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Aritro Sarkar | 16 comments In the story "Ship Breaker" by Paolo Bacigalupi this dystopia shows the issue of social hierchy. The protagonist Nailer is a poor teenager who attempts to climb this social hierchy. He is part of "The Crew" which is one of the lowest positions in society. In this crew there is no trust between each other. Everyone wanted to become rich and would do anything and stab somebody in the back to become big in the world. For example the protagonist Nailer was sinking in oil and a girl named Sloth saw him but didn't rescue him. She wanted Nailer to be killed and claim the oil for herself in order to climb the social hierchy. However Nailer got out and when the Crew found out they kicked her out. When this happens usually they are doomed because they have no position in the social hierchy.
The only person Nailer can trust is a Crew mate named Pima. One day they find a destroyed ship with a great amount of wealth inside. However they then find a girl named Nita who owns the ship. Pima wants to kill her in order to obtain her loot but Nailer stops her and questions if the girl can lead him to a better life. He has feelings for Nita and does not want her to be killed. Nailers decision causes distrust between him and Pima because Nailer is afraid Pima may attempt to search for a chance to kill her in order to gain her wealth and become big in the world. When rich you do not have to work on "the Crew" and not have another day of this hell like job.

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Aritro Sarkar | 16 comments I wrote 2 paragraphs before this one and it all got deleted when I submitted it and has to restart

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Aritro Sarkar | 16 comments I did not copy you

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When Nailer and Pima found the wrecked ship, everyone was mostly dead except for a person they named Lucky Girl. She owned the ship and has vast amounts of wealth. If Nailer killed her, he could have took all her wealth and became rich with Pima. They could escape light crew by paying their time. They could escape the place they think of as "hell" and lead a normal life. However he didn't kill her and stopped Pima from killing her.

One reason he spared her life was because he thought that she could help them escape their "hell" when her father comes looking for her. They can go with her and can live in peace away from that horrible place. But, I think Nailer was also thinking something else. Few days back Sloth abandoned Nailer when he needed her the most. If he killed her, he'd basically become Sloth and lose all respect for himself. He wouldn't be able to look at his wealth without thinking of what he had to do to get it.

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Abrar Galib | 12 comments Nailer and Pima finds a lone clipper ship some distance off the beach after a storm destroyed his and many of his friends and fellow workers homes. The ship is very luxurious and is filled with enough gold, silver and valuables to make both Nailer and Pima rich enough leave their labor, tearing apart ships for resources so they can live to see another day and have a place to stay. However, while scavenging, Nailer and Pima find the sole survivor of the ship, a girl in shock and is also close to death. The girl seemed to be dead to both Nailer and Pima, and they try to cut off her finger for her gold rings, but they notice that she is alive. Pima thought that this was a once in a life time chance and wanted to end the girls life and take all the loot for themselves, but Nailer is doubtful and hesitates to kill the girl.

Nailer has conflicting emotions and thoughts as he is faced with the decision of either choosing to become rich and have a better life, or stay with moral and possibly lose the opportunity to have a better life.

Nailer is hesistant toward killing the girl and taking the loot for himself because it reminds him of his situation a few days back. Nailer accidently trapped himself in an unknown oil stash, and oil was very valuable there. Sloth, a girl finds him and decides to let Nailer drown in the oil, claim all the oil for herself and leave the beach. Nailer wanted Sloth to care about him, he was still alive, and Sloth decided that his life wasn't as valuable as the oil. Now, Nailer is faced with the same dilemma, the girl is still alive, and she could be saved, and obviously, she won't want to die. Nailer feels like Sloth in this situation and is hesistant to become a "oath-breaker" like her.

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Aurisha | 11 comments The book "Ship Breaker" by Paolo Bacigalupi is a dystopian novel set in a world were the majority of people have to work at different companies, were each person must scavenge to meet their bosses quotas. Nailer is a teenage boy who works under his boss, Bapi, and has the job of swimming to find steel and other valuable items. Nailer is also part of a crew, were they each take a blood oath to srand together. Everyone in this world wants to climb the hieracrchy to get out of the horrible conditions everyone else is put through, by somehow trying to get rich. Some people are sucessful, such as Lucky Strike, while others must pay for their greed, like Sloth had to for betraying her crew.

In todays reading, Nailer and his whole town is put through a terrible storm. Many lives are saved, but others were lost to the winds and water. The list of these people included Tick-Tock, a member of Nailer's crew, and his family, who were found dead. Sloth, the betrayer who went missing. Bapi is also no where to be found. Lucky Strike decides to help the survivors by providing food for them. Nailer and one of his crew members, Pima, scavenge the area for anything of value. One their travels they find a gigantic ship, with remians worth so much, that it could get them out of their situation. While scavenging, the find a girl, who is supposedly dead, and try to take her gold. Once she awakes, Pima tries to kill her, but Nailer stops her. They name the girl "Lucky Girl" and do the blood oath with her. She reveals herself to be of value when she tells both Nailer and Pima, that her father will give them a reward, once she is returned safely and alive. They agree to keep her alive, and venture off to go find her people.

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Samira | 11 comments In this book, life is unfair and the needs of people are not meet. They have to work hard to meet quota and if they can't reach their goal, they are kicked off "The Crew" and is left to fend for themselves. This causes competition between characters because of their greed for having a better life. For example, when the protagonist, Nailer was in a life or death situation, one of his crew members, Sloth refused to help him. This was because she wanted the job he had and believed she would be a far better candidate then him. So, when life presented her with what she wanted, she had to make a choose. For the reason life was like this, she had no choice but to do what benefited her even if that meant breaking rules and oaths.

Moreover, when Pima and Nailer found an abandoned ship that was filled with goods, they did not hesitate to steal them. All they could think of was how rich they were going to be and how lucky they are to be presented in this situation. However, when Nailer and Prima stumbled upon a girl on the verge of her death, Nailer becomes hesitant. The girl was dressed in jewels and if they took all the jewelry she wore, they would make a fortune. Prima didn't hesitate for a second but already was ready to take the goods from the girl but when Nailer found out she was still alive, he did not let Prima continue even if that meant he would be losing and not gaining.

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In today's reading session, I read about how Nailer and Pima were staying with Nita away from the rest of their crew overnight. When they woke up, Nailer has gotten an infection in his arm from a previous injury. However, he can't treat it unless he goes back to his crew but he doesn't because the bosses will kill Nita for gold. This shows how Nailer is willing to risk his life for Nita because of their oath to help each other. I think he truly believes she's their way out of the hell they live in. He has no doubt or else he could've gotten rich already with the wealth she left behind on her ship.

Muhammad_Abbasi | 4 comments In the book "Ship Breaker" by Paolo Bacigalupi, the protagonist is a teenage boy named "Nailer" who is in a harsh crew of light weighted kids that is governed by an older person who is somewhat like a dictator. The kids go around abandoned or sunken ships and scavenge the premises for loot. The loot usually consists of copper wire, bronze, etc. All the loot goes to their leader Bapi who barely feeds them and takes everything for himself. nailer also has to face harsh conditions with his abusive father.

Recently in the book, i read about a huge storm over shadowing the entire beach and bay that the crew stays at. Their leader Bapi, along with many others are killed by the storm. Nailer and his friend Pima find a cruise boat or a luxurious high tech boat that has been abandoned which could make them have the ability to leave the crew and make their own wealth. They are confused on how to keep such a huge ship secret, and while scavenging for loot in the ship, they find a dead girl with many beautiful jewels on her that are worth more money than the two have ever even seen! The girl is "dead" and both of the kids try to pry open her fingers to grab the jewels. BUT SHES NOT DEAD! AHHHHHH. The girl begs for mercy as she is left defenseless in front of two strangers. Nailer convinces Pima to spare the girl who they nicknames "Lucky Girl". Nailer and Pima now face the girl when shes recovered, but shes too smart for her own good. She offers them wealth and a place to stay. It is debatable if the two should have spared the girl, but there are actually many upsides to sparing her. First off, its not worth killing her for a few rings and jewelry, because since they saved her, she offered them 100x more money and wealth.

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Samira | 11 comments In today's reading, Nailer and Pima found an abandoned ship and when they went in to see what the deal was, they were presented with things that guarantee them becoming rich. However, Nailer finds a girl, Nita, and both Nailer and Pima assume that the girl is dead and is already ready to take all the gold she's wearing. However, she does not turn out to be dead and Nailer feels guilty and saves her. Now, they are stuck in this ship since they agreed to help Nita find her people who will give them money and make them rich. However, life isn't going as planned.

Nailer wakes up with pain surging through him and when Nita takes a look at it and concludes that he has an infection from the incident from earlier. As they are getting ready to treat it, they find out that they don't have the medicine. Prima suggests to get medicine from Lucky Strike but because of the world they live in, Nailer refuses and says that he is not willing to share his discovery of this ship even if that costs his medicine. As one problem arises, another problem has showed up. Nailer's dad comes with his gang gang friends and are ready to tear the ship apart in search of goods. Prima, Nailer, and Nita hide but they are found and are now living in hell just in another level.

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Abrar Galib | 12 comments There are several differences between Nailers and his "crews" point of view, lifestyle and knowledge and Nita's lifestyle and point of view.

First of all, Nailer and his dad are very poor, they live in a shelter made of tin and cardboard, and they scramble up each day, tearing apart ships for enough resources to meet their daily quota, so they can live to see another day. However, obviously, Nita lives a life of luxury and comfort, not having to worry about the basic necessities of life but instead of her protection from enemies, or competition from other companies. Nailer's experiences toughen up Nailer mentally and physically, as he is used to hard labor, death and abuse, while Nita struggles to climb a hill.

More importantly, there is a large difference in opinion about one another. Nailer, knowing that Nita is the daughter of the businessman who put Nailer into work and hardship in the first place, hates Nita in a sense because he believes that she is partly responsible for ruining Nailers and his "crew"mates lives. Also, since Nita is the daughter of such a powerful and rich businessman, Nailer believes that she is a "swank" and doesn't understand what the lower class goes through to live, while she lives in comfort. Nita, on the other hand, seems to distrust Nailer and his "crew". Nita seems to be hiding a lot of secrets about her real intentions and background from Nailer, and in one occasion, starting hiding the expensive gold from her fingers to prevent Nailer from being tempted to rip them off. Nita obviously thinks poorly of the lower-working class, and she has that opinion since she partly put them into work and is making money off their labor.

(P.S Mr. Prosen, please change my pupilpath grade for I-Ready, you said that you will excuse me because I have I-Ready problems, and its almost the end of the marking period.)

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Aurisha | 11 comments In today's reading group we continue from were we left of. The "Lucky Girl" reveals her name as Nita and we learn more about her past. We learn that her father owns the Patel company and that he is one of the hugest bosses. He is so rich that he makes Lucky Strike look poor. This in turn makes Nailer and Pima despise her even more because of her lavish lifestyle, but more trouble strikes the group.

As they are waiting for Nita''s people, Nailer''s condition gets worse. He is shown to have an infection which could only be healed with medicine. While Pima and Nita go to find some on the ship, they see that the heavy weight crew is approaching their ship for scavenge. This is not good news because the group is made up of the most vicious scavengers in this part, but worse of all, Nailer''s father is with them too. The kids try to hide in the ship and are arguing on how to solve their problem. As they are hoping for luck, Nailer''s father, Richard Lopez, has already found them.

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Aritro Sarkar | 16 comments In the book "Ship Breakers" by Paolo Bacigalupi, Nailer faces conflict with other crews who want to take the loot they found on a rich girl or "swank" ship. Nailer decided to protect the Swank named Nita Patel for an opportunity to allow her to get him out of the Ship yards. Richard Lopez, Nailers dad, brings his Crew in order to take part in the wealth and claim it all for themselves. However they want to kill Nita to be able to claim all her wealth.

Nailer reacts to this by stopping his dad from killing her because he needs her for a better future. Instead Nailer convinces his dad and the Crew that she was worth more alive than dead and people may offer money to have her back, Nita claimed there was people coming for her. However she lied about this and instead her enemies are trying to capture her. When the enemy ship arrives Nailer takes Nita and runs to New Orleqns in order to find Nita's wealthy parents and escape the wasteland Nailer once lived in.

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Amritpreet Singh | 17 comments I thought Goodreads was due yesterday

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Aritro Sarkar | 16 comments In the book "Ship Breakers" by Paolo Bacigalupi, I learned more about the "swank" Nita's past. In the company that her dad owns there is an enemy and they find their only ally within the company. Nailer the protagonist tries to seek his help because Nita has been kidnapped by Nailers vicious dad Richard Lopez. Now Nailer and Nita's ally the captain of a ship are creating a plan in order to rescue her and get her back.

Tool a companion of Nailer is under question if he's trustable but mostly because he is able to defy his genes of being a half man(dog,tiger man etc.) It is thought that half men can only be loyal to one person and die if their owner dies. However Tool is loyal to multiple people and then sets himself back free and does not die if his owner is killed. People wonder how he was able to stop his genes from convincing him to do what most half men do.

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Muhammad_Abbasi | 4 comments In the story "Ship Breaker", our story continues as Nailer and his friends Nita and Pima spotting a few very familiar faces. Maybe too familiar for their own good. They use binoculars of some sort to spot what seems to be Nailers cold and abusive father! He is also with some other high class martial artists and fighters like Tool, the half man. The gang tries their best to hide from the group but are quickly spotted by Nailers father Richard. The gang gets tortured and hurt badly.

Through all this though, something good comes out. Nita aka Lucky Girl finally tells the truth, but it's not really the best news. This truth gives them an opportunity for a genius and "fool proof" plan. The plan is to run as fast as they can. Yeah, its not really foolproof or that great in all honesty, but hey, It works! Join us next time on... SHIP BREAKEERRR to find out if the gang dies- i mean make it to Nitas crew and gets saved.

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Samira | 11 comments To add on to Rafsan, everyone is not what they seem like and have a whole new personality when times get tough. Along with Sloth, Nailer's father changes in different situations. For example, in the beginning of the story, we were introduced to Nailer's father as someone who beats Nailer mainly because he is a drunk and has nothing better to do. However, when Nailer's father, Richard came across a ship that was full of rich and goods, he completely changed.

While on the ship, Nailer gets an infection which drained all his energy so when his father appeared, he was so weak that he couldn't defend Nita or Pima from his father's brutality. When his father saw him laying there, half dead, he actually showed sympathy and pretended like a father who cares for his child. His kind and his blood.

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Aurisha | 11 comments In the book, Ship Breaker, we left off at Richard Lopez finding his son ,Nailer, Pima, and Nita. Richard and his crew capture the three and hold them against their will. Nailer is mentally tortured by his father and Nita is used as a bounty by Richard. He is almost about to kill her when Pima tries to jump in the way, but is easily put down. They are kept at the shipyards and have to obey the crew's demands until someone, unexpected saves them. Tool, the half man- half beast, is not the heartless animal they all portray him to be. He helped the trio escape from Richard and get to Sadna and her crew.

Once they get there, they are attacked by Blue Eyes. Nailer and Blues Eyes have a one on one fight, until he fatally wounds her and she is about to die. Blue eyes is still gasping for life, which deeply affects Nailer, and he asks himself "Why won't she die.'' As him and Sadna come back to the rest of the people, Nita's enemies arrive to take her away. This leads Nailer to make the
decision to hop onto a moving train and escape with Nita. Everyone is against his decision, and say they should give Nita up and take the bounty. But, since his encounter with death, and betrayal, Nailer changed as a person and values the lives of others. Tool decides to tag along with the two for his wisdom and strength. The three venture off and say goodbye, and are warned to never come back.

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Samira | 11 comments Aurisha wrote: "In the book, Ship Breaker, we left off at Richard Lopez finding his son ,Nailer, Pima, and Nita. Richard and his crew capture the three and hold them against their will. Nailer is mentally tortured..."
I think it would be better if you didn't just summarize what you learned. We all read this so there's no point. Make an inference about the plot or the characters.

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Abrar Galib | 12 comments I noticed that some of us are summarizing more of the story rather than making good inferences. I think it would be better if you just do a small summary, then do a paragraph or two with a claim, evidence and reasoning.

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Aritro Sarkar | 16 comments I agree ^^^

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Aritro Sarkar | 16 comments MY GROUP DIDNT LET ME READ AS WELL AS ABRAR so I'll just discuss what I read last time. I found out that Nailer and Nita officially have feelings for each other. Perhaps the main reason for Nailer trying so hard to rescue Nita from the main antagonist Pices
is because of their love relationship. Nita and Nailer had finally kissed each other(on the lips ;) ) Showing a sense of evidence that they love each other.

However Nita is not trustable as she may seem so innocent. Maybe this "love relationship" is just a gimmick and doing this to blackmail Nailer, to obtain his trust and his passion to save her but then stab him right in the back when the moment is ripe. Although Nailer knows that he is out of her league, she is a swank and he is a poor ship Breaker, he believes that Nita can get him out of the shipyards to a better life. Nita however never promised Nailer that he would receive his desires. Even after all that Nita the swank and Nailer the protagonist have been through, Nita is still a deceptive character that we do not know much about in my opinion.

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Samira | 11 comments I did not get to read for the whole 40 minutes but only managed to read 10 pages until I got called to help. Thus, I shall also write about my thoughts about the last time I read and the little information I received today. Nailer and Nita has left the ship and set out a journey to find Nita's people and get away from the goons who are trying to capture Nita for leverage against her father. While reading, I think Nita knows more than she seems because of the train situation and her knowing so much about Orleans.

What I mean about the train situation is, Nita looks like a fragile innocent girl who can be easily pushed around. When Nailer and Pima asked Nita if she can run, they doubted that she could run. However, when Nailer and Nita were trying to catch the train, Nailer failed on his first try but Nita ran as fast as she could and got aboard on her first try. Furthermore, she knows a lot about Orleans and how it would be difficult to scavenge. Even if they did scavenge, it wouldn't be worth it because of what they have to go through to reach that point. I don't think Nita is a character you would want to mess with or someone you can trust completely.

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In the book "Ship Breaker", I realized that not everyone is as they seem. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. Going back to the beginning of the story, a girl named Sloth was in light crew. She seemed like an average, good-hearted kid and wasn't a threat to Nailer. Also Tool, a half-man, looked like a savage beast. Everyone believed he was a ruthless animal who had no interest with people, just for himself.

However, these general ideas of them were false. Sloth was actually a selfish and only cared about her well being. She didn't care for others and broke her promises which led to her demise. Tool was actually not a ruthless animal. He was basically a human that resembled somewhat a beast. He helped Nailer and Nita escape the shipyards and away from Nailer's father and Nita's enemies. He does this from a previous debt from Pima's mother who saved his life. It shows that he has morals and values he believes in, not just a mindless beast.

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Aurisha | 11 comments Like Samira, I was not here for the full 40 minutes, I was dragged away to go help with Valentine's Day activities. I was only able to read about 13 pages, so excuse my inference for being lackluster and probably not good. From the pages I have read, we are left with the trio of Tool, Nailer, and Nita trying to rush onto the moving train carts. Suprisingly, Nita was the first one to get onto the train tracks and with ease. Tool followed, but Nailer was the one that had most of the troubles and injured himself in his first attempts to get onto the train.
Nita throughout this story conveys the theme that everything is not what it seems. Nita at first seemed feeble and innocent, but as the book progresses, we learn that she has many talents and secrets hidden in her. For starters, she was able to get on a percise location on the train with ease, which took Nailer, a trained scavenger, many attempts to do. Another evidence for this claim is that Nita continuously embelishes her story of how she got here, to the point where it confuses Nailer's moral values.

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Abrar Galib | 12 comments In Ship Breaker, there is an apparent theme hinted from the text; You don't need to follow everyone else, but just yourself and what you believe is right.

Tool, is a half man, a creature made from the splicing of tigers, dogs and humans, made for obeying humans and providing labor. In the genetics of these half-men, they are genetically trained to be extremely loyal and obedient to their masters or patrons. Almost all half-men are owned by patrons or other rich people to serve as laborers or body guards. However, Tool was probably the most smartest of the lot, as he decided that every other half-man is wrong. Tool decided that he would not put his life on the line to protect a person, he would not be commanded by a less powerful individual, he would not be controlled by his genes, they do not make his destiny. Tool decided that he would make his own decisions and do whatever he thought he was right. Tool followed what he thought was right when virtually every other half man was doing the opposite.

Nailer comes from a bloodline of "perfect" killers. Nailer's father was a very experienced and expert killer, and Tool and other characters have noticed Nailer's potential of becoming a good killer during combat. However, Nailer is not like his father, Richard Lopez. Lopez used to be kinder and sensible, but after his wife died, he became cold blooded, abusive, irrational, selfish and cruel. However, Nailer is selfless, caring, and he is caught between doing what he believes is right, saving Nita and returning back to her family, or following his dad, take Nitas wealth, sell her for parts, become rich and live "happily" ever after with each other. Tool advised Nailer that just because his father is family, doesn't mean he is right, and instead, he should use his brain to reason and follow his heart.

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Abrar Galib | 12 comments Even though Nailer has repeatedly faced abuse from his father, and he always fears meeting him, he still feels family ties to him.

After Nailers mom died, his father, Richard Lopez became a cruel man, who regularly consumed drugs and put out his anger and confusion on Nailer. Nailer came to fear his dad, since he risked a whipping for everytime he came home or did something. For example, when Nailer finally went home after a day of light crew work, he hoped that his father wasn't home. Lopez ended up being home, very euphoric. Lopez started questioning Nailer and started to threaten him, and Nailer, sensing danger brought out some "Black Ling," a rare alcoholic drink that he got as a present, and Lopez immediately lost interest in Nailer and went for the bottle.

The same night of the incident, a "city breaker" struck the beach, basically a very powerful thunderstorm. Nailers tin and wood hut was easily swept away, waking up Nailer but Lopez was too drunk to wake up. Nailer needed to escape the wind, water and lightning, and find safe shelter to avoid being swept away or drowned, and he felt conflicted emotions as he decided whether to save his dad too or leave him to die and live in guilt but free of him. Nailer decided to save his dad because he felt familial tie with his dad, even though he didn't understand it.

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In the book Ship Breaker, Nailer's view on life was tremendously impacted by his childhood of growing up with his dad in the Shipyards. For example, when he is onboard Nita's father's company's boat (sorry if that sentence was confusing) the Captain tells him that Nita's father would do anything to get her back because she's his family. However, Nailer thought the complete opposite of their definition of family. Since he grew up with his abusive father, he believed that family was just a person with your blood, not someone who cared about you or loved you.

Even though Nailer feels this way, he still won't let go of his father. He still believes that family is family and you can't leave them behind. As Abrar said, he saved his father from a storm that could have killed him even though his life would have been better without him. His father wouldn't have second thoughts of killing Nailer if he wanted to but Nailer is slowly starting to try and understand the swanks' way of thinking.

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Aurisha | 11 comments In the book Ship Breaker, a common theme among multiple characters is proving your worth and breaking your mold. For example, Tool, throughout the book has to constantly remind people that he is still part human, and he has his own will to do what he wants. Nailer also has to prove that he is not his psychotic father, Richard Lopez, and that he is not some low level "beach rat".

Even though Tool has helped Nita and Nailer throughout their journey, and has proven himself as a respectable friend, Nita still cannot get past his half-man DNA. Just because he is made and "trained" to be a certain way, doesnt mean that he has to follow what people expect of him. The same goes for Nailer. Even though his father is a horrific killer, doesnt mean that Nailer has to follow in his footsteps.

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Samira | 11 comments In the book Ship Breaker, I noticed a theme displayed throughout the text which is you can't survive in this world on your own. For example, when Nita was first found, she was alone and stranded in the middle of the sea in an abandon ship because her crew were either dead or fled. She had no chance of surviving if it weren't for Pima and Nailer. Nailer more than Pima. He promised to take her to find her people although it was dangerous. Even after Nailer's father showed up, Nailer had the chance to leave Nita and save himself without being caught by his father or his father's men. However, he didn't and automatically went on to warn Nita about the situation.

Another example is Sadna and Tool because once, Tool was on the verge of being killed and Sadna did everything she could to save him from dying although people told her to leave it alone and not save him. Even though Tool is a half-men, he has a mind of a human. When Sadna put everything aside to rescue him, he had the urge to repay her the debt because he was given another chance to live. Without Sadna being there to help Tool during that situation, Tool would have been long gone.

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Muhammad_Abbasi | 4 comments For todays reading there was a lot of crazy stuff going on. Basically, Tool is probably dead, Nita and Nailer have a thing for each other, and Nailers father found him somehow! I can infer from todays reading that tool is alive. First off, there is evidence that tool is alive from after he was broken away by nita and nailer because tool is a half man and can defend for himself. Also, tool is one of the main characters and is loved by many, as the author wont just kill him off suddenly.

Also, i can come up with the theme of "be yourself", because nailer comes from a line of killers but is not as bad as his family. Same with Nita, her parents are super rich and spoiled, but she isnt as spoiled as them after her encounter with nailer and pima.

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Aritro Sarkar | 16 comments I wasn't allowed to read again so I'll make some infernaces of what might happen. I belive that in the battle that Nailer will fight to save Nita, Richard Lopez one of the antagonists will attempt to team up with another antagonist Pyces in order to claim the reward and perhaps kill Nailer once and for all.

Another inference I have is that Nita is not trustable. Nailer might be saving her for no reason using him just like a servant. Nita may get saved by Nailer but then push him under the bus. Then Richard Lopez will have him and Nailer would be doomed.

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Aritro Sarkar | 16 comments I and my group finished Ship Breakers, and now to tell what my thought were on this grand ending. I did not understand why Nailer sacrificed everything for the "swank" Nita Patel. At the end all Nailer got was his family lost when he had killed Richard Lopez, his dad, did not gain anything from saving Nita, and ending back up on the same beach where he was a poor boy and still is.

Another idea that was never answered within the book was what had happened after Tool, a half man spliced with the genes of human and tiger/dog/panther. He had left Nailer while on their adventure and serving him well. We never hear from him again afterwards. The reason why I question this is he was a very prominent character in the text. Most half men are only loyal to one master that they are appointed to. However, Tool is the only half man who can defy his genes and walk away from anyone as he pleases. He showed Nailer that he does not have to become a killer like Richard Lopez even if they are related, if Tool can defy his genes Nailer will be able to as well. In conclusion this is what I thought after our reading of Ship Breakers today and finally finding out what happened at the end of Nailer's (the protagonist) adventure.

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My group and I finished Ship Breakers today. I agree with Aritro about how he lost his family and ended up the same as he was before, a poor boy on a beach. However, not everything is the same.

Nailer is now free of his father. He no longer has to fear coming home to a man that may kill him any second. Richard Lopez, even though he was Nailer's father, hurt many people and would have continued to hurt people but that won't happen anymore since he's gone. Not only this but Nailer is not in the same position as he's in before. In the end of the story I believe he said that he's going to leave the Shipyards and go with Nita wherever that is.

The entire book revolves around a message of "be yourself" as Abbasi stated. Nailer is not a cold-blooded killer like his father and shows compassion and sympathy towards others. Tool is also not like his kind because he does not obey a master, he is his own master and has free will. Nita is also unlike their usual image of a "swank." She doesn't treat Nailer like some garbage that can be replaced like other swanks may. She cares about them and also tries to act like them to make Nailer accept her.

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Samira | 11 comments Throughout the book, characters such as Nailer, Nita, and Tool, evolved through the course of time. At one point, they only had one narrow path to go through in life but as one met another, they extended their idea as to which life they want to live and created their own path.

Nailer, being the "hero" has evolved throughout the book because at first, all he had to do was work and find scavenge to live off of. His only worries were when he would be kicked out of his job and being beaten up by his dad. However, as Nailer met Nita, he did everything he could possibly do to keep her safe. He stood up to his father like he could have never done before. Not only did he stand up to his father but he fought him as well and ended up killing him. Moreover, Nita evolved throughout the text because as stated by my group mates, she was known as a "swank" who was fragile and had a lot of money. But afterwards, on their journey in finding her people, she came out of her shell and she wasn't as fragile as people thought she was. Furthermore, Tool has also evolved because at first, he was obedient and loyal to his master but when he was put on a tough spot, he realized their was more to life then to just obey. So, he set out a path for him to follow.

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Aurisha | 11 comments At the end of the book, we have seen characters such as Nailer, Tool and Nita evolove and break away from the sterotypes that were out upon them. Nailer broke away from a low life scavenger only looking for money and became a hero, who cared for the lives of others. Tool broke away from his programmimng as a ferocious killing animal working for others, and became his own person, doing what he wants. Nita changed from being a snobbing "swank" who "manipulated" situations to fit her needs, to a person who understands the world that is beyond her own.

Another lesson that was learned by the end of the book is that in life you have to make hard decisions, even though they may not seem like the right one. Nailer had to kill his father, Richard, in order to save his life and Nita's life. Although Richard had the upper hand and taunted his son, once he was on the verge of death, he was begging for Nailer. Nailer had to make the hard decision of letting the monster that was his father died. After the incident, Nailer feels a hevay amount of guilt on his shoulders, remembering the good times with his dad. However, as Sadna points out to him, in the end Richard was not a good person and needed to be killed. This ending shows that sacrifices may bring guilt in the beginning, but you have to make them when they are needed.

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Abrar Galib | 12 comments Nailer feasts that he maybe becoming like his dad since they are family, and people have pointed out his physical prowess, ruthlessness in fighting, just like his dad. However, there are stark differences between Nailer and his dad.

Richard Lopez is extremely selfish, cold blooded, bloodthirsty and manipulative. Richard Lopez was willing to kill Nita so he can raid her ship, he only thought of the riches he can get by killing a life. Also, he abused Nailer for many years, in his euphoric trance and to let out his anger, turning him into a psychopath, yet he acts friendly toward Nailer in some cases to regain his trust. Also, when Lopez found Nailer after he betrayed him, he was willing to kill his son and spreads his guts on the floor-instead of killing him fast, he insisted on toying with him.

Nailer on the other hand, is selfless and soft. Nailer chose to save Nita instead of taking her ship, he could have had a better life but chose to sacrifice it. Also, he tried reasoning that Richard was going to kill him if he didn't do do first, it still makes him guilty and not feel any better.

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Aurisha | 11 comments Our group finished the book Ship Breaker, so now we are reading the sequal Drowned Cities. Drowned Cities follows the character Tool after he had left Nailer to rescue Nita on his own. New characters are also introduced, Mahlia and Mouse. Mahilia is half peacekeeper and half drowned cities, which creates tension between her and everyone she meets. Mahlia works as an assitant to the local doctor in the drowned cities, who is the only person caring enough to give Mahlia a chance, despite her nt having an arm. Not much is known about Mouse. The only thing that is known about him is that he saved Mahlia's life from soldier boys and they became friends afterthat experience.

The book already shows a similiarity between Tool and Mahlia. They are both outcasts among people who can't understand their differences. Tool is a half-man, a creature who has the DNA combinations of many ferocious animals and a human. Half-men are breed to be loyal to their masters, and are the most dangerous of fighters. Once their masters are killed, it is thought that half-men commit suicide from the loss of their master. Tool is different from other half-men because he does not serve anyone, and follows his own path. This puts him at odds with other humans and half-men alike because they believe it is absurd that Tool could roam freely without serving anyone. This causes him to lash out at people he doesn't care for. Mahlia is similar to him because she is oucasted from the rest of the people in the drowned cities. Mahlia was abandoned by her father, who was an army general for the peacekeepers, during the war. Mahlia also lost an arm, which is constantly made fun of for. This causes people to spread rumors about her being bad luck and her getting blamed for every bad thing. This causes her to be aggressive towards other people and herself, due to her believing that she is worthless.

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Aritro Sarkar | 16 comments Aurisha we have to create a new one but you already did it so I'll post here

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Samira | 11 comments In the book, Drowned Cities, I noticed that everyone has a reason for acting a way towards one another. For example, Amya(I think that's her name) when the doctor told Mahlia to give the newborn baby to her to take care of, Amya snapped her making it seem like it was her fault that now she has to take care and feed one more mouth. Amya acts cruel towards her and I can't figure out if it's because of her feeding one more mouth or because of Mahlia being a castoff.

Mouse acts friendly towards her because he knows what she has been through. When Mahlia was being tortured by the army boys, Mouse was the one who saved her. If he was one of drowned cities people from the beginning, he would have a certain, clear image of Mahlia. The outcast. The Chinese. The one who doesn't have parents. The castoff who carries bad luck wherever she goes. However, he doesn't because he knows whats up. He has went through the same thing and they experienced the same experience.

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Aritro Sarkar | 16 comments In today's reading of the book "The Drowned Cities", A girl named Mahlia, a "war maggot" and a boy named Mouse both are trying to find some food to hunt and find a mysterious "dead" body of som animal. Then it springs at them and is actually alive, it's a half man named Tool. He's slowly dying due to loss of blood so he tells Mahlia to get him medicine and if she doesn't he will kill her friend Mouse. So now she had to get the medicine before the half man died as well as Mouse.

I believe that Tool is a reasonable half-man. He must threaten her to be able to have a chance of surviving. He does not do it just because he is a dominant species of regular people. Mahlia had run into soldiers and has to deal with them first and treat them or will be killed by soldiers so she has to problems on her hands. However I believe everything will work out and will be able to survive, save Mouse, and save Tool.(Mainly because she is the main character as well as the other two).

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Aurisha | 11 comments Aritro wrote: "In today's reading of the book "The Drowned Cities", A girl named Mahlia, a "war maggot" and a boy named Mouse both are trying to find some food to hunt and find a mysterious "dead" body of som ani..."

We dont have to make a new one, we'll just change the group name

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Abrar Galib | 12 comments Tool and Mahlia are similar and different in several ways.

Tool and Mahlia are both the outcasts of present day society. Mahlia is the daughter of a Chinese peacekeeper, militants from China sent to keep America's society stable and try to heal it. However, the peacekeepers were defeated by the factions who each war against each other for power over America, or a part of it, and they were sent back to China, and Mahlia is left over, she is a war refugee. Mahlia only has one hand as the other one was severed off by a "soldier boy,"and she would have lost the other one or even her life if Mouse didn't distract them for a slight moment. Also, it was too late to save Mahlia's mother, she was killed. Mahlia is despised by many because of her background, being an orphan, and she seemed to bring bad luck everywhere. Tool, on the other hand, is a direct outcast of society because he is a half man, a genetically engineered beast with human, tiger, dog, hyena and even more predatory animals throwed in to make them have the perfect qualities for a soldier, loyal, vicious and deadly. Everyone fears half men because of the insane speed and power a half man can have, they can take on alligators, panthers etc. Also, half men seem to unnerve people, because of their surprisingly human and animal traits, even physical traits are a blend of both human and animal, especially the face. Although half men are created to be extremely loyal to their masters, if a half man turns on them, it can cost lots of lives and money to track down a half man and bring it in alive. Tool is a rogue half man, he left his master and roamed free, but was recently captured by soldier boys and held captive, but escaped and is being tracked down.

Tool is different from Mahlia because right now, Tool has no one he can trust. Tool is a half man, he can't confide in humans because they fear his primal power, and he can't confide in half men because since they are loyal to their masters, they will capture him and turn him in. Tool only has himself and is entirely independent in survival, he must run and fight anyone who comes in his way and can't trust anyone to do anything. Thats why Tool holds Mouse hostage and threatens to kill him at the sign of betrayal, and he wont kill Mouse if Mahlia brings him medicine so he can heal his wounds. However, Mahlia may be an outcast, but at least she has Mouse, another "war maggot" who is an outcast but not as despised, and Dr. Mahfouz, a physician who decided to adopt Mahlia and Mouse and train Mahlia as his assistant. Mahlia can share her feelings with Mouse because they both understand each other, and also Mahlia knows that Mouse cares because Mouse saved Mahlias life once. Dr. Mahfouz, out of everyone else, is the only one who adopted the war maggots, and even made Mahlia his assistant. Mahlia has some people but Tool has no one, hes a man for himself and has nothing to lose.

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In the book "The Drowned Cities", I believe people fear what they cannot control. A girl named Mahlia is a war refugee and she is an outcast in her society. No one truly accepts her besides Doctor Mahfouz, the man she lives with. The people of the town say that Mahlia brings bad luck so they blame her for everything that goes wrong. Once she lost her temper and yelled back at a woman and bit her. After this, the woman called her an animal but she actually feared Mahlia because she does not truly know who she is. Tool, a half-man, is also a refugee but he's running away from people enslaving him. When he was in the cage of the place they kept him, the guards would make fun of him and also abuse him. Once he escaped, they all feared him and took him as a big threat.

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Abrar Galib | 12 comments Even though the "soldier boys" like to think of themselves as patriotic and righteous, their actions show quite the opposite.

There are many factions, taking advantage of the crippled state America is in, factions try to take over America or a part of it and control it. Each faction claims to be fighting each other to control America so they can restore it. In "The Drowned Cities" When Mahlia wasn't cleaning up the soldiers blood and helping to tend to them, Soa, part of a faction, tries to initiate a fight by accusing Mahlia of thinking of herself being high and mighty that she doesn't need to clean up the blood of "patriotic" soldiers. Also, when peacekeepers posted posters around to call people to action and try to keep America stable enough and restore it, factions replaced them with their own posters and trying to call people to their sides, Finally, the factions are named so that it makes an impression on the people that they are righteous. For example, one faction is named,"The Army of God"which portrays that they are righteous and here to help us and fight the evil which has infested America.

The soldier boys actions don't really support their "ideals" of peace. For example, soldier boys are known to steal lifestock to feed themselves, and anyone to stands up dies. When soldier boys came to Mahlias town, they stole her goat and killed her, so she can be dinner for the rest of the soldiers. Also, soldier boys are known to be heartless and cruel, since years of fighting has emotionally hardened them. Some soldier boys try to initiate fights with other civilians, such as Mahlia so they can have an excuse to kill them. Finally, the soldier boys oppose books and knowledge of any sort. Some people understand the value of books and knowledge is stored in books so the people of the future can use them too. Soldier boys raid towns for resources, and books to burn and kill anyone who stands in their way.

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Today I was not fully able to really comprehend/read my book due to high school results. Even though I can not write a full post, I can infer that the "soldier boys" don't have as much power over Doctor Mahfouz as they have over the normal townspeople. I think this because when Mahlia was surrounded by the soldier boys, he pushed past them like they were not there to come to her aid. Also, when the soldier boys were in Mahfouz's hut, he ordered them to move away from the injured soldier and they did not really oppose him, the just did what he said. Maybe there are not many doctors left in this society so they must be more valuable to have around.

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Aurisha | 11 comments To add on to Abrar, the soldier boys are "ignorant" to their actions and think what there doing is for the best. They take evrything for themselves, possibly because years of war has put their minds on survival mode, and thats there only function. Furthermore, war has made them more vicious and heartless, so that they are no longer considered heroes of battle but killing machines. They almost tried to kill Mahlia for no reason, but for her coming in their territory. This reveals that they really dont care for peace, but for what they can get from innocent people.
A similairty can be drawn between Tool and the soldier boys which is they both are hardened by constant fighting and the need to survive. Tool has had to fend for himself for all of his life. He is already outcasted for being different from the rest of the half men, but ontop of that, he has to fight against the strongest and greatest threats. This has caused him to be only loyal to himself, and be cold towards everyone else around him. The soldiers boys are the same because they have had to fight for survival, they became cold towards everyone else, and would even kill them for what they wanted, which is similar to Tool.

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Aritro Sarkar | 16 comments In the story "Drowned Cities" Mahilia, a protagonist attempts to escape the town she was brought in by where Dr.Mahfouz lives, another prominent character. She believes she can escape to Beijing to be able to escape the war torn cities and corrupted soldier boys who abuse their power. They burned down Mahilias town and she can't do anything about it.

However, I believe she gave Tool a half man(half human half dog/tiger/hyena) "meds" to be able to make him loyal to Mahlia so she can sic him on the soldier boys. However this plan backfired into her town burning and Dr.Mahfouz being killed and Mouse another protagonist to be recruited by the soldier boys and must stick with them for life.

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Samira | 11 comments In todays reading, I learned that most of the characters have the willpower to live and would do anything to just survive in this broken city they call home. For example, Tool has the most willpower considering the fact that he is being hunted by spoiler boys who won't stop until he is found. Not on,y is he on the run, he is wounded badly. In other cases, getting away from these solider boys would be a piece of cake but will an injury that has an infection it slows half-men down as well. The infection is spreading over his body and he is on the verge of collapsing but he still fights. He even holds Mouse as leverage against Mahlia so she could go fetch him medicine. He has survived so long and he wasn't going to let an infection down.

Ocho, a solider boy who is above his comrades also has willpower. He was beaten hard, practically ripped and broken. Mahlia had to sew him up and when he was all done, he was ready to fight. Of course he wasn't allowed to. However, when his comrades where being attacked by coywolvs, at first he tried to fight but when Mahlia presented him with an opportunity to live, he took it. Although he is a soldier and his loyalties lie elsewhere, he cared more about being safe then to be ripped by the coywolvs.

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Samira | 11 comments While reading, it has become clear to me that even though the characters in Drowned Cities are living in a place where nothing but chaos is presented, characters such as Mahlia and Ocho have a soft side to their brutal and dark ways. To start off with, when Tool was injured, Mahlia had to make a choice between saving Tool, the half-man who kills, or not being in the Doctors possession. Mahlia gave up everything, betrayed the man that took her in when everyone looked down upon her for being an outcast, and wasted their medicine which was hard to find and gather just to save a half human, half animal who was suffering.

Ocho, on the same token has a soft side. When Mouse ran away from Mahlia, he was captured by two solider boys. One of them being Ocho. His comrade was torturing Mouse by giving him hope that he may survive and get out alive. In the text, it stated that Ocho couldn't stand to watch or hear what was going on and if he gets sentimental over everyone that dies and gets captured, he would be weak. This show that he felt apologetic towards Mouse. Another detail that Ocho has a soft side was shown when Mahlia was taken by the solider boys. All of them were cruel and not even human to her but Ocho was the closest to human.

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