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The Light of Paris
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message 1: by Amy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Amy | 8081 comments 3 solid stars. It was not a not to be missed, by any stretch. But it was an enjoyable read. You can see the twist a mile away. But pleasant. Fulfills Book One of Stair Six for me for Paris, for my main Goodreads Group. How nice to visit Paris a little bit again.

One interesting choice the author makes in the book, is that it is a split story, I forget the technical name from that, jumping between the time periods of Madeline in 1999, and Margie, her grandmother, in 1924. Madeline begins to learn of Margie's trip to Paris, during a difficult time in her life that parallels her own current life. She learns of it through reading through several journals and diaries her grandmother left in a locked trunk, found in her mother's attic. But the author chooses to write Madeline's account in the first person, and Margie's in the third, ostensibly, as seen or imagined through Madeline's eyes as the story unfolds for her. I had never seen that before, and rather liked its effect.

While a number of fantastic books await, that I am truly excited about, I am now taking a bit of a psychology break. Am halfway through an Addiction Treatment, Theory, and Practice book, that to be honest, is far too basic for what I was hoping for - which was a bit of a didactic overview with comparing various models, modes, and theoretical ideas about addiction treatment, for work with one of my supervisees. For that purpose this is disappointing. But I also need to start (and quickly finish) a little ditty of a book that a new mentor sent and lent me, on Psychoanalysis in Tehran. We will see what is contained within, but there is always the possibility that some of you might find it interesting - the two Jen's, Paige, Marina, and Regina come to mind. Next on my fun and pleasure list, is for Quirky Month: When God was a Rabbit, and for High Notes Challenge, the Constellation of Vital Phenomena. Oddly enough, and sometimes I am baffled by the likes and needs of the readership of my area, I was able to renew Constellation for another three weeks, while Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet was requested back ASAP. Just turned it in with Light of Paris.

message 2: by Regina Lindsey (new)

Regina Lindsey | 1005 comments I will look forward to your review on the Tehran book!

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