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What can we do?

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message 1: by Dawn (new)

Dawn | 6 comments Mod
Brainstorm strategic points to begin resisting the new Jim Crow.

message 2: by Vivian (new)

Vivian Lyte | 6 comments We must assure that we fight back against this new law and order call just as we fought for ACA. One thing we can do is not allow this new discussions of opioids (white drug use) to separate from the war on drugs. We must advocate for this compassion be extended to communities of color as well.

message 3: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda Russell | 3 comments I believe we must address this on two fronts. One is primary, primary prevention. Going back to the front end of this incarceration pipeline. Why people come into this system, working back from there to reduce and prevent incarceration. Two is intervention and recovery. Find programs that are working and replica them. AND we must work on voters rights, and run and elect candidates that will work on ending this new, growing slavery.

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