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Jodi Woody (jodiwoody) | 18 comments Two freebies and all my other books only .99 (until the 5th) .
Beauty's Curse by Jodi Woody

Mr. Topper's Fabulous Funtown by Jodi Woody

message 2: by Beth (new)

Beth Green (thegreenauthor) | 20 comments Quiver

Hey everyone!

My newest book, Quiver, is FREE starting tomorrow. The free book promotion will be from Feb 6 to Feb 8!

I hope you will download and let me know what you think!

Thank you all and enjoy!

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Linda Leigh Hargrove (llhargrove) | 5 comments Hello.

If you're interested in learning about writing for publication, check out my latest nonfiction book, "Your Fiction Writing Toolkit", free on Amazon.

message 4: by Cliff (new)

Cliff Ball (cliffball) | 35 comments Free on Kindle February 14-15 - Times of Rebellion

A Christian young man becomes famous and rebels against everything shortly before the end times.

message 5: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Brenneman | 5 comments Big promotion! The price is at 99 cents Feb. 15-16 and gradually goes back up to $9.99 by Feb. 19th. This promotion is running in the US and UK

“A person is vaccinated by receiving a dead or weakened version of a virus in order to make him resistant to it. Satan, the father of lies, works to undermine and weaken our understanding of the gospel, so that we become resistant to it.”

“If you apply these simple gospel truths, they will bring you into a present experience and demonstration of heaven.”

The gospel is designed to bring us into a present experience of heaven. If we are not experiencing heaven now, we should consider how we may have become resistant to gospel truths. Present Access To Heaven helps us to do just that, dealing with every lie and hindrance that is keeping us from experiencing heaven now and walking as heavenly people. It makes a scriptural case for just how much is possible right now in Christ, and is full of true stories illustrating the truths presented.

message 6: by Jodi (new)

Jodi Woody (jodiwoody) | 18 comments All of my fiction are free on smashword until June 10th, 2017. Get your free digital downloads here:

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