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I Am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World
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message 1: by Angel (new)

Angel Garcia | 2 comments In class, our group has been reading the book "I Am Malala". So far the book has not been that interesting because we are on the first 40-60 pages and all throughout those pages it talks about her daily life as a child and how free she was knowing that she can go outside and play with her friends. As we got deeper into the book we realized that her freedom is now jeopardized because as we were all reading we are realizing that this little group started to form in her town called the Taliban in which would explode police stations because little town was very far from capital and Malala was an up stander and the Taliban did not like that, Malala was targeted. We are urging to read more and to find out what will happen next.

message 2: by Ogier (new)

Ogier (Ogier31) | 8 comments In the book "I am Malala" we see how her life changes from the start to the middle. At start she is able to go outside and play with her friends and was not being persecuted for going to school. As we deeper in the book we noticed a problem has a risen the Taliban a terrorist group arrived in her village and started to kill people and bomb places where girls went to school. For them girls should not go to school at all. Something I noticed was that the government was scared of the Taliban because even though they do fight wars against them they end giving the Taliban what they want. During this time period Malala still goes to school but in fear that a Talib will shoot her. Later on she starts doing interviews which puts her on the list of people that the Tailban want to kill

message 3: by Nuha (new)

Nuha Zaima | 5 comments In the book, "I Am Malala," in the beginning barely talks about her, even though its a memoir it talks more about the people that surround her and the dangers of her city. As we read problems are developing throughout the book. The terrorist group known as the Taliban is harming schools which girls attend because supposedly girls are not allowed to go to school. There are these rules regarding against girls able to do certain things. In class during our group discussions we talked about how the government doesn't do anything to prevent the Taliban attacking these girls because they are scared of them themselves. Throughout the book Malala still goes to school, which is very risky since the Taliban is against the fact that girls can go to school. But Malala knows she is in danger and that its risky for her, and she is scared, yet she still goes which makes the Taliban wanna kill her.

message 4: by Angel (new)

Angel Garcia | 2 comments As we got deeper into the book, i actually have realized that Malala all this time was she was fighting for women rights and education purposes. Why is she fighting for these purposes? She fought for what she believed in because this group called the Taliban was forming and their main goal was to show that they are against advancement as in humanity improvements in life. For example they would send the people of new valley to bring all T.V's and all C.D's and they would burn them. they would also bomb schools showing the people that they dont need education especially in the little town she lives in. So Malala was the little spark in her town. She knew all the dangers their was to show that she was gonna stand up. In fact she actually ends up facing a big one later on in the book but lets not jump ahead.

message 5: by Ogier (new)

Ogier (Ogier31) | 8 comments After we read today I noticed that even though was got shot she still cares about others. Also that her government has helped her through this. Malala also realizes that she wont't go back because the care in England is better and the Taliban has invaded her part of the country. During this time we can see that the whole world is affected by this attack as she gets messages and cards from people around the world. Also she is not the only one affected by these attacks but her family. Her brothers complain how they have no one to play with and talk to since their friends are back in Swat.

message 6: by Ogier (new)

Ogier (Ogier31) | 8 comments Hi

message 7: by Nuha (new)

Nuha Zaima | 5 comments We are more in depth in the book now and as we go deeper we discover that Malala gets shot for standing up to herself and other girls who can't go to school because they're girls and they re prohibited. As Malala stands up for herself she on day gets shot in the bus on her way to school where she shouldn't be. Not only does Malala care about herself but she also cares about the other girls that's why she's standing up for them. She thinks they deserve to learn and get the right amount of eduactaion as the boys.

message 8: by Ogier (new)

Ogier (Ogier31) | 8 comments After we finished Malala I noticed that in her country being born a girl is hard because their are many things you can't do for example in this book going to school was one of those things, but if you are born a boy going to school is okay. Also that the country was okay with girls going but once the Taliban formed everything took a turn for the worse. She was not the only one affected by this but little kids who did not know what was happening were playing games based on the Taliban and the government and the war they were having. The character that had the biggest impact on her was her dad. While her mom wanted her to stop since the guy on the radio said that what Malala was doing was bad. Her dad on the other hand was very supportive and let her do interviews about the Taliban and her fears. The story is also kind of ironic because they tried to stop one person by trying to kill her and that made the whole world speak up about this issue and supported Malala even famous people that she did not know about.

message 9: by Nuha (new)

Nuha Zaima | 5 comments Today was our last day reading "I Am Malala" because we finished it. As we got to the end we noticed that being a girl in Malala's country is very hard, due to all the unnecessary things the terrorist groups decided to do. For example, the Taliban shot her in the head for standing up to girls rights and being able to go to school. Malala's dad takes a big part in her life because he is the only one on her side and that protects her with everything. When Malala has an interview about the Taliban her dad is always there for her. On the other hand, Malala's mom is very scared because her mom listens to the radio and they specifically talk about Malala in a very dangerous position and she's bringing harm to herself by standing up to herself and being brave, which her dad supports her in. In class we discussed how the Taliban did good because it alerted everyone all over the country and they stood up as well as Malala. Everyone was on Malala's side and they knew she was really brave and because of that she won the Nobel Peace Prize.

message 10: by Nuha (last edited Feb 27, 2017 07:16PM) (new)

Nuha Zaima | 5 comments Our group started reading a new book called "Pretty Little Liars: Wicked," by Sara Shepard, Aria has feelings for a man named Xavier who meets and starts dating Aria's mother on a dating site. She doesn't want to hurt her mom and ruin the relationship because she already has been through a divorce. Hanna and Kate have a bump relationship, which affected Hanna's relationship with Lucas. Due to Hanna telling everyone in a party that Kate has herpes, Lucas broke up with Hanna. Her father made her stop talking to everyone, but Kate. Spencer believes she's adopted because she is always neglected by her family. Emily started dating a guy named Isaac and she's scared that A will reveal to him that Emily is lesbian because A knows all their secrets.

message 11: by Nuha (last edited Mar 06, 2017 03:05PM) (new)

Nuha Zaima | 5 comments Our group just finished "Pretty Little Liars: Wicked," by Sara Shepard and we started reading "Insurgent," by Veronica Roth. As we started reading the book, Tris wakes up from a dream that is replayed from a real life event of when she shot and killed Will. Tris, Peter, Marcus, Caleb and Tobias jump off a moving train and walk towards Amity headquarters which is in Amityville. An Amity nurse gives Tris a salve for her shoulder and takes Peter, who has a bullet wound, to the hospital. In the cafeteria, Tris ends up seeing a lot of her old friends and neighbors, like Susan. Tris wakes up still feeling guilty about shooting Will, but Tris still has the gun that killed him. Tris shoves the gun under her mattress. Tris also hides the hard drive with the attack simulation data on it. Tris puts it between the dresser and the wall. Tris has too many things to hide and then remembers the gun under her mattress and realizes that she and Tobias won't be able to stick around long.

message 12: by Ogier (new)

Ogier (Ogier31) | 8 comments Today our groups started reading "Insurgent" by Veronica Roth. As the book started she wakes up in a Amity hospital where she is given pills and a salve for her shoulder which has a bullet wound. She realizes that where she is no longer safe and she is being hunted down by the other fractions. Since she is divergent and destroyed the system of the government they are after her. After hearing Marcus and his friend talk about the death of the government leaders because they know secret information she starts questioning if her father died because of that reason. Later on the finger out their fate that they would be allowed to stay but will need to help and they can't have weapons. Tris still has her gun and it is under her bed and doesn't not know what to do with it. While eating breakfast Marcus talks to her about the dangers of staying then Tris and Tobias know they will leave soon.

message 13: by Ogier (new)

Ogier (Ogier31) | 8 comments Today we started "An Abundance of Katherines" by John Green. As the book begins the reader find out that he has been dumped by Katherine the 19th. So basically Colin the main character only dates girls with the name Katherine and has dated 19 of them. His friend Hassan tries to help since he also has gone through 10 of these Katherine's with him his plan was to take him on a road trip to get these girls of his mind. Colin is a very smart kid and started reading at the age of three kids at school made fun of him and he was very sensitive the only thing that helped him was dating these Katherine. During this road trip he realizes that many things remind him of all these Katherine's and can't get over them.

message 14: by Ogier (last edited Mar 17, 2017 05:34PM) (new)

Ogier (Ogier31) | 8 comments As we continued the book we can see that Hassan and Colin will be staying in Gutshot because Hassan takes a job for him and Colin near the town they are staying in. Also we can see that Colin doesn't know what love is and wants to know if the girl likes him and wants to hear those words. To add on he uses math to decide how long the relationship will last and who will break up with who. Today as we discussed we noticed how Colin was smart and did not really socialize why Hassan was a mix of being smart and talked to others with ease. Also how both of them were a good mix.

message 15: by Ogier (new)

Ogier (Ogier31) | 8 comments To add on we talked about how Colin was more worried about what the girls he dated gave him but he didn't really give much back to them and did not worry about that much. Also how he needed Katherine's because he needed someone to help him which is why Hassan and him are good friends because every time Colin breaks up with Katherine Hassan is there for him, and how when they argue Colin let's him win because he is kind of scared of losing him. To add on we noticed that Hassan is a very important 2nd character because of him they are on this road trip.

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