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The only shop in town, Red's is surprisingly affordable for their services. The garage isn't very large, only able to work on two or three cars at once. The shop is more than a bit grungy, the workers generally just as much. Most of them fit the archetype for mechanic rather well, being big and burly, though of course there are some exceptions. Many of the workers are werewolves, though it isn't limited to them here. The only other species allowed as workers are humans, but they accept patrons of all species.

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Police tap surrounded the garage and a crowd had soon enough formed around the scene. Police lights and an ambulance where outside and officers tried to keep the crowd at bay. Most people would have heaved at the sight of the man beneath the car, but Flannery looked at him as if it was simply in a movie. To say the young woman was desensitized was an understatement. She scanned the crowd, taking photographs of the shock and horror of it all. She moved through the crowds of people and hoping to get a quote from some of the other employees on duty with the victim. Though it seemed most of the men just vanished from the crime scene. After snapping more shots of the crowds and police officers keeping people away from the crime scene, Flannery began moving towards the line of cops.

"Flannery Lask with the Daily, I'm here to get a quote about the incident." Her outward appearance was small in stature and most people, men especially, brushed her over without a second thought. Although she is quite persistent and even when told no, she'll get the answers she's looking for. One way or another. "Let me rephrase, I'm here to get speak with the detective on the case." Her words become more pointed as she stood her ground before the cop trying to get her to stay where she was. She once again moved to push past him once she found the man she was looking for. "Detective Bryd care to make a comment?" She huffed out, her red hair falling slightly in her face as she stumbled forward.

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This wasn't an accident. Layton wished he could believe otherwise but after taking a look at the scene, it was obvious that the machinery wasn't just faulty. No, someone had set this car up just the right way so that it would come crashing down on the poor man. The plan had worked, which was why Layton was there. He could hear the hum of the crowd behind him but it barely registered. Layton was too focused on taking in every detail of the crime scene, committing it to memory. Plenty of pictures had already been taken but searching for clues in person was always the best way to go. It gave him a better perspective and allowed him to look at things from any angle that he wanted, not just the angle provided from the photos. If he was going to successfully solve this case and put away the guilty person, he needed to know every detail that he could.

Layton was crouching next to the victim, the body covered in a white sheet, when he heard his name. Straightening, he turned towards the red head, one brow raised as he took her in. It was a little surprising that she had managed to get through, all things considered. Anyone who knew how Layton worked knew that he shouldn't be bothered. Usually, the reporters were kept away from him. It looked as if one made it through. Impressive. One of the officers keeping the crowd back came up, an apologetic look on his face. "Sorry, I don't know how she got through," he said, already reaching for the reporter to pull her back.

Shaking his head, he said, "It's fine." His attention was then on the reporter, his usual stoic look carefully in place. The officer looked surprised but walked away to keep anyone else from coming through. "I don't have all the details right now but I can't say this was just an accident," he told the red head. "All the machinery appears to be working properly so I doubt this car happened to just fall. I'll have more details later on in the case, though."

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Flannery for once was taken by surprise. She had hit the jackpot with this one. She watched as the police officer that she had struggled against left and had a shadow of a smirk on her lips. Once he was gone she looked back towards the man in front of her. Her eyes drifted back behind him towards the dead body and the blood splatter. Her lips pursed before collecting her thoughts. Her camera hung as her side, one hand resting on it, while the other reached up to her hair out of her face. She had to tilt her head up to look at the Detective and didn't particularly like that difference in height.

Putting on a confident face she straightened her posture and carefully took note of everything. "So am I correct in saying that you believe this is a homicide? And if so, do you believe that this was gang related?" Flannery didn't waste her time in beating around the bush. She was going to milk the detective out of every piece of knowledge he had. Even if that meant digging into things that were bit less than pleasant. She waited for an answer and traced the dials on her camera. She could smell the pungent odor rising from the scene. That's what happened when it got to hot outside and there was a dead body. She refused to let the odor get to her though. She watched the detective searching his eyes, wondering why he was being so open with details. She didn't let this wonder show, waiting for him to explain himself.

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