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this is the group for Tenzin, Christian and Sunny.

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Tenzin Yengkey | 9 comments When reading the Book Thief in class yesterday, i noticed that both the foster parent have very different ways of showing their love to Liesel. For her mom or Mama she shows here love by not using kind words. For example, when Liesel was given a bath by Mama, Mama was saying that Liesel was " Filthy" and all Liesel did was keep quiet. Moreover, Liesel had to clean the spit that her neighbor spit on the front door. it was commands from the mother. However, in the end she loves Liesel. in the book it says it.
Liesel dad is not the same. Her Papa will come into Liesel room every night to make sure that Liesel is not having nightmares. moreover, when he found out that Liesel didn't know how to read. he taught her the alphabet first then he taught her how to read. in the end, it benefit both of them. Liesel was slowly improving and papa was also learning some new things.

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Sunny | 8 comments hi

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Sunny | 8 comments In The book Thief I noticed that Liesel had nightmares that were mainly about something called "The Train". I thought that The Train symbolizes the way her brother died. Liesel experience through life was mostly about death. Her brother died because of some health problem when Liesel and her brother were going on the train to live with her new foster parents.
After her brother died she had no one to keep her company accept the foster dad called Hans. Rosa the foster mother of Liesel expressed feelings, emotions, and stress all out on Liesel. Hans the foster dad did the opposite which was helping her with mostly everything like teaching Liesel how to read. I feel like those are death signals to Liesel because she lived in Germany with her foster parents and that happened through WW2 so it was like a death signal. Also another death signal was when her brother died and that she would have been next. Her foster mother always abused Liesel verbally and physically .

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Christian. G | 9 comments What I also found interesting while reading the Book Thief in class yesterday was that the foster father's love for Liesel has affected her goals because Liesel has made up a goal of reading the most books she can read with her foster father. For example, when Liesel arrives home from delivering washed clothes, her foster father has bought two books for Liesel and her foster father has promised to keep reading to Liesel more books. After that Liesel has seeked to finish reading more books with her father because of his love directed at her. Her father had even given up a lot of his cigarettes ( which is something he likes ) just to buy books for his daughter. During most of the book we have read right now, Liesel and her foster father's bond has affected Liesel in some way.

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Tenzin Yengkey | 9 comments Today, I will like to talk about how the third person point of view affects the story. what i noticed in the book is that, Liesel is not telling the story. a spirt women is telling the story because Liesel is the book thief and the sprit look over her.
this affects the sort because we can not see how Liesel is feeling. for example, the readers cannot see the total background of her story. Another example, when she was getting spanked by her mother(foster) or being treated in such a calm and loving way by her foster dad, the kind of love hat she hasn't felt in a long time. What was going on in her head through out the whole experience.

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Sunny | 8 comments Today in class we talked about how society and how the people around Liesel affected her. So I will like to add on about that in the book it stated something about Hans son saying you made a mistake then Hans saying I made a lot of mistakes but not this one. So Hans was referring to not becoming a Nazi. He made an accident making Hans not being able to join the Nazi. Hans and his son are in conflict because Hans Junior is a dedicated member of the Nazi party, and Hans the father wants nothing to do with it.
Characters are effected by society because when the book burning ceremony happened Liesel took one of the book to keep but the mayor's wife saw her stealing the book so the next day Liesel goes to the Mayor's house to deliver cloths but the Mayor's wife lets her in when Liesel see's that Mayor's wife has a lot of book he gets effected and starts to think that she is not alone, she has someone who does that same thing as her which was reading books.

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Christian. G | 9 comments Also in the Book Thief today, society's hate for books has come to be because of the Nazi party in this period of time. This issue has made Liesel have hate towards the Nazi party because they despise books even though Liesel likes to read books. This hate has made Liesel more determined to steal books also because she does not want them to take away something she admires. For example, before the "trash" burning ceremony she even refuses to salute Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party because of their hate towards books which gets her in trouble with her dad. Also another example is that after the "trash" burning ceremony has concluded, Liesel steals one of the books that had not been completely incinerated which shows that she does not care about the Nazi party's hate against books. Also at the end of this chapter she says that "another book would be stolen" which shows that she has not given up being a Book Thief and shows that the thought of merely getting in trouble because of this does not stop her.

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Sunny | 8 comments In the book that we read in class today, Liesel finds this poor person in the storage room ho was a Jew and that Jew was hungry and afraid. The poor man could barely move because he was injured a lot. That Jew was named Max it was hard for him to do anything so he sat on his suitcase thinking about his life. I noticed that because ok being a Jew that particular Jew wanted to escape the real world. For example Max would usually sleep and live in a fake world instead of the real. Max really did want to be a Jew but good for him that another man came in and gave Max a fake ID presenting Max as a non-Jew.

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Tenzin Yengkey | 9 comments today i want to talk about Liesel and Rudy's relationship. As the book progresses, the readers could see that their relationship is really progressing. Liesel first met Rudy, when she was going out to play and make new friends and thats when she met Rudy. She and Rudy eventually started spending more time together and became best friends.
Rudy is a boy that all is charming with the ladies. and what he does is try to get even closer to Liesel. For example, Rudy ask Liesel to do a dare and if she didn't win, he would kiss her. however, Liesel won the dare and she didnt have to be kissed by Rudy. Liesel even says that she will become best frieends with rudy.

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Christian. G | 9 comments In the Book Thief today I saw that Liesel and Rudy's relationship has been growing because of a new character introduced to this part of the story, which is the leader of the group of stealing kids. This leader influences Liesel and Rudy and makes them look at stealing as fun just because their kids even though they can and have gotten in trouble before because of stealing with the leader and his group of kids from various farms. Furthermore, after Liesel and Rudy are done stealing they receive money from the leader which leads to them buying candy (which is precious to them) and creates more trust in between them.

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Sunny | 8 comments I would like to add on, on what we were talking about in class today is that was Liesel takes the poor helpless Jew in her house she is just taking another huge risk of getting caught. The first time was stealing books called The Grave Digger and The Shoulder Shrug and this now is the second she is taking a huge risk. Is gets caught with the Jew living in her house she will surely be killed and get persecuted. I kinda think that Liesel is a person who is willing to take a risk no matter what.
Now I would like to focus about Max the Jew because in The Book Thief one of the chapters talked about his life story and how he lived. So Max was one of the Jews who loved to fist fight but it was rarely for a Jew to be a fist fighter. Max and his family where separated in the Germany invasion or the invasion of Hitler to die but Max's mother gave him something special for him to believe in himself that he was not going to die and that thing was hope which helped him a lot. First of all he survived because of hope and second of all he now has a family because Liesel was kind enough for Max to live with her. No one else would take Max in because he was a Jew and eventually he was get killed and the people who took him in would also get killed too because they where secretly hiding a Jew.

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Christian. G | 9 comments In the Book Thief in the story many people find it hard to cope with conditions and events happening in that days society. They have it hard trying to make a living. For example, there are flashbacks about Hans Hubberman and in that flashback a Jewish shop keepers shop gets bombarded with bricks. All its windows break and later there are racist Jewish slurs written on the shopkeepers door. Hans offers to help him but the Jewish shopkeeper refuses it and just accepts the pain. We see in this flashback that the Jewish shopkeeper has a very hard time trying to keep his business and make a living before they kill or deport him into another country.
Another example is in another flashback where we see that Hans former friend in war has died and his bride with her son have had a hard time trying to make a living because of his death. The wife asks Hans to do her a favor and play her husbands favorite song on his accordion so she gets to keep a memory of him one last time until doom claims her family. She cry's while she hears her husbands favorite song being played by Hans. Later, she dies because of depression and her sons uncle dies because of sickness. At this point her son along with all the children of the uncles family get adopted from other family's or get sent away. Hans feels pity and wanted to help the poor lady even though she refused his help also. We see that they also accept the suffering and have a hard time while getting through it. Germany's greatest leader at that time, Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party overwhelm the people with their power and the last remaining Jews in Germany can't even oppress his power because they have no power in this society so they just accept the suffering they receive and do nothing to oppress it.

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Tenzin Yengkey | 9 comments For the reason being that i am not caught up with the page goal, i am going to be talking about Max,which we also discussed in our group.
so, Max is a fist fighter with a mom. when he was young, his father dies leaving his mom poor. then his mom decided to lived the moms bother with died from a tumor growing in his stomach. One major thing thing that is that he is a JEW. so this led to the question:
would you want to live in the time period?
well, for me the answer is simple: no.
this answer is all led from a guy named Hitler, and the massive amounts of people that follow him. if, for say, i was a Jew living in the time period, other than the fact that i will soon be send in the camps and put in hard labor, there is so many people in the nazi party, that i would not be able to call my home and safe place. for example, in the book , there were people throwing large rocks at the one of the only remaining Jew shop. this is preposterous. is it their fault that they were born as a jew?
also, if i wasn't a Jew in the time period. however, i will see some limitations. for example, even helping a Jew will be a hard task because if people in the Nazi party were looking, i will be labeled. moreover, if i didn't join the nazi party, i will also be labeled. for example, in the book, Hans was losing customers in his painting store because he wasn't a nazi.

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Christian. G | 9 comments During our group discussion we talked about whether we wanted to live during this time period. In my opinion i definitely would not want to live in this time period. Why?
Well first of all, during this time all the conflict in Germany was really outrageous with all the racial discrimination, and financial issues people faced because of the Nazi Party's new rule during this time and the war they were going through with Russia.
For example, during this time many family's dealt with a lot of financial issues and being able to afford stable housing. A lot of families were suffering because of this and it got to the point when many families left Germany or simply became poor. They would have to find a way to earn a living by doing a lot of work while worrying that at anytime they could lose their job and let down their families.
Another example, is that any individual or family that would offer help to discriminated people or reject the Nazi Party's ideals would have been taken away or even been killed just because of that. And nobody likes being taken away or being slain. Especially those who lived in fear because of their specific identity.

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Sunny | 8 comments I feel that in the book Rosa the foster parent cares more for Max the Jew than Liesel because in the book when Max said that he will live in the basement and he wouldn't care for how much food he can get to Rosa and Rosa said oh no it's okay for will get all the food you want but when Liesel said that she won't bother that much about food, Rosa seemed like she didn't care about Liesel. Of course she wouldn't probably care for Liesel because she is just a foster child.
About Max in the chapter The Swapping of Nightmares he feels selfish about sleeping in Liesel's bed for three days. Also at that point Jews are dying and Hitler is invading so many Jews haved to hide low. I think that Max doesn't care for what he gets in the future because he was ready to live in the cold basement and eat nothing but he is also thankful because he keeps apologizing to Hans and Rosa for putting their lives in danger. Also in that chapter Liesel and Max both share their nightmares to each other Liesel still has nightmares about the train and how her brother died from the train. Max nightmare was that he was reliving that time he escaped from the Germans and how his familt died and now he is the only one left in the family.

message 17: by Sunny (new)

Sunny | 8 comments Wait I also think, that Max still has a family but he doesn't recognize it and he says that he HAD a family and he will never have one again.

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Tenzin Yengkey | 9 comments During our group discussion, i continued to talk about max because as the story went on, I think that the way the family members acted became very different. This is not surprising if you are hiding a Jew in your house when the nazi party are...everywhere, there can be very serious consequences.
One way the dad acts differently is that he becomes very cautious about everything. For example, he doesn't even tell her real daughter that there is a Jew in the house because he doesn't trust her( not the foster child). Another example, that I noticed is when Hans tells the main girl about all the consequences there can be by telling someone that they are hiding a Jew. And the consequences almost sound like a threat. He says that if she tells anyone, he will burn all here books and tells her that if anyone finds out, the mom and dad will be taken away and they will never see each other again.

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Christian. G | 9 comments Yesterday during while reading The Book Thief i noticed that Max, and Liesel and her family are starting to live a rough life. Since Liesel and her family let Max stay at their house. Their has been a increase in Nazi activity and Liesel and her family have a hard time trying to hide Max anywhere in their house. Max is a Jew and Jews were hated by Nazi's in those days. So they did their best to hide him because if anyone (including Nazi's) found out about their family hiding a Jew, Liesel's family and Max would get deported, taken away, or even killed.
For example, in the book a Nazi comes to inspect Liesel's basement to see if it is safe for use as a bombing shelter. Her family starts panicking because they don't know where to hide Max. They hope for the best and tell Max to hide in the basement behind the stairs, with only some blankets and sheets to cover himself and the hiding spot. The Nazi goes downstairs to the basement while Liesel and her family pray for life that Max doesn't get found by the Nazi. After the Nazi finishes inspecting the basement he goes upstairs, leaves and Liesel, Max and her family get relieved that they did not get in trouble. I think letting Max live in their house was a very risky decision but for them to do this, means Liesels parents care about Max a lot.

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Tenzin Yengkey | 9 comments Even though we didn't read today, I can see that Lisel attitude for max changes. At first, she was somewhat scared of Max. She couldn't even talk to his and would stand beside his bed at night and just watch home sleep. For example, when Max had a a book that he was reading, she was about to ask home how the book was but the word wouldn't come out of her mouth. However, this quickly changes. As time goes on, Lise's is more eager to take down his food for him and she seems to notice that they have a lot in common.
As they become closer. We can see that their relationship really progress. In the book I notice that Lisel and max really bond over the book. Furthermore, in the book, on the day of Lisel birthday she gets two new books to read. And Max feels so horrible that he didn't get anything for her because he didn't know. Then, Lisel gives Max a hug. I am very excited to see a progression to the two of their relationship.

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Christian. G | 9 comments During this week, while reading The Book Thief i have noticed another thing in the book. Liesel and her relationship with the mayor's wife is back again. Liesel has stole a book from the mayor's bookshelf's multiple times. I believe about the fourth time she attempts to steal a book, the mayor's wife leaves a book on the window in the bookshelf room. Liesel curious, opens the window, takes the book and goes back home.
While Liesel goes back home, she has this weird feeling to look back at the window. She decides to look back at the window and sees the mayor's wife smiling, while looking at Liesel walking across the lawn. Liesel sees her and seems confused or irritated by her appearance because she was once friends with the mayor's wife until she and the mayor decided to fire Liesel and her mom from the job they had. Liesel decides to run away and after she runs for a while she stops, opens the book she stole and finds a letter inside from the mayor's wife. Liesel opens it and feels mercy towards the mayor's wife and their relationship they once had but she decides to ignore it for now.

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Christian. G | 9 comments During this week, while reading The Book Thief our group decided to answer a question on our book. The question is "What role do men and woman have during the time taking place in the book?" Well in this book from what I can see, in Liesel's family the mother (Rosa) mostly tells what the father (Hans) and the daughter (Liesel) can and cannot do. But we do not see other answers to this question in the society at that time. I only see the book mostly focus on Liesel's family and not on gender roles in society during what I have read so far.
One example, of this is that somewhere during the book Rosa allows Hans to keep reading with Liesel even though it was very late at night. So basically Rosa is the one who gives them permission to do this and if she would've said no they would not be able to read even though Hans is the father and can make a decision also. She is the one who gives the orders in there house. Another example is that Rosa gives orders to Liesel to go deliver back cleaned clothes to their owners. So Rosa makes Liesel do this even though she doesn't give Hans the option to speak against it. Its almost like Hans has no power in the household he lives in.

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Sunny | 8 comments When reading The Book Thief our question was What role do men and woman have during the time taking place? The roles for men was that they would probably be killed because if they were a Jew or such and other men were to join the Nazi Party. The men were forced to join and if they didn't they would get killed. One example in the book was that Hans got a letter stating that he must join the Nazi Party or else. And the roles in women was that they would do all the house work. They were housewives and they would have to take care of the children that they had and cook food for them too.
I would like to talk about character changes because when Hans got the letter saying that he had to join the Nazi he felt touched that he got one but also denying. Becoming a Nazi was Hans dreams but he doesn't want to become one now because there was a Jew living in his Basement so if he became a Nazi he would have to kill Max but if he denied the Nazi Party would have suspicion of why what happened.

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Tenzin Yengkey | 9 comments The question that my group chose was " what are the role of the men and women during the time". Well, this question wasn't any different from any other time. The men were the kings of the houses while the women were to do house work and care for the kids. In the story book thief, hand was the one who was doing most of the man work, for example, it was his idea to let Max stay in the house even if it was dangerous. While,Rose, the mother, was doing most of the house work. She was the one that was cooking and taking care of the kids. She cleaned the house and it was her duty to make the house look presentable.
This also affects the jobs. For example, the women most did small stuff like other laundry. Lisels mom was a laundry women for the mayors and other. While, at the time the men were the ones going to war and going the nazi. Hans was to join the nazi party to fight for his country. However, how can he do that when he has a Jew living in his basement? Surprisingly, this thought of men being more respected than women is still not done. Even to this day, women are still being paid less than men. And as a girl, I think this needs to stop.

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Tenzin Yengkey | 9 comments My response is two paragraphs
I forgot to skip a line
2nd paragraph starts at " this also affects our jobs

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Christian. G | 9 comments Also i want to point something out during the book that i found interesting. During our book the narrator's identity is shrouded in secrecy for the most part in the book. I think most of us didn't even think about what role the narrator played in this book or didn't even pay attention to it. But we do get some hints on what his identity is when he does talk in the book. Also the author doesn't talk about the narrator in the introduction so i find that to be strange.

Well i think that the narrators identity is Death itself. The author does drop some hints during the book to support this idea and here are two examples. For example, close to the end of the book the narrator says he picks up various peoples souls and says how humans can be brilliant and have beauty. This shows that he is not a human himself he is something else. Also the narrator states at the end of the book "I'am haunted by humans." which makes sense since he is Death and Death is surrounded by humans everyday and has to take their lives.

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Tenzin Yengkey | 9 comments Great inference Christian

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