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Chad Descoteaux | 25 comments WORKING-CLASS SUPERHEROES

Working-Class Superheroes by Chad Descoteaux

Two superheroes become suspicious of their city's most powerful hero, the seemingly-invulnerable Magma Man, when something he says during a poker game doesn't add up. Why would he lie? Was he trying to protect someone? Was he drunk? Okay, he was probably drunk. But, is he in league with the villain? is he the villain? And if he is, how can he be stopped?

Follow Speed Chicken and Cambio as they pursue the answers to these questions, putting them in cahoots with a powerless wannabe superhero named Wombat, and realize that the fate of an entire planet weighs in the balance. A comedic sci-fi adventure and the author's personal love letter to the superhero genre as a whole.

message 2: by Nik (new)

Nik Krasno | 12916 comments Good luck with the promo, Chad!

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