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The Catcher in the Rye
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The Catcher in the Rye

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message 1: by Amritpreet (last edited Feb 10, 2017 06:24AM) (new)

Amritpreet Singh | 17 comments This is the group of Amritpreet Singh, Shifat Apon, Mohammed Zaid(Momo), Nabila Hussain, and Sakshi Jaspal

message 2: by Amritpreet (new)

Amritpreet Singh | 17 comments From what I have read so far (pg 99), I have noticed many details in the way the author writes the book. Due to the fact that this book is placed in the time of the 40's and 50's, many (almost all) characters shown throughout the story is seen as speaking a type of "slang". For example, instead of saying money the characters say dough. Also instead of saying "son of a 'beep' ", the phrase is written/said as "sonuva 'beep' ".
Also, another thing I noticed from what I read so far is that the author uses repetition to show the feeling a certain dialogue is said in. In other words, the repetition helps express what the character is feeling at the time. For example, the word "godamn" is a top hit throughout the story. When this word is repeated multiple times in one place, the reader can tell that the character is either infuriated or annoyed at something. Another word that the author uses a lot is the word "Boy" and is usually seen when a character is addressing another character. I Infer that this word was used, back in the 50's, when someone had to call someone who they didn't know the name of or was familiar enough with. So far the book is a great page-turner and very interesting.

message 3: by Mohammed (new)

Mohammed Zaid (momo420) | 9 comments To add on to Amritpreet in the book i feel like the main difference between this and reality is the characters language. Holden the main character who lives near New York in the 1940s, uses various forms of slang and informal word choices, which gives the book its mood and tone.For example Holden multiple of times repeated the words "God damm" and "boy", in fact in one page Holden repeats the words "God damm" 15 times. This language develops Holden and makes him sound and think the same way as the average person his age.

I also think Holden is very reckless for his age. At the age of 16,Holden already smokes cigarettes and drinks alcohol sometimes. Furthermore he picked a fight with someone who was clearly stronger than him out of his uncontrolled anger. Also he just got expelled from school again because of his grades and lack of paying attention in class.I feel like later in this book Holden will also do reckless things.

message 4: by Shakshi (new)

Shakshi Jaspal | 14 comments This story is all written in first person perspective therefore it can get kind of difficult to understand the overall problem. Due to the narration of this classic novel, the reader will not get to receive both sides of the conflict. In today's reading, I noticed that the word "goddamn" was repeated several times. I believe that the author uses repetition to signal the time period and what social issues are related with this concept. The catcher in the rye was written in the early 1990's. Moving on, the protagonist Holden is a junior at the school Pencey prep. To Holden, Jane is one of the most important characters because he finds her attractive.

The theme of relationships is kinda of sneaking in, but it is not completely confirmed because we have not completed the book yet. I had this thought in mind because the narrator Holden shows a lot of emotion toward Jane also he is sort of getting jealous when he thinks of Jane and Stradlater together. Stradlater is known for being a handsome and popular kid in the school.

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Nabila | 13 comments Amritpreet it's, "This is the group of Amritpreet Singh, Shifat Apon, Mohammed Zaid, Nabila Hussain, and Shakshi Jaspal"

message 6: by Nabila (new)

Nabila | 13 comments Capitalize the topic title. Grammer, boy!

message 7: by Shifat (new)

Shifat Apon (xx_shifat_apon27_xx) | 9 comments to add on to everyone, the slang used by the characters give me an idea about the time period. The word "Boy" and "goddamn" was repeated an extreme amount of times. also, slang like "son of a b****" was said as "sonuvab****".
Aside from language, one thing i noticed was that there isn't much going on in the book. we're 99 pages into the book (out of 277), and there still isn't a conflict/problem. the only thing i could infer was that Holden, the protagonist, was an "nontraditional" kid. in other words, he was careless. he smokes at the age of 16, got kicked out of 3 campuses, and makes dumb moves like fighting people. honestly, one thing i don't like about this book is the extremely detailed description. it's almost like the author is stalling everything by describing those tiny little things that aren't needed. another thing that bothered me was the one-sided-ness of the story. we only know about Holden, so there isn't much when it comes to characters/relationships

message 8: by Mohammed (last edited Feb 02, 2017 05:36PM) (new)

Mohammed Zaid (momo420) | 9 comments I agree with shifat, it relates back to can we trust the main character and is the main character accurate. Holden hates someone who is popular in the school. Also he lies tremendously, so it is hard to differentiate between the false information and the truth.

message 9: by Nabila (last edited Feb 02, 2017 05:56PM) (new)

Nabila | 13 comments So far, Holden has shown readers that his view in society is very negatively expressed. We can infer firstly, that he comes from a wealthy family. After all, he goes to a prestigious private school, his brother focuses his career in Hollywood, and many of the students come from wealthy backgrounds. But his perspective shows us otherwise on how he contrasts from rich luxury. For instance, he is prone to lie very often (like being the master of dishonesty) such as when he lied to Mr. Spencer and Ms. Marrow. He uses his slang as an advantage to degrade others by constantly using the words such as "Boy", "goddamn", and sonuvab**ch" He is arrogant enough to aggravate people such as his roommate Stradlater by constantly asking him questions about Jane and other things describing Stradlater. He was even okay of taking a hit when Stradlater punched him in the face. In addition, Holden likes to insult Ackley by describing the imperfections in Ackley's face such as pimples, lack of hygiene, and knowing it'll annoy him more by calling him "Ackley kid".

But it's not just people that he abuses verbally that show the negativity in Holden, it is found in his actions. For example, he acts immature for his age like 12 or 13 even though he's 16. He picks fights with other students sometimes, and is already smoking cigarettes/drinking alcohol sometimes. In addition, he is flunking school. His grades are low, he doesn't pay attention in class, and has gotten expelled before. Furthermore, he gets out of Pencey Prep, hops on a train and goes to New York, thinking his plan is alright to be living in a hotel for a few days and then coming home to relax for the rest of the week. How reckless is that?!

message 10: by Mohammed (last edited Feb 06, 2017 04:07PM) (new)

Mohammed Zaid (momo420) | 9 comments After reading halfway through the book, back in my first post, my prediction that Holden will continue to do reckless things was shown. Right after attending a restaurant (which he went to, to drink alcohol) he goes to a night club,since the restaurant waiter knew he was too young to be drinking. In the night club he meets his brothers friend, who he cant stand, so he leaves feeling "depressed" and very much annoyed. Which leads him into agreeing to an offer by a staff in his hotel,to contact a prostitute, which is very reckless for a 16 year old.

I also think Jane is starting to have a more impact on the story. In the chapters read today, Holden spent a lot of it talking about how he knew Jane and how he knew Stradlater would never "give the time" to Jane because Jane would not allow that. He also talks about personal experiences with Jane and shows the various traits she has building her up as a character. I think the author did this because Holden is probably going back to talking about Jane, and settle the conflict between Stradlater and Jane in the beginning of the story.

message 11: by Amritpreet (new)

Amritpreet Singh | 17 comments As we continue on the book, I'm starting to see more clearly on how other characters and concepts have a big impact on the main character, Holden. To be more specific, a girl named Jane has been affecting Holden's mentality and mood several times as he wanders alone on the streets of New York. For example, when Holden invites a prostitute in his hotel room, because he was feeling "excited", he starts thinking about Jane and Stadlater, who is introduced previously in Nabila's comment, which makes him all of a sudden feel lonesome and sad, causing him to turn away the offer that he had made earlier.

Other then characters, Holden seems to be affected by other things as well. Such as what happens to the ducks in the lake when it freezes over in the winter. This question seemed funny to me at first, and I thought that Holden was just trolling, however, he brought this topic up several times throughout the story, even in awkward places. For example, when Holden is in a taxi cab driving to a hotel, he asks the driver the same question. When the driver doesn't know, Holden keeps on demanding for an answer. As you can see, Holden was willing to argue with a random stranger about the ducks. Hopefully, by the end of the book, the author clears out the fog.

message 12: by Shakshi (new)

Shakshi Jaspal | 14 comments I completely agree with both Mohammed and Amritpreet and I would like to add on to the ideas that my fellow group mates had proposed on the previous Thursday. Well, Jane is gradually evolving her importance and appearance in the story plot. As I previously stated, Holden had appeared to show some strong emotions toward Jane, however this relationship was mentioned in the book very rarely, therefore the reader would not completely draw his attention to one issue. On the other hand, now as we are reading more in depth of the book and gradually reaching the core, this issue should be given more attention. The way that the author describes Holden's affections toward Jane, illustrates the theme of interference in relationships.

Particularly, in the book Holden describes that he can read Jane like a book, he knows everything about her. For example, Holden is aware of every minor detail/habit Jane has, such as Jane can not completely close her mouth , she will usually have her lips open a little. Based on this piece of evidence, it shows that Holden is probably insanely in love with Jane and he notices every change. Also, when Jane plays golf, Holden notices that Jane closes her eyes when she hits the golf ball with her stick. To add on to the idea of change, Holden was starting to get kind of jealous based on the growth of Jane and Stradlater's relationship. To add, I have one question in mind , how do all these minor problems like Holden liking Jane, the type of school he is in, the time period.... how do they all relate to the overall picture / main conflict ?

message 13: by Nabila (new)

Nabila | 13 comments Like my group mates, I have noticed that the author uses Jane once again to tempt the readers more on the backstory and relationship that Holden had with Jane in order to find out how this fits into the present circumstances. Holden continues to bring up the different experiences he had with Jane as Mohammed stated, as well as mental and physical traits. What I really want to know is, what happened between Holden and Jane ever since and how does Jane feel right now?

Another thing I want to add on is how Holden's reckless actions continue throughout the book. He goes to a bar or nightclub I think, to drink alcohol at such a young age and his brother's friend also notices this. He felt annoyed, irritated, and kind of depressed afterwards. And when he made a prostitute come over, it pissed her off since Holden basically wasted her time. I'm thinking maybe his reckless behaviors are a way to cope with this feelings for Jane since he constantly brings her up in his thoughts.

message 14: by Shifat (new)

Shifat Apon (xx_shifat_apon27_xx) | 9 comments as I said before, there isn't much going on. so far I know that Holden was kicked out of three campuses and is trying to find a place to stay, and hide it from his parents at the same time. However, I would like to add onto my previous comment about the language. the word "old" is also used a lot before a word. such as "my old pal" or "old thurmer."
I also agree with you guys want to add on. I think this book is more about analysis rather than a story. now that I think about it, I realized that there were a lot of times where we had to think about Holden through the info given by the author to understand what is truly happening and maybe even predict what may happen later on in the book. by information I mean other characters, and Holden's actions/thoughts.

message 15: by Shakshi (new)

Shakshi Jaspal | 14 comments As we are reaching toward the middle of the book, the language and structure has been changing. As Shifat had stated previously in the very beginning of the book, the characters would repeatedly use the word " boy " and the word " goddamn ". However, after reading more than a 100 pages into the book, the language that the characters and narrator uses has changed. In the beginning of the story, the word " boy " was used very often. The word was used approximately after every piece of dialogue. While, the word " goddamn " was used before every noun in dialogue.

Focusing on the structure in the beginning of the novel, the story was mainly descriptions of events that were dialogue and introducing the characters and the social issues/minor problems/main conflict. On the other side, at the end of the story, it is mainly more dialogue and less descriptions. This book was written in a very unique way/structure and technique. I have so far never read a book like this.

message 16: by Mohammed (last edited Feb 08, 2017 04:38PM) (new)

Mohammed Zaid (momo420) | 9 comments Adding on to Shifat there not really a plot in the story and its just a tale about Holdens life. Its arguable weather a theme is present however barely anything is happening in the book, its mostly about Holdens thoughts, and how he practically hates everything other than his friend Jane and some of his siblings. While it is quite boring to read books with the main character always going on a rant, there is always conflict which makes it more into a story instead of a analysis of a character.

Also Holdens reckless and thoughtless decision to have a prostitute caused severe consequences. It was supposed to cost $5 for a prostitute, however the man in the elevator who said that, lied and demanded $10 . Holden naturally refused and ended up getting beat up, and they took money from his wallet. This causes him to be immensely depressed, he even had thoughts of jumping out of his hotels window. I feel like if Holden thought before he acts and could stop being reckless none of this would of happened. If he did'int attack stradlater, and if he just told his parents he got expelled, and if he could stop drinking alcohol and stop smoking he would not be in the predicament he is currently in.

message 17: by Shifat (new)

Shifat Apon (xx_shifat_apon27_xx) | 9 comments i would like to add onto shakshi and say that i realized a change in structure as well. in the beginning, there were many conflicts and issue along with tons of dialogue. now, around the middle of the book, there isn't much dialogue or description. i also stated that there was really no plot/problem. However, i believe this decrease in conflicts and dialogue/description i working towards the major problem that the story is centered on. if so, this would be the first book I've ever read to do that, it is very unique.

Also, i would like to add onto Mohammed. maybe Holden's actions and thoughts is what really led him to be in the situation he is. but if he were to change it, there wouldn't really be a story. However, i would like to see what would happen if he wasn't so weak. it would turn the whole story around.

message 18: by Nabila (last edited Feb 09, 2017 07:10PM) (new)

Nabila | 13 comments I noticed as the story continues, Holden's emotional condition worsens in a way. His mental state is similar to a suicidal person's mental state. Holden is becoming more depressed lately everywhere he goes. For instance, like I have stated before, when he invited a prostitute over, instead of doing what he would normally do with a prostitute, he tries to build up a conversation between him and Sunny revealing how lonely he feels. In addition, when the hotel guy and Sunny come to demand their extra five bucks, even as Holden refuses, he gets beat up and starts to cry about the situation indicating his a part of his mentality. Holden even quoted, "I was feeling sort of lousy. Depressed and all. I almost wish I was dead."

My group here has continued to say that this book doesn't really show any plot or anything, they say it's just Holden's daily life story and they don't really think there's a major theme yet. I seen to disagree due to the fact that the catcher in the rye is a contemporary book and most contemporary books are about a person's daily life so people don't really feel a plot happening. But a major theme does appear but you can really only begin to see this after you finished the book and reflect on it, then you can also understand the overall plot.

message 19: by Amritpreet (new)

Amritpreet Singh | 17 comments To add on to all my group mates, as we reach the middle of the book, I have noticed that Holden is close to undergoing severe crippling depression. Staying away from his family for a couple of days and getting kicked out of Pency (the school) has a taken a big toll on Holden's mentality. Other then the events that Nabila noted previously, Holden had also been forced out of his peer's house late at night due to a certain party crasher that Holden despised. Also Holden had also saddened a friend of his making him feel even worse.

I totally agree with my group's statement that there isnt really a plot or climax or theme in the story so far, and is only about Holden's life so far, however, I infer that as the book reaches its end, the author will surprise the readers with the description of Holden's meeting with his parents in one way or another.

Zawad (kinghobojo45) | 18 comments hey nabila you do know that you spelled grammar wrong right
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be a nice kid!!!!!!

Zawad (kinghobojo45) | 18 comments and this was kind of random back to my cave

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Aritro Sarkar | 16 comments yor bukling Nabila by shaying shee hash bd grmmr

message 23: by Amritpreet (new)

Amritpreet Singh | 17 comments Exactly i got insulted for no reason

message 24: by Aritro (new)

Aritro Sarkar | 16 comments Ms.Satoris says No to cyber bullying so I don't want to see it ever again :p

message 25: by Amritpreet (new)

Amritpreet Singh | 17 comments Unfortunately, we did not read for the past few days, which is why I'm unable to write my entry for this Tuesday

message 26: by Shifat (new)

Shifat Apon (xx_shifat_apon27_xx) | 9 comments I want to touch up on my last comment. I said the dialogue might be moving up to a conflict, however, the story went right back to talking about Holden. now that were a little over half way into the story, i realized that maybe this book doesn't have a conflict/problem to revolve around.

I also want to add onto everyone about the characters in general, because i never talked about it. I feel like Holden's choices in the past have come back to haunt him. stuff like getting kicked out of school and smoking has affected him drastically.

As I think about it more and more, this book is probably just a book full of hidden messages and clear lessons.

message 27: by Shakshi (new)

Shakshi Jaspal | 14 comments I would like to add on to the image Shifat was beginning to illustrate. I personally also don't seen much of a major conflict evolving in this book, perhaps the author plans to keep the reader in complete mystery until he plants the big bomb. One thing that I noticed is that the language the narrator Holden and the other characters use has been revised. In other words, the numerous words such as goddamn and boy are used less often compared to the beginning of the book.

message 28: by Amritpreet (new)

Amritpreet Singh | 17 comments The book has been a little bit "annoying". It was fine in the beginning and unnoticeable but has increased in a way that it's almost forcing me to skip some pages. And that thing is the amount of description in the book, almost 75% of the book is full of description. At first, the author describes things that were for the understanding of the plot, such as the setting and the main character's relationships with others. However, now, the author is also describing unnecessary stuff such as his brother's mitten and a show he saw (for 2 whole pages). Hopefully this book proves me wrong as we read more.

message 29: by Shakshi (new)

Shakshi Jaspal | 14 comments To add on to Amritpreet, the majority of this book has more descriptions and less dialoouge , which is the oppsite compared to other novels and the structure in which they are written. Other readers might have a different perspective on this book, however so far the book is gradually getting less interesting due to the unique style. I was expecting this book to be more engaging throughout the whole story and a little bit more clear so it doesn't confuse the reader whether or not the story is on the climax or rising action ?

message 30: by Mohammed (new)

Mohammed Zaid (momo420) | 9 comments It could be due to the lack of pages read during this week but ,nothing is really happening, the author is dragging out the story for absolutely no reason, its just a waste of paper. Also the amount of repetition is ridiculous, we already know about the hotel he lives in and we already know hes sad.

Also responding to Shifat i think in the end theirs going to be some sort or surprise or a lot of action which is why this book is famous because so far this book is not the best book for any reader at all. In addition what happened from last week to now is he just calls his friend for a date, and yes something that can be described and said in around 5 pages took 50 pages.

message 31: by Amritpreet (new)

Amritpreet Singh | 17 comments We have officially ended the book. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!

Unfortunately the ending was missing many aspects of the book. One being Holden's meeting with his parents after being kicked out of Pencey. The Author forgot to add how Holden'd parents reacted to the news and if they accepted him back into their home. Another thing the author didnt add is who Jane actually is and why Holden had a crush on her. Finally another thing that wasnt cleared up is why the ducks were continually mentioned. However, overall the book was okay, even though I wouldnt recommend it......

message 32: by Shakshi (new)

Shakshi Jaspal | 14 comments Like everyone else, I am finally happy that we have finished this book and can finally read another book. The end of the book was becoming very repetitive and kinda of boring. I had very high expectations of this novel, but it turns out it was not my type. Almost every novel has some sort of theme or moral lesson that it teachs the audience. However, in this book due to the story plot and the style it was written in, it makes it difficult to identify a overall theme. So far, due to the numerous events that happened, I would like to infer that the overall theme is that after many obstacles you still have to look for possitive thinbgs about yourself and how you are special, and not to be jealous/angry when others know/don't know about the things you are curious about. ( hopefully that makes sense ) Can't wait to start the next book !

message 33: by Mohammed (last edited Feb 16, 2017 05:01PM) (new)

Mohammed Zaid (momo420) | 9 comments Well i did not get to finish the book today unfortunately since i left early today.So based on what spark notes said... wait what, i would never use spark notes, I mean based on what people said, and not what spark notes said because i would never cheat like that i can assume that my previous predictions were inaccurate on what would happen, and once again based on what people said not spark notes so stop accusing me. It seemed very boring just as it was before and still even at the end no moral lesson or theme, just a story of a young teenager.

Also apparently there still a lot of remaining questions about the book ,but to answer some the reason why the ducks were mentioned Amritpreet was becuase it builds Holden up as a curious character for wondering about things completely unrelated to him. Also weather the parents will accept him back into his house is most likely yes since i think his parents are use to it, he has been kicked out of a school 3 times before, it cant come a surprise after the 4th. Also everything else mentioned in this book is usually to build up the character,the whole story is basically one dynamic character that faces some conflicts. I would say this book is most likely famous for that,readers are only interested about Holden and his actions which was me when first starting the book,but than gradually it got too plain and boring with all these descriptions no one cared about.I would overall give this book in a scale of 10 a 1 but that's probably because i'm nice.

message 34: by Nabila (last edited Feb 16, 2017 05:11PM) (new)

Nabila | 13 comments As we have finally finished this book, most of it really was a repetitive, slang using, descriptive with lack of dialogue story about Holden's basic activities in New York City. Holden was mainly annoying, reckless, and depressing this whole time. And as we read the end, so many things have not yet been covered as my group has stated such as his parent's reactions, his relations with Jane, and the ongoing unanswered question of where do the ducks go during the winter.
I think the reason why the author makes the ending like this is because he wants readers to interpret what happens next in Holden's life. There is no clear answer and the reader is the one that chooses how the book truly ends.

message 35: by Shifat (new)

Shifat Apon (xx_shifat_apon27_xx) | 9 comments we finally finished the book. i just wanted to say i hated the book. personally, it was just boring. nothing was happening. it was just a story about a kiddo running around New York being a slob. However, there were some interesting things(as well as boring). the author repeated a ton of words in the book. the characters kept saying "boy" or "old" before any sentence. like no joke, i'd say 40% of the sentences had boy or old in it.

aside from language, i would like to talk about structure. there was a lot of description and pretty much no dialogue. its as simple as that.

Finally, i want to talk about the authors strategy. the author mainly gave hints at things (through description) and didn't say anything directly. in a way, all the description could've been a method of catching the readers interest.

my final word on this book wouldn't be positive. it was plain, boring, there wasn't a story line, and the ending was horrible.

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Amritpreet Singh | 17 comments Yo shifat why did u kick me out of the clan , I'm active and donate, so why

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