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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. Late 80s to mid 90s short story collection, genre literary fiction (adult), woman author. All stories were about contemporary women. In one story the female narrator's daughter has scribbled on the wall. (More details in description.)

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lucky little cat (luckylittlecat) Spoilers: The wall-scribbling daughter turns out to be imaginary, a figment of the narrator's loneliness. The reader realizes that a friend who had stared at the scribbling earlier in the story had been staring because he'd been worried about the narrator's sanity.

In another story, a depressed woman is pushed to suicide when she finds the corpse of her beloved missing dog. She survives, but the closing lines of the story make clear she will try again. The reader understands this; the other characters in the story have no clue, though.

In a third story a young wife is murdered by her husband as a result of their cultural differences.

Thanks, I'd love help finding the title. There were a dozen or so stories in the book, all by the same female author.

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Tab (tabbrown) | 4839 comments Do you remember the cover?
What location did the stories take place?

lucky little cat (luckylittlecat) Sorry, can't recall the cover, and I don't recall that there was a specific setting. Thanks for asking.

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