated this. Not training with Alex, or the fact that her shirt had ripped, or whatever — whatever this mess of a situation was. Because it shouldn't have been a mess at all. He was a peer, a commander, a friend. He shouldn't have been thinking of anything else but practice, shouldn't have even batted an eye at the situation because the thought to look shouldn't have even crossed his mind.

In truth, it felt like a violation of their friendship — because he was in love with her, and okay, yes, among plenty of other things, that did in fact include her body, because no one in the first battalion was going to be anything but lean muscle, and he liked that, and he liked her broad shoulders and long legs and the way she sometimes got a double chin when she laughed too hard. He was a fool for her, and she had no idea. Probably.

Of course, this internal monologue was plenty of time for her to take action.

"Ow," he said, more out of the habit of reacting to a hit and less out of actual pain. But it was enough — enough to set his mind back on the task at hand. He turned back around to face her, eyebrow raised as the corners of his mouth crept ever-so-slightly upward. His eyes flickered down, once. Her stance was fine, and besides — she wasn't their finest close combat fighter for nothing.

"While my back was turned? That was low," he said, and then he swung.

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Alex deftly parried and then countered, blocking with a swift clock-wise motion and stepping closer to try and push him off his center of balance... just like that.

"I hope that wasn't a reference to my height, Kang." Push him off of the offensive. Square shoulders, left foot in front of the right, elbow up. A continual subconscious checklist grew in her head as she watched and waited and feinted then watched and waited and feinted again. Repeat as needed.

How many feints could she make before he wore down? Until a few months back, when it came to a test of stamina, Jaehyun always won. But now— now Alex had more of a fighting chance then ever. So they went around the training room, feinting and blocking and feinting and blocking and— come on Jaehyun, take the bait, take it, when are you going to take it.

And then she caught it. A falter in his step which threw out the alignment of his hips and his torso ever-so-slightly. A small positioning issue was all it was, really, but that was more than enough for Alex to reach the Activation Energy required to pounce. Let's see how solid that six-pack truly is.

She punched.

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Punch, dodge, block, block, punch, realign. "Of course it wasn't," he said between movements. And then, with a hint of a smirk, "I'm above that." A side-step, then, to avoid the subsequent hit he knew would be coming.

It was true that things had changed a lot during their time at INSA — four years ago, he'd been a scrawny five-foot-five kid, and she'd stood taller than him in her heels. Now? He was at least seven inches taller. Ah, late growth spurts. What a blessing in his life.

Aside from height, though, things really had changed — everyone had looked down on both of them back then. And then Jaehyun grew, and his muscle filled out, and people stopped treating him as a joke. But that didn't really happen with Alex at first — they looked at her and saw the lithe girl who didn't even meet average height. But he knew that, although that might be true, she'd worked harder than anyone, and hard work is not a lie. She could beat any of them, easily, and on some days, she could beat Jaehyun, too.

There was, of course, one advantage that he always held over her: weight. No matter how fast she was, how hard she practiced, it didn't change the fact that he was taller, broader, and bulkier. It hurt, of course, when her fist collided with her abdomen, and he lost his balance from the momentum — but, reflexes kicking into gear, he grabbed her arm, bringing her down to the safety mat with him.

But just falling on the floor didn't do anything — not in a real fight. Using the momentum from the fall, he threw his weight, overturning their position so he was above her, forearm pressed lightly to her throat. "I win."

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Jaehyun used to be shorter than Alex when she had heels on, but still! short!. What had happened? She saw him reaching for her arm before the punch even made impact, felt herself trying to yank away, but he was faster. He was stronger. He was heavier, goddammit.

"Asshole," she muttered, not yet willing to admit defeat.

And then she saw Jaehyun's face staring down at hers, inches away, felt the steady triumph in his gaze even before she looked him in the eye, and her denial dissolved. Alex had lost. There was nothing she could do to change this fact so she might as well accept it, accept it even though she had been so close

So close. He was so close. She could smell the aftershave on him, and the sweat, and her laundry detergent. Sure, part of Alex definitely wanted to find a way to suddenly gain 100 pounds so she could wrestle away that smirk forming at the edges of his mouth. But part of Alex thought that this felt kind of nice. God, she must really be exhausted if she had the audacity to feel kind of nice about being slammed into a loss. Right. The loss. She snapped out of her thoughts.

"You. really. need. to stop. announcing victories. prematurely," Alex grunted as she pushed against the body above her with all her strength, trying to sit up. "So... best of out three?"

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Asshole? "Tch." Jaehyun grinned, getting up. Without thinking, he added, "You love me." The little voice in his head went, uh, maybe you shouldn't have said that, Jaehyun, but he brushed it off. He wouldn't react to his own slip-up. Besides, a year ago, he would have said the same thing, and it meant nothing. There was no reason why it should have any more meaning now.

Extending a hand to help her up, Jaehyun continued. "What? And then after I win again, it'll be best three out of five?" It wasn't like he hadn't ever lost to her — he had lost to several of his fellow battalion members more than once, Alex included.

But then again, Alex always fought best when provoked. If Jaehyun just said practice, she'd practice as if she didn't already take the time to do as much, but if he said I'm gong to beat you, she was going to kick his ass (sometimes literally).

((sorry for the length, my creative cylinders are not firing))

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"You wish," Alex snapped back, making a face.

Neverthless, she grasped the extended hand gratefully... only to violently wrench away from it and kick him in the shin seconds later. "Oh, fuck you."

That boy and his fucking mouth. The logical side of Alex knew it was deliberate, that she always fought better when the hairs on the back of her neck were standing on edge and she felt as if her ferocity was justified. But the Alex side of Alex was angry. She had already had her ass kicked by an inanimate flesh blob tonight. And then again by Jaehyun minutes ago, even though she had been so close. So like hell there was going to be a third time.

So this time, Alex didn't swing. No, she leapt, pinning his arms against his sides with her legs before going in for the punch.

[ who even knows if this is realistic anymore it made sense in my head ok ]

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(( jalex doesn't need realistic they already have Tru Luv ))

Really, nothing about this was fair. Then again, Jaehyun thought, in the field, fights weren't going to be fair either. But also — exactly how much time did Alex plan to spend on the floor tonight? As she swung, he turned, her fist narrowly missing the side of his head.

The problem was that he also couldn't see, not with a bunch of Alex impairing his vision, and when he took a step backwards to stabilize himself, he stepped so that his foot slid on the edge of the mat — and then they both went crashing down again.

"I didn't know you were so desperate to get on top of me," Jaehyun said, going for mild but in reality more muffled by the hair that he was currently trying, hands-free, to get out of his mouth.

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"Are you sure it's not the other way around? It's not every day you get to be pinned below a pretty girl," Alex retorted— or at least, tried to, as she played a game she was all too familiar with called, how do I disentangle my limbs from his limbs without being flipped over again.

Seeing how a good portion of her legs were pinned under his back, it took an extraordinary amount of strength for her to get her upper body off of his— although she wasted no time going for a throat jab once she succeeded.

Sure, it was harder to fight now that they were both on the ground, but so long as Alex remained on top of Jaehyun (and not the other way around), she had a fighting chance. She feinted, and then feinted again, and then suddenly wrapped her arms around Jaehyun's neck, dropping all her body weight onto the mat, finally pulling her legs free.

She had won. Rolling smoothly into a sitting position, the neck grab adjusted itself into a nice headlock, and Alex was sitting pretty on a blue mat with her commander tucked nicely under the crook of her arm.

"Just so you know, you look so much better from this angle."

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