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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA fiction/mystery/thriller. fall through abandoned building, old slaughterhouse, two boys go missing, ghost cows w red eyes. [s]

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message 1: by Lindsay (last edited Feb 03, 2017 07:47AM) (new)

Lindsay Z | 2 comments I read this book in about 6th grade so, 2004? It had one of those late 80s/90s vibes though. not sure when it was actually from. an easy read type book, mystery/thriller for sure. ages to read the book: 12-18.

Description: this boy (#1, main character) and his male friend (#2) go to this old abandoned slaughterhouse? site (it might've been an abandoned building ON an old slaughterhouse property). they're messing around and fall through the floor and find themselves in a series of tunnels. they're trying to find their way out (I guess they couldn't climb up?). they tie themselves together with rope (using the term loosely) they found and I think at one point they had a light of some sort but eventually it died/they lost it? then the male friend moves too far ahead and the boy somehow gets disconnected from him (as far as I can remember they were tied together when they lost each other). the boy spends his time trying to find his way out, sees ghosts of cows with red eyes. hears noises and mooing. he finally makes his way out through a sewer grate of some sort? he finds his parents (don't remember how long he was actually missing). he tells his parents about his friend but (I can't remember exactly) they either say that the male friend never existed or that they never knew who that male friend was/never saw their son hanging around with him. the parents seem skeptical of the whole thing.

kind of leaves an uneasy feeling when you're reading it and when it's finished you're like WHAT THE HECK HOW COULD THEY END IT LIKE THIS?! based on like the parents reactions lol. that is honestly the majority of the book. Might even remember the cover? I swear it was like a dark blue-ish with maybe a black rectangle in the middle like the entrance to a closed mine? Possibly with a caution tape across the black rectangle. But go by the description first please! Cover memory is shaky at best. Thanks for your help everyone!

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Kym | 1058 comments Maybe - Tunnel by S.R. Martin?

message 3: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Z | 2 comments Omg. I think you're right.

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Kris | 33272 comments Mod
Lindsay, I moved your request to a Solved folder. If you find this isn't your book, just come back and let us know.

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