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Ikram | 4 comments
Hello there! My name is Ikram but you can call me Kimi. I’m a blogger, book reviewer and a PhD student. I am now offering editing services to aspiring and current authors. My goal as your editor is to help you bring your work to its highest potential!

You can find all my services on my website.

*For my rates, please send me an email at ikram.belaid93@gmail.com I reply within 24 hours. Or leave a comment here and I'll contact you.

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Ikram | 4 comments Opening new spots! Drop me an email and I will get back to you asap.

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Summer Storm | 5 comments I'm looking for an editor. I'm working on my second book in my series. The person who edited my first book is now unavailable and I need to find someone new. You should now that I have no writing background and just write what is in my head. I can tell you I have tense issues. My first editor spent a lot of time working on that issue for me. I ended up with my first book in 1st person past. I'm only half way through the second book but I wanted to have what I have written reviewed so I can attempt to correct the tense issue as I write the remaining part of the book. I would like to send the 1st chapter just to see what you think about possibly editing for me. Also, I would like to know your pricing. If it ends up that you edit for me I will send you my first book if you would like to read it before reviewing the second one.

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