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message 1: by Melanie (new)

Melanie | 6 comments Thank you for your interest in serving as a beta reader for my debut novel, The Magic of Wings. This time travel romance novel features Mallory Trovato, a Floridian who joins the Krewe of the Gasparilla Garter and participates in the annual Parade of Pirates. I’m looking for honest, critical feedback, which I’ll use to guide my final revision prior to publication. All selected beta readers will receive a free digital copy of the manuscript, along with a beta reader worksheet. Completed questionnaires will be due by February 25.

Word count is just short of 95,000 words. There is one sex scene, minimally graphic. There is minimal violence. If any reader is British, I'd appreciate any corrections for the British characters. If you'd like a further detailed blurb of the story, feel free to ask. I'm looking for 20 readers. My e-mail address is Thank you for your interest and support.

message 2: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Golden | 291 comments Mod
Do you have excerpt available? How many POVs? Is the story first-person or third? Thanks.

message 3: by Melanie (new)

Melanie | 6 comments Kathy wrote: "Do you have excerpt available? How many POVs? Is the story first-person or third? Thanks."

One POV, third person. Here is the blurb: Mystical occurrences bewilder Mallory Trovato when she purchases an antique dragonfly necklace. As soon as she brings it home, disturbing dreams of Clarissa, a woman who lived in the Regency era, baffle Mallory. She shrugs off her imaginings as the effects of period costumes she’s worn for Tampa’s annual pirate festival since joining the Krewe of the Gasparilla Garter.

The organization, with its involvement in the Pirate Fest Parade and raising funds for charity, appears to be the perfect club to add meaning and fun to her life. Divorced and stung by failed dating experiences, she dodges the advances of charismatic Wes Coltrane from Ye Bawdy Krewe of the Salty Dogs. Although their chemistry is intense, he’s rumored to be a player.

El Demonio, a pirate who lived hundreds of years earlier, once owned the dragonfly necklace. When Mallory wears it at the coronation ball, a bizarre vision flashes before her eyes. With yet another instance of the past and present intermingling with so much realism, she begins to doubt her sanity. Could there be more to the necklace, with its intriguing past, than she knows? Mallory’s quest for answers will set her personal compass spinning with dizzying madness.

message 4: by Melanie (new)

Melanie | 6 comments Kathy wrote: "Do you have excerpt available?

Here is an excerpt (Nelly, the shopkeeper, is British): Something off-kilter in the mirror made her wonder if another patron had entered the shop and lurked from behind. She whipped her head around. Seeing no one, she turned back to her reflection. Mallory’s hairdo of choppy, modern layers seemed to be replaced by long wavy tendrils that framed the necklace on her décolletage. Her jaw dropped. “What the . . .” Her eyes looked too close together, not funhouse mirror distorted, but still odd. Mallory squeezed her lids shut, and then opened them. Seeing her own normal self again, she gave a breathy sigh and shook her head. For an instant, she feared the false image was a repeat of an eye migraine she had years earlier when flashing lights and a blind spot in her field of vision plagued her for a short time.

Nelly tilted her chin down and frowned. “Something the matter, love?”

“Uh, well.” Mallory brought her hand to the dragonfly. The wings radiated an unexpected heat that warmed her chest. A fluttering sensation tickled her palm. “Oh my God, it’s moving! Get it off me!”

Nelly stepped around the display case. “What? I don’t see—”

Mallory gasped, removed her hand and shot another glimpse at the mirror. The necklace lay flat, now inanimate and cool against her skin. “Felt like a bug flew into me.”

Nelly glanced around the shop. “I don’t see anything buzzing about.”

There had to have been a bug. The aging woman’s eyesight might not be up to par.

Despite the silly frights, the magnetic appeal of the intriguing necklace drew Mallory in and prevented her from walking away.

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