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anisul hoque's letter abt accident

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message 1: by Padya (new)

Padya | 2 comments famous writer anisul hoque had an accident on 22she feb..... herz a letter frm him 2 all:
This is Anisul Hoque, still alive and using laptop...after 4 long days, once again I am putting my fingers on the keys.
My life is out of danger; my wounds on the forehead, under my left eye and a penetrated wound under my left knee are healing.
But I don’t know how my right leg is. The whole leg is swelled and out of order. Doctors are saying, there is some soft tissue injury in my right knee. It will be OK after 3 weeks if I keep the leg in full rest. And they have plastered the right leg and made me a dependent person who can not even put a blanket on his body.
And I need help to lie down or to sit up.
But I am enjoying my new situation.
After the accident, when I was taken to PG emergency, I asked the ward boy (not a doctor, a boy was giving my wounds stitch), bhai amar cheharata jeno sundar thakey…
I will write a cover story for the Rash Alo on this incident.
My head is OK, (every PAGOL claims), my hands are completely unhurt, so, Bangali jati amar lekhar attachar theke bachbe na. Jadio ami r kono din daan pa diye dhoronike laththi marte parbo kina sure na, chinta nai, baam pa ache. And there are crutches. I will have 3 and a half leg. Don’t worry. I am joking. Milan Kundera said, every thing has its lighter side, and even death and sex have lighter humourous aspects.
Pray for me. I am coming back with a stronger right leg and going to kick…what …I have not decided yet.
Thanks everybody for the concern and love you have shown for me. This is your love what made me back alive after been sandwiched by two mini buses (double cheese burger, me and the poor driver). Miraculously the driver looked serious but got well before me. Prothom Alo is taking care of him.
Anisul Hoque
The Great Survivor of a Mini (bus) and Baby (taxi) accident.

message 2: by Shaker (new)

Shaker Muhammad | 21 comments Hi Padya,
It's really sad to hear the news of accident of one of my favorite writer. But i felt relaxed after reading the open letter of him. I personally know how a person feels after an accident. Coz once i had a serious accident.After surviving from that accident life became much more meaningful to me.And now, when i see someone putting the whole thing in this way, its great to hear the strong voice of a man like him and finding out the positive sides of being alive.

message 3: by Russell (new)

Russell John (russelljohn) | 36 comments Mod
It's very sad :(

Happysorrowlife life (life) | 3 comments very sad news.....1st ly its confused me....that its realy truth....i seems that ..... its a one of story anisul hoque...

after that .....i read ....its may b true ....

all the best 4 anisul hoque

may Allah help u....

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