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Ikram | 6 comments
Hello there! My name is Ikram but you can call me Kimi. I’m a blogger and book reviewer graduating with a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics this summer. I am now offering editing services to aspiring and current authors. I specialize in young-adult literature. My goal as your editor is to help you bring your work to its highest potential!

If you would like to work with me, please view my services below. When you are ready, contact me at and tell me about your novel.

Please include

Synopsis of your novel.
Exact word count of your manuscript.
Genre of your novel.
What service(s) you are interested in.
As a freelance editor, I extend the following levels of editing services:

Sample Edit – Free!

For uncertain writers, check this out.

If you’re unsure about whether my editing style will suit you, I can provide an edit of the first two pages of your manuscript. This is a free of charge service!

Express Evaluation

The Express Evaluation looks at those important first fifty pages for elements that might include pacing, characters and relationships, worldbuilding, and plot. For writers on a very tight budget and/or deadline, this is the service for you.

This service combines two elements:

An editorial letter that explains the overall issues and concerns of the manuscript excerpt.
In-line comments using Microsoft Word’s comment and Track Changes features to show specific problem areas, like overlong paragraphs and repetitive word choice. This is in addition to showing issues noted in the editorial letter.

Content/developmental editing

Content editing, or structural/substantive editing, aims to bring out the tone of the manuscript as a whole, focusing more on the following:

Character development
Point of view


Proofreading will make your piece look clean and polished. I will go through the manuscript with a fine-tooth comb during the final stages of the submission process, checking for:

Typographical errors
Proper word usage
Basic grammar
Consistency within format and punctuation
Typos, misspellings, and other discrepancies
Overall appearance, typeface, and fonts

Reader’s Report

Are you interested in knowing what I think of your work as a reader rather than an editor? This is a great option. I have been reviewing books for over three years and know what readers want and expect. I read across all genres of YA and can view your work critically and objectively.

I will point out the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript in a concise (between one and four pages) format. This report contains general thoughts about elements such as plot, character, and how compelling I find the work to be. What did I love? Where did I lose interest? I’ll let you know!

Note: If you are not sure which level of editing your manuscript needs. I would love to provide my recommendation with a sample edit.

*For my prices, please send me an email at I reply within 24 hours. Or leave a comment here and I'll contact you.

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Ikram | 6 comments Opening new spots for April and May. Email me at and will get back to you asap.

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