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Wolf (Alpha) Wait for you character to be approved before rping.

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Wolf (Alpha) All approved Lizzy.

Phoenix~They/Them Name: Elizabeth Castor
Age: 17
Wolf form: She can shift into her wolf form with will, however she never does it in front of humans.
Fire: Can create fire and increase the intensity of existing fires. She can also stand extreme heats and increase her body heat.
Telekinesis: Elizabeth can move objects (weighing no more than 250lbs) with her mind.
Shadow: The ability to speak, listen, or move through shadows.
Rosalee Castor-Mother-Deceased
John Castor-Dad-43

Elizabeth has blonde hair and green eyes. She usually wears a leather jacket, jeans, and black tennis shoes.

As a wolf her fur is black and white and a bit fluffy. She wears a necklace and a jewel around her head.
Friends: No one
Weaknesses: She’s scared of showing her powers.
Strengths: Her wolf form is strong
Personality: Elizabeth is shy around people, scared of being judged. Ever since her mother died she felt alone, like no one understood her and what she’s going through. She fears someone would discover that she’s a werewolf and started getting paranoid around humans.
History: Elizabeth was born to Rosalee and John Castor on July 20th. Both of her parents where werewolves like she was. She loved her parents with all her heart and she loved the humans with her heart too. But one day things went downhill. A human saw her mother shift nearby and had told the community which caused them to hunt Rosalee down and kill her. Poor Elizabeth saw the murder of her mother. Thats when John had made her promise not to shift in front of a human in which she agreed.

Phoenix~They/Them I made her on Lucani XD

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Wolf (Alpha) Approved

Phoenix~They/Them Name: Spinel
Age: Unknown, possibly over 6,000 years old
Powers/Abilities: Spinel can summon a scythe from her gem. Her powers are mostly unknown she she rarely uses powers(Plus I don't know what her powers would be)
Family: She considers the Crystal Gems to be family
Friends: The Crystal Gems
Weaknesses: If someone shatters her gem, then she dies
Strengths: She's a great fighter
Personality: Spinel is, well different from a lot of gems. She's fond with humans and thinks they're interesting. She's been studying humans and protecting them against those who would do harm to them. Wielding her scythe she keeps protecting those on Beach City during the night where she won't be seen. She wants humans to live in peace.
History: Spinel was created in Kindergarten the same day as Amethyst and when it was attacked by the Crystal Gems, she managed to be spared after fleeing the scene, not wanting to be poofed. As the years went by Spinel has grown fond of humans and decided that she was gonna help the Crystal Gems fight against Homeworld. When Steven was born was when she joined the Crystal Gems, but she joined only for a bit before deciding to once more leave.

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