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message 1: by Carol (new)

Carol Tietsworth | 193 comments Being a professionally trained proofreader as well as an experienced editor makes me a good choice for the person looking for help with their manuscript. The fact that I am also a published author only makes me a better choice.

I have been proofreading and editing for some time now, and I keep my fees lower than the norm because I know authors typically have to budget for services. My low fees are a stress reliever. I also line-edit part-time for two publishing houses.

I stay in email contact with my authors during the editing process and send any questions I have to them, so our relationship stays true and current. In addition to the editing, I often make suggestions, (in parentheses) to clarify a thought or passage. These suggestions are merely that, and not etched in stone.

I charge .003/word for proofreading, or $30.00 per 10,000 words and .004/word for editing, or $40.00 per 10,000 words. If I contract for editing I throw in the proofreading for free, as I'm already in there. Contact me at legal2b@yahoo.com with your word count for a quote. Or check out my Facebook page, Editing by Carol Tietsworth.

message 2: by Erin (new)

Erin Wade | 2 comments I just sent you an email. It was returned to me. I have resent it. I hope your receive it. Erin Wade, erin@erinwade.us

message 3: by Carol (new)

Carol Tietsworth | 193 comments Just sent you an email.

message 4: by Erin (new)

Erin Wade | 2 comments Carol, I am having problems with email. I am just double checking to make sure you received my manuscript. Erin

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