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Animal Farm
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Martha (marthais) We're going to kick off the next 12 months with A short book (less than 200 pages) so we'll be starting with Animal Farm!

This is a classic book so is freely available on Amazon UK and US on a variety formats and it's highly likely you'd be able to pick up a copy in your local library or charity shop.

Discussion prompts to follow!

Marina (sonnenbarke) I read this in Italian a long time ago, I believe I was in my early twenties or so. I now downloaded an ebook copy in English - I think it will be fun to re-read it, this time in its original language. I want to the same with 1984, in fact.

Martha (marthais) Okey dokey let's get talking about Animal Farm.

- What did you think of the book? Is this your first time reading it or a re-read?
- Why do you think sales of Orwell's novel have seen a resurgence in recent weeks?
- What (if any) elements of the novel resonated with you? Did you take anything away from it?
- Why do you think Orwell chose to write this story in the style of a fable?

Don't feel any need to answer all of the questions above, they're just prompts - and please do share other thoughts that don't fit into them!

Carol (bookbakery) I read Animal Farm a long time ago. If It's how I remember it, I won't be reading it again, but will be interesting to read other comments.

(I am looking forward to both books for March! FYI).

I remember Animal Farm being graphic. Without giving out too much information, if it's how I remember it, it's not a good idea
for me to read it again.

I finished the Oliver Saks book and am looking forward to comments on that thread.

Martha (marthais) Fair enough Carol, there are certainly a few gruesome elements of Animal Farm! Thanks for your thoughts on the other book, and I hope you enjoy the March ones - I'm really looking forward to them too!

Martha (marthais) To be fair, there's a lot of overlap in the themes! I agree that there are a lot of repressive regimes rising up as a reaction to the various financial crashes over the years, there's a lot of scary stuff.

I really like your point that people read to reflect the events they have lived - it's totally true and extends beyond this conversation, I think the books we love are the ones where we can see ourselves in the characters, or the ones where they experience the same suffering or achieve the things we hope to achieve.

Martha (marthais) Hi all,

As we move into March we'll be moving on to a new book, but please do continue to discuss Animal Farm in this thread if you decide to read it - there's no deadline. Also if anyone would like to submit their review of this book, let me know!

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