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message 1: by Regina Lindsey (new)

Regina Lindsey | 1005 comments Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf by Kent Haruf - 4 Stars

Addie and Louis are widows and neighbors in their seventies. They are both lonely but for Addie the nights are the loneliest. Addie makes a proposition to Louis - spend their nights together. The proposition is not an intimate proposal, simply an opportunity to spend their nights talking. When Louis takes her up on the idea the relationship is scandalous not only to their rural neighbors, but more importantly to Addie's son.

This is a simply a sweet little novel and shows how important relationships and emotional connections are to our well-being. Addie and Louis spend hours getting to know each other, talking about their triumphs as well as their regrets in life. I loved how well-drawn the two protagonists were. They were authentic. Both lives are full of moments they can each be proud of as well as moments they would change if it were possible. Recounting their lives to each other allows an opportunity to reflect and deal honestly with the lives each have lived.

This is a quick read and very good. The audio book was well-done.

message 2: by Ellen (new)

Ellen | 2050 comments This is a little gem of a book by my favorite author. So glad you enjoyed it.

message 3: by Olivermagnus (new)

 Olivermagnus (lynda214) | 1903 comments I have this book but it keeps getting overlooked. I'm going to make an effort to read it soon.

message 4: by Book Concierge (new)

Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) | 5534 comments I also listened to the audio. Loved this book. My F2F book club is discussing it next month.

message 5: by Denizen (new)

Denizen (den13) | 1138 comments Thanks for reminding me about this book and the audio recommendation. If the audio is still available when I finish my current book, it will probably be next pick.

message 6: by Susie (new)

Susie | 4488 comments I'm going to add it to my audio list. Thanks!

message 7: by Tracy (new)

Tracy (tstan) | 1173 comments Love Haruf! His quiet style is so comforting.

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