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Jeeva jeevan Homeopathy was developed by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. It is one of most positive treatment system because it do not have side effects. Ancient man use plants, mineral to cure diseases, from this we can say that homeopathy is used by thousands of years ago. It is a system of natural medicines using plants and minerals. Over 500 million people are using it worldwide, which makes homeopathy world second most used medicine.

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In India homeopathy is a famous medical treatment. Here we have almost 7000 homeopathic physicians. One of the main another advantage of homeopathy is, anyone including small kids can use it without any side effects. Homeopathy will treat internal, muscular, Cancer, neuro, spinal, learning disabilities, rheumatic, cosmetic, psychological, sexual, gynaecological, pediatric, psychiatric etc.. . Now day’s homeopathy has introduced many health related products other than medicine such as hair dye, different body creams, face wash etc…Another factor which attracts people to homeopathy is that, it is very cheap as compare to other treatments.

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