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message 1: by Ronit (new)

Ronit (ronitsbooks) | 62 comments Hi
is anybody would like to review a coloring book?

I made a Series of 3 kids coloring books.

the subject in math and numbers.

Thank Ronit

I can send a PDF of the books

message 2: by Gita (new)

Gita Reddy | 48 comments I have a couple of middle grade novels that are short. I would love to join.

message 3: by Lokesh (new)

Lokesh Sharma (aspirationfordeliverance) | 4 comments Hi,
My science fiction novel HALFWAY was released a couple days ago. It's a short novel about 49000 words. If anyone wants to review it, i can send an epub, Mobi, or pdf.


message 4: by G.J. (new)

G.J. Griffiths (gjgriffiths) | 794 comments Mod
Carly wrote: "Sorry this is so long but I want to be sure review newbies understand the deal so all goes smoothly. :)

I'm waiting for final word from the mods but they may be too busy to take this on right now...."

As this is a Request for a group that has not been accepted yet, you need to know that it is not necessarily going to run under the GSRG heading. If you want to run it here you need to have Moderator status. Please do not 'jump the gun'.

Copied to your PM box.

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