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A well-known restaurant in the city!

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly had been new to arrive in the city, and had once again ditched her guard. She had a cloak around her hopefully hide any evidence that she was royalty, though the expense of quality of her clothing would surely say that she was at least an ability. Especially the fur trim around the blue clothes she wore. She had put up for as much as possible though it was still a little warm for her test so it ended up coming down at some point she walked into a restaurant to get a bite to eat. Mostly for the name of it as it sounded very enticing

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly couldn't deny the fact it did feel a bit awkward coming to eat alone in a place where every other table that had customers had a minimum of two people if not more. As the awkwardness seem to settle upon her she decided to move towards a less populated section of the restaurant, maybe it was a bit childish but she was excited when she found an empty corner, there is always something comforting about sitting in the corner to her. As a princess she had to have a strong sense of presents and diplomacy but in truth she didn't like having all that attention on her. She took her seat she looked at A menu but really had no clue what she wanted, once again her eyes scanned the room as if a reminder that she completely stood out in the place no one else seem to be wearing a visit blue color as she was, perhaps she had poorly chosen her wardrobe today. However she didn't have any common clothes wear. She thought she had felt eyes upon her but when she looked around she didn't see anyone looking at her.

you deserve freedom, but then you're terrified of being free. she mentally chided her self and unconsciously reach for the blue Crystal around her neck. A family heirloom, passed from mother to daughter on their 16th birthday. She had received it early since she wouldn't be spending her 16th birthday in the kingdom but here in this unknown place. "Happy birthday..." she murmured to herself.

A waiter had approached her hearing her words and his eyes brightened. "Is it your birthday?" He said far too loudly as a true more people's gazes

Kimberly looked horrified. "Oh uh, no that's tomorrow actually." She regretted the words leaving her mouth as the man begin to grow even more excited. Oh God, why did I have to say anything? she noticed the man had been calling others over to him and terror that he was possibly going to sing her some sort of song later consider running out of the place. But she cornered her self and couldn't exactly get out without knocking someone down. Normally she didn't wish that her card was present but now she did so she could make him make them stop!

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly felt like she was in a nightmare as more people were giving her attention. The whole purpose of coming to this restaurant and slipping away from her guard was not to draw attention to herself instead somehow she had drawn more attention then I love her and she had walked in and declared her princess from a foreign land! Her face was growing so red and getting so warm she wondered if she was going to pass out from some sort of heat stroke.

Those nearby seem to assume that she knew the man who came and sat with her as some of them started to walk away out of respect well mostly staff stuck around, she was so taken aback by someone who is so bold she switched into her diplomatic mode, Smiling politely. Thankfully smiles came easy for her and they were always genuine the of her best smiles were ones that didn't revolve around her being embarrassed and nervous. More people seem to walk away and she feels a little more relieved.

"hello." Now she was being the eloquent one here when he wished her happy birthday and then complemented the Crystal she again tried to clarify hopefully at least one person would listen to her. "thank you, it is, but it's not my birthday today that's tomorrow actually." Though she knew in some cultures people with celebrate birthdays for weeks or even the whole month, which seemed quite silly to her because then it would always be someone's birthday. "I'm Kimberly, a pleasure to meet you."

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly had opened her mouth to respond to his question but he was already taking a seat so she quickly added. "Please join me." So it seemed a little more proper. When his attention fixated on the menu she had assumed that perhaps he was going to ignore her for appeared of time in which case she wasn't going to complain but she was slightly confused at why he came over if he was coming over simply just to look at a menu. Then again maybe he just wanted to not be eating alone. Or how to come over trying to save her from this humiliation?

"Xiao." Kimberly repeated sure to pronounce it properly especially after he educated her in as pronunciation and spelling. She wanted of people often misspelled or miss spoke his name. "It's a pleasure to meet you Xiao." She repeated as was manners know that she knew his name. It was an interesting name she had to say but she wasn't sure if she should say that out loud or else it might've come as rude and she wasn't sure if he was going to stop talking so she paused and listen giving him her undivided attention.

"I suppose there's nothing wrong with it. I just don't necessarily enjoy being the center of such attention." She answered quite honestly. "Being made a bit of a public spectacle of wasn't what I had in mind." Now she felt like shit take in the conversation in a bad direction. "Have you ever eaten here before?" Her accent being drastically different from probably anyone else in the city would more than likely show that she had probably never eaten there before.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((no worries at all, I'm actually going to bed pretty soon. It's almost 3 AM here and I will certainly should not still be up (-; by the way I love the duke haha, his internal dialog is priceless! I hope I am able to match your post lengths, please forgive me if am unable to))

Kimberly could've imagined it but she thought she saw an expression on his face and her saying that it was a pleasure to meet him, and she really said that? Will guess she had but she didn't know his name before. So it was more an extension of her earlier greeting. Just a more direct finalization of that greeting right? It didn't come off as in sincere did it? She certainly hope not, did she come off as rude now? She was supposed to be good at this, interaction and not being so socially awkward.

"It's certainly not your fault Xaio. Possibly a part of me was feeling homesick and I love my thoughts to skate my mouth. One of the things that has a habit of getting me in trouble apparently." She smiled warmly Adam hoping he would take it in good humor as well as friendly banter. Since she really wasn't very good at this. Thankfully the majority of the patron seem to be giving her less attention now that she had company, her guards would have a field day if they found out that she had drawn so much attention to her self before even presenting herself to the king. Let alone the fact that she could draw on one of the attention that might result in a bandit or something, so she highly doubted that probability.

"Oh then the food here must be quite delicious to have you come back repeatedly." It was simple logic I didn't assuming it was true but she didn't see a point in coming back to a place that had bad food, that would be fairly absurd and her mind. "Do you have a suggestion for me? The dishes here are mostly very different from those it back at my home kingdom." Well that was a roundabout way of saying that she was a tourist. But maybe that was the best way for her to mention it without it coming off as very awkward

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly blushed. It was probably childish sounding to say that she was homesick, but she genuinely was. Not that she didn't like being able to be away but at the same time The area was very unfamiliar to her and she knew no one here. She also sold as a benefit, since because no one knew her she would be able to remain blissfully obscure to most people.

"The Kingdom of Noct." She replied with a faint smile. "It's a small kingdoms, more renowned for its mining and smith abilities. Before the recent Civil War we were quite self sufficient, so it's not surprising that most people would more likely not have any knowledge of our kingdom. Quite different than here." Now she felt like she was possibly sharing too much information but talking about Homer something that she never tired and doing. Because it was something she was knowledgeable about, she didn't feel she was knowledgeable about a great many things though she did of course have knowledge and was taught in educated she didn't like to speak on things and that she was passionate or exceedingly knowledgeable about them.

"The special sounds fine with me. I think your message will allow me to try different things." There was a bit of humor and her tone, despite being homesick and what she was talking about she did enjoy the idea of adventure and meeting in seeing and experiencing new things. Even ranging to small things like what she chose to eat. She wondered if she might have found a friend in this man.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) The thought never occurred to Kimberly that she could've possibly offended him. By assuming he didn't know if your kingdom, however the fax was is even well educated individuals didn't know about her kingdom. They didn't have great military prowess and after their recent Civil War they have fallen into obscurity even more than before. More than likely if anyone had heard of them it was more of a blip on their radar than anything of actual focus and renown.

There was a certain look on his face at least that's how she perceived it when he lowered his voice and asked her the question that still her breath. Her mother and father had and told her whether she was supposed to share or not those secrets.. "Yes I do…" She wondered if he had an ability and that's why he was asking. "Do you?" She kept her voice very low just in case. He seemed a bit concerned that someone might overhear, that made her wonder if they were individuals around that didn't like those who had certain abilities. Or maybe he was just being cautious something she wasn't always as much as she should be.

As he described the menu and pointed out certain key points to her she couldn't help feeling a little embarrassed as if he was instructing a child, but then she reminded her self she was only 16 so technically depending on where you were she was considered a child. "I see…thank you, I think I will have the special then." She spoke softly not whispering like she had earlier that she really didn't know what to say to him she felt so awkward again, she wanted if he thought that she was some ignorant foreigner who didn't understand how things worked around there. Then again you could honestly just be being helpful. And she was paranoid because she was so used to being treated with disrespect among her household concerning her age and validity of knowledge

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly thought a moment, he said that he did have an ability. I didn't mean to say that she should share hers but she didn't want to lie and maybe he could end up being a friend. This far from home she really could use friends so eventually she would have to take a risk, and he had been nice enough to her and talk to her great extent as well as being very polite. So she decided she would take the risk she could always get out of there quickly if she thought she was in danger. "Matter, I can turn into certain animals..." she decided to keep a little information back because telling him what sort of animals might take away any advantage she has in the situation. Maybe he would assume she could turn into a lion and if so and try to attack her she could tear them to shreds. However she didn't think he was going to attack her. "What is yours?" She was curious as he did say he had an ability.

When she thought a waiter or waitress was going to come their way she lives at the menu as if still examining it and noticed the person turn and go to another direction. She wasn't sure if that would've worked but it did and she was happy for it, right now she didn't exactly want to be in irrupt it in their conversation as they were talking about a very serious matter and sensitive in nature

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((Non worries, thank you hope your day is goibg well. ^_^ ))

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly listened and found it interesting that they were both have a similar power yet for some reason he was in able to turn into animals. She hadn't heard of anyone having her power before, but then her mother and father both had different powers and her so maybe they were similar in nature but different in practice. She wasn't sure why this was so but it was very fascinating, she couldn't help being more intrigued as she talked and listen to him. "What are you able to do?" It wasn't one of those doubtful statement swear she expected proof just remittance of what he could do. So she said she could turn into animals but he said he couldn't do that but didn't say what he could do. And she had been told anything about these things in fact in her whole kingdom there was only the three of them that had abilities.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly smiled. "wow that's impressive…" She had no idea that someone could use the power in that way on something external. NSA added about the flowers to give a smile. "That's amazing. So when you change a flower does it actually smell like what you changed it into? So you changed a sunflower into a carnation or rose into a tulip. Does the sent even change?" She was curious what the extent of such power was. And she was inquisitive by nature.

However since she had no intention of transforming into an animal right here she had no intention of asking him to use his ability. He didn't seem like it would be fair and she wasn't sure she wanted to show that ability just yet. Of course the whole time she spoke she keep your voice low but not awkwardly so just so they were less likely to be heard or overheard.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly listened and thought about that a moment. She realize it was probably rude of her to ask like that she hoped he hadn't gotten offended. "That's OK to me flowers smell pretty much the same except for carnations and roses I can always tell those two part but the rest all kind of smell the same time." When he offered to transform one and let them try it out she glanced around but she definitely didn't have a flower on her person and they didn't seem to be any around. "I don't see any flowers and I don't have one but I believe you." She smiled at him. "It's not like I want to transform in here myself." She said in hushed tone as the waiter came over to ask for their orders.

"I will have the special please? And a glass of ice water." She liked ordering the special because she didn't have to know the name of whatever it was and she can possibly seem ignorant if she missed pronounced something special at some restaurants that have the names of the dishes another languages that she's not accustomed to speaking. She knew was a very big deal for royalty to never look foolish. Mostly because it reflects badly on your parentage as well as the kingdom you're from.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly was grateful that he did ask questions because sometime she didn't know what to say or what to ask her how to act in situations like this because of her own ineptitude in social interactions. "I'm honestly not sure depends on how my meeting goes with the king and queen." She possibly should've said that quieter but she didn't think anything of it. She was only reluctant to speak loudly concerning her powers though she hadn't shouted what she said she spoke to the normal range of tone of voice.

"Depending on how they respond to my proposal and requests and the choices they make. I could end up leaving right after tomorrow or we could invite me to stay and then I'll either be here as long as they say or as long as my parents have a question." And true she really had no control of all of this, she didn't like not having any choice in any of these matters but what could she do she was here for her kingdom not for herself. She had her duty to do and if she could save her people then she needed to do whatever she had to to make it happen. She can afford to be selfish or childish in that situation.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly had never even had the thought that simply mentioning the king and queen kind of attracted unwanted attention in such a way as he insinuated. It was a look of shock on her face when he mentioned a bounty Hunter. "There are those that would do that?" She can help feeling somewhat uncomfortable now, it was becoming more plain that if she actually wanted to explore the city then she would either have to do her best to look like a commoner. Or to move about in her fox form. She is more likely favor the latter just because she didn't have that many commoner clothing suitable items as of yet. Though she could remedy that soon enough.

She couldn't resist glancing at the corner of her eye around the room to see if anyone was giving them access of attention. She didn't notice anyone really focusing on their conversation or them at all. At least not since the birthday fiasco, but it was a very uncomfortable thought that someone would want to kidnap her.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly had a sobered look on her face. She couldn't deny that it was a bit unsettling to think that there might be someone in this very room they would try and kidnap for ransom one of them or both of them. She always like to believe the best in people and think that people had truly good intentions genuinely. She also was very generous person and not the sort of stingy noble most people will talk so disdainfully about. Anyone who took time to get to know her but understand she was a somewhat insecure but mostly kind girl who enjoyed making friends and enjoying nature and animals.

She noticed neither one of them had spoken for a little bit of time and asked her tension refocused to Xiao she saw him shaking his head as if knocking away some sort of bad thought. She didn't know what to say to comfort him or talk take his mind off that subject so she just smiled and let out the first thing that came to mind. "well… Strength in numbers, so we should just stick together until we part company." She didn't realize just how ridiculous that sounded until left her mouth and there was no taking it back. "In the meantime we can both enjoy a good meal!"

As if on cue the waiter returned with their food and drinks.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly thanked the man and took a deep whiff of the food. "It smells delicious." Her mouth watered at the delectable aroma. She better have a moment sing a song and prayer and then took a drink before starting to eat. She assumed that he like boys have started eating and didn't want to look up and seem like she was staring at him while he was eating some considered that very rude.

She had heard somewhere that you can with company was good for digestion she wondered if that was because you weren't alone and you were in a better mood. And most people ate too much when they were lonely or feeling sad, who is this was pretty typical of Kimberly to let her mind wander to strange thoughts and ideas and conclusions based on no actual fact but her own assumptions and deductions

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly had such a eating in a proper manner of course, but she really wasn't that hungry she found out that she got about a third of the way through her meal and could need anymore. Perhaps it was nerves being in a new place the food was good of course she just couldn't seem to find an appetite to eat much she tried to hold back the frown she felt like giving, regretting any waste. It was at this point she reached for her drink and glanced up and saw that he had hardly touched his food.

"are you all right?" It was probably a silly question to ask you all this it look like he was fine didn't act like he was ill or anything however she was concerned that he would order food and then not even touch it. Surely he wasn't suffering from nerve such as yourself this was his home.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((No worries, figured you were busy! ^_^ ))

Kimberly smile. "Actually I'm afraid I can't eat all of this. I hope they have some sort of take home bag. I would hate to let this just go to waste, and it is really good. But I have enjoyed it much more when I have better more of an appetite." Knowing her and about three hours she will finally be hungry and wishing she had this food, because she just knew the type of person she was if she was stressed or anxious about something she couldn't eat but when she reached a point of coming down then she was starving. "I do appreciate you joining me though, it's much less awkward to be able to have a conversation with someone."

She had a vague impression that she had already said that near the beginning of the conversation but worded it in a different way. If no she was repeating herself that was embarrassing, her cheeks blushed as she moves to take a drink once again finishing off her water. She glanced around the room she didn't seem to notice any eyes upon her which was nice,

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) "Very much so." Kimberly didn't find the question strange in the slightest and was about to say something else but then Xiao was someone in the waiter. She decided to keep her mouth shut for the moment I'm in the man arrived responded to the request and hurried off to apparently go get the check as well as her take-out bag, she reached into her pocket remembering the cost of the meal as well as thinking of a tip for the waiter and move to set her coins at the center of the table.

It would be quite rude of her to assume that he would be paying, but she wasn't going to say something well the waiter was there so that she didn't insult his dignity or pride. She still didn't know the man that well and wasn't sure how he would react to her speaking out of turn. Sometimes the worst things people ever did to her was give her a certain look the selected slapped her in the face.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((No worries. ^_^ hope all goes well with you!))

Kimberly pause keeping the coins in her hand looking at him curiously she was going to ask he was certain but thought that that might be rude so instead she just smiled. "Thank you very much you are kind." She kind of felt bad that he was offering to pay when he didn't seem to even eat his meal and after all she felt like perhaps he only ordered something so he didn't make her feel awkward by eating alone. Which means he was spending twice the amount he should've.

There was an expression on his face or perhaps just in his eyes and she wondered if something was wrong, you seem very deep in thought it times. She wanted to ask about if I wasn't sure it was to her place or proper do so. However when was she known to be completely proper anyway? "Is everything all right?" She usually go to since about people, she didn't know is how to read it however. She didn't know if he was just busy, preoccupied, bored, or if there was something genuinely wrong

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly nodded, but wasn't sure she was buying it however she didn't want to press. "OK." When his quoins made somewhat of a loud noise on the table her attention went to them and she noticed he was given quite a generous tip actually. That usually told a lot about a person, like the fact that they want to stingy person. Although she got that impression simply by the fact that he offered to pay for her meal. But she certainly wasn't obligated to do that was very sweet of him to do so. "if you don't mind my asking, what are your plans when you leave?" She again was just trying to make conversation. She didn't necessarily have any plans for self other than regrouping with her guards we were going to be quite annoyed that she had slipped away from them again. At least this time she had fed herself so they wouldn't have that to get upset about.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) "I need to return to camp. Prepare for tomorrow." Kimberly because of his earlier warning she didn't want to say too much but presenting herself to the king and queen, she wish she could've enjoyed her birthday tomorrow instead but that's what would be happening. Not to mention the fact that her guard would probably be a bit miffed with her for running off the way she always seem to do. Especially in an unknown city. She wish she could spend more time having fun but it was getting late and after some the things that he told her she felt a little less willing to walk around as a human now perhaps next time she wanted to go exploring she would use her fox form.

She watched as the waiter returned took the bag that was offered her any seemed very happy by his tip as he walked off. She finished bagging up the remains of her food knowing that she would more than likely munch on it later that evening. "And you live in the city?" She knew they were about to part company she just wondered how far he had to travel

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((It's perfectly fine. ^_^ ))

Kimberly couldn't think of anything else to say. And his response I've been somewhat mysterious and vague so she decided he didn't want to share beyond that and it was time for them to part company. "I hope to meet you again." She said with a smile taking her leftovers and moving to rise from the seat. She hoped that the camp was not in an uproar over her, but knowing her personal card they might've been even scouring the city. Didn't matter that she always left a note of some sort just in case, more the fact that she was known for this sort of behavior and they should come to expect it.

If she wasn't a princess they would probably normally leave her tied to a post to make sure she didn't get away. Of course such behavior to royalty was inexcusable but she just had that spirit of wander about her. "It was a pleasure meeting you Xiao." She bowed her head respectfully, been given a quick glance around the room turned to leave

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((Yes. Thanks for the rp! ^_^ I hope these two can meet again soon :-) would you mind doing the summary?))

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((No hurry! Thank you!))

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