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Welcome! Here, you can share your creativity with others!Add Aesthetic and help other members to make a character

Here's a good place for Aesthetic:

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emma (theonlytanman) The link above has helped me so much! Thanks, Skye! :D <3

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No problem

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Dark Angel Does anyone want to help me find a face claim for Lucia? ;) Anyone who knows me by now knows that I'm notoriously bad at finding face claims, hehehe...

Okay, so, Lucia is sixteen years old. She's very beautiful in the innocent, fragile, delicate sort of way. She has pale skin, though her cheeks are sometimes a little rosy. She has brown eyes and long dark brown hair. Her hair changes styles, but it's usually wavy, though having it slightly curly or in some sort of braided style will do too. I'm looking for a medieval face claim if possible because I'm not really sure a modern girl could fit Lucia and the outfits are pretty... :) The prize is a virtual hug and an invisible cookie!

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Dark Angel Agh! Yes, she's white! Sorry, did I not mention the whole 'skin as white as snow' thing? Hehehe, I meant to. Okay, Caitlin Stasey fits Lucia best. Although Lucia's hair is longer, hair can be grown out and stuff so that doesn't matter. I don't suppose you can find me a really awesome picture of her? ;) Also, thank you! As promised, here's a virtual hug... ::hug:: and an invisible cookie. ::gives you cookie::

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Dark Angel I picked this one:

Thanks! :) inserting gifs the same as inserting images? If not, how do you insert them into your character profile? Also, I hope you all don't mind but I may have to finish Lucia the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow I have a blood test (and they always traumatize me, ugh) and something else that's important and kid of complicated so...if I'm not exhausted tomorrow night I'll finish her then but I probably will be lol

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lorien | 616 comments Hehe. I guess I should've posted this. >.<
I'm having trouble as to what to write for Occupation for my character who is in the Workshop. If someone could read her sheet that would be helpful and offer some suggestion that would be great! Thank you! ^.^

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Dark Angel how do I get the two to line up, like it is on the page? I've seen some people do that...wait...I have a feeling that might be too complicated for me. If I give Lucia to someone when she's finished, will they please insert the pretty gifs onto her profile? I have more invisible cookies...

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Dark Angel YESYESYESYESYES!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Also it was as I predicted. I was away all of yesterday because I was exhausted by the time I got home and crashed out a few hours afterwards. My writing would have been awful lol.

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Dark Angel I have no idea how to do that width thing, seriously. When it comes to things like this, my brain is fried. Right now, I feel like I'm talking to a super-genius. You deserve 1000000 cookies for this.

Also, does anyone know what Lucia's title would be? I know she'd be addressed as Lady, but does anyone know what her official title would be? Her mother was the Queen's sister (and her mother is dead), so would she have inherited her mother's title? What would her mother's title have been? She's also the ward of the King and Queen, I'm not sure if that has any significance.

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In England, the queen's sister just is the Countess of Snowdon and her daughter is the first Earl of Snowdon. So maybe your character could be the Earl/ Countess or even the Duchess o one of the villages. She could be in charge of one of the villages. She is counted as one of the royal family but stills works under there rule. i hope you understand what I mean because I dont. Hope this helps!

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Dark Angel I'm thinking about possibly making her a Duchess, since her father was a Duke, so her mother probably would have taken the title of Duchess as his wife, and I'm guessing this might have been passed to Lucia?

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OK, that's fine!

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Dark Angel Let me try and see if I can get the hang of it here first. :) It will be a miracle if I get it right but I want to see if I can.

optional white image

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Dark Angel I did it wrong...they're not side by side... ::sigh:: How did I do it wrong? ::bashes head against brick wall::

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You put the codes side by side not missing a gap. I think you enter key.

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Dark Angel O.O

I'm so sorry. You must all be metaphorically bashing your heads against a brick wall right now. I might have to ask you to do the images for Lucia after all. Would you mind? :) But at least I know I can do them separately now! That's more than I could do before.

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Dark Angel @Aech: The two I was trying to put side by side. :)



And her character profile...

(view spoiler)

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Dark Angel THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3

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Yeah thanks Aech for helping her!

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Dark Angel Okay, so how do I get it into the character profile thread? If I copy and paste it, will the images copy and paste? :)

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Dark Angel Okay, thank you! I'm sorry for disappearing on you all, life sucks right now. :)

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jenny (sungkew)
for some reason, i'm really struggling to find face claims?
so if anyone has any suggestions, i would love to hear them :)

in particular, i'm looking for a blonde female? someone that has like an interesting look? one of my favorite blonde fcs that i use too often *cough* is brooke perry, so maybe someone like her? as well as that, i'd love to hear any male face claim suggestions you might have.

thanks in advance ~ !

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juno. (junosummers) | 28 comments
Hm, Bridget Satterlee, Lily Rose Depp, Amalie Schmidt, Izzy Brierley? There's also someone that I'd like to recommend but I've been looking for her name for at least half an hour with no results. (Though there are multiple photos online and her face is easy to recognise.)

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