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Mary Catelli | 2084 comments Mod
For checking in to tell us you're reading, and spoiler-free discussion.

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 130 comments I read this first back in the n'60s and have read it a few times since. The story stays with you and even inspires "what if" scenarios fir me.

Sheryl Tribble | 65 comments One of the Heinlein juveniles I haven't read; reading (or re-reading) all of them is on my To Do list; and I even have a copy of this one floating around somewhere, so I'm definitely in. I have a feeling this is "one of the good ones," but I couldn't say why -- someone back in the day recommended it to me, I suppose.

Clyde (wishamc) | 295 comments It has been many years since I read this one. Time to revisit an old friend I suppose.

Will (wlinden) | 48 comments Finished Chapter 2. I would like to hear the ideologues who insist "Heinlein is a misogynist!" explain Helen Walker.

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 130 comments Heinlein was a Libertarian he figured everyone could/should do as the like pretty much. Sometimes that can look odd I guess. I never saw how anyone could claim that...still...

Sheryl Tribble | 65 comments IMHO, there are a number of keen female characters in this, including Helen.

First wave feminist s-f fans, in my experience, tend to like Heinlein. Second and third wave feminists are outraged by the fact that he recognizes men and women have different biological drives that mean men and women tend to make different choices in life. For many a second or third wave feminist, the fact that Heinlein shows women who do not make the traditional choices in life, doesn't balance out the crime of portraying female characters who choose to be primarily homemakers.

Mary Catelli | 2084 comments Mod
Will wrote: "Finished Chapter 2. I would like to hear the ideologues who insist "Heinlein is a misogynist!" explain Helen Walker."

She wants to get married.

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 130 comments ...so do gays, what's you point????

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Mary Catelli | 2084 comments Mod
I see you are not familiar with the ideologues who insist "Heinlein is a misogynist!"

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