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Just like any other street in a kingdom.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((Lorien))

Kimberly was far too curious for her own good, but more than that she had the means of investigating new places more secretly. So early one morning she used her unique ability this time not choosing to be a dog as she normally preferred but became a fox as it was hey smaller and more cunning creature. Her fox form was a rich cherry red, Sharp eyed pointy eared little creature with a long tail that was white tipped. The fox form was useful when she wanted to move fast and sneakily. She had already entered the city avoided being seen quite easily however her curiosity made her wander into more open areas thankfully it was still early in the streets were not quite as packed as they probably would be in the afternoon. She scurried around low looking at all of the sites getting her bearings.

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lorien | 616 comments ((Kim))

Corra was wandering the streets early on this crisp morning. With her usual black hood and matching boots, she swiftly moved in and out of the streets which weren't as crowded as they usually were.
A flash of red moved stealthily into her peripheral vision as she turned her head in that direction. It was a fox. Usually Corra would take a quick look into the animal's mind and see if it was a friend or foe. Surely it wouldn't hurt to take. . . one peek. So she stared into the creature's eyes and concentrated.
A series of images flashed into her mind: a girl transforming into a fox, a fox moving quickly into the streets, and thoughts of curiosity and worry were there too. Corra gasped lightly as she pulled her mind away from the fox. So this fox. . . was a girl? How was that possible? Was there an ability she didn't exist? And the most important question was: did the fox-girl detect Corra entering her head? She always made sure to never reveal herself while occasionally interrogating the prisoners but maybe this girl had noticed her traces. . . That would certainly cause complications and Corra would no longer be the best.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly had not noticed the entry into her mind, if she had felt anything or suspected anything she shrugged it off because she was unfamiliar with those who would go into her mind it was not a common occurrence to her. However she thought she had drawn too much attention to herself as someone who had stared at her was noticed. She skittered quickly towards one of the alleys, though she didn't know it was a dead end she was just trying to get some distance to the side or next course of action. Unfortunately she really didn't know this area well that was the whole purpose of her coming out and scouting.

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lorien | 616 comments Corra smiled from underneath her hood as she tailed after the fox which soon made it's to a dead end. Clearly this girl didn't know her way around the city. So Corra bent on her knees, her hood hiding her pale face, and reached out a hand to the fox.
"Hello there," she said softly. "Now where did you come from? The forests? This is no place for a creature such as you." Maybe if she pretended to stay ingnorant, maybe the girl would think she was just any other person who found the sight of a beautiful fox absolutely thrilling.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly screeched to a halt when she realized she had just cornered her self and spun around seeing the hooded person coming she felt dread, she try to size up the situation thinking if she could speed past the person that long tail of her's could be grabbed. She backed up as any animal what have the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end but when the girl nail down as she discovered when she spoke she seemed more just interested. That felt like a relief, Kimberly would've reacted the same way has she seen a cute animal wanting to meet it and make a friend. So maybe she didn't need to worry she slowly move closer on garden cautious her nose twitching and she sniffed at the person. In truth the fox was incredibly cute, and she had seen many children that wanted to play with her when she was in this form.

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lorien | 616 comments Corra smiled brightly as the girl came towards her and sniffed her dangling hand. Maybe while in her fox form, she had to act like a fox. Or perhaps it was so no one would think twice that this beautiful fox could ever be a girl. "There, there," she cooed to it, stroking the fox softly. 'I won't hurt you. Would you like a strawberry tart?" Corra pulled out a thin pastry which was glazed and sprinkled with sugar. She broke off a piece, waving the pastry under the girl's small nose and asked with a bright smiled, "Do you want it? You can have it if you want."

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) There is something interesting whenever Kimberly was in the form of an animal, she still had her intelligence of course but there were certain animal inclinations that she couldn't avoid feeling. So as the person stroked her her ears laid back enjoying the feeling, And though if she had been a human she would've probably been offended that someone was talking to her like that. However in the animal form her mouth salivated eyes focused on the tart and she couldn't help sniffing at it hungrily. Though she was only sixteen and no one had ever trained her to fight the animal instincts she had.

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lorien | 616 comments "There you go," Corra said to the fox, smiling underneath her hood as she now placed the tart at it's mouth. "What do you think if it? Nod your head if it was delicious." Now was the moment of truth. If the girl unconsciously nodded her head, then that had to prove that she was a real human girl. But Corra was playing on thin ice with this one. If the girl knew what she was up to, then she'd be in trouble.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly couldn't deny liking the tart, it was quite tasty. She must really like animals. When she said to nod her head, she did so twice before she realized she was responding to something an animal wouldn't have responded to. Eyes widening she turned around swiftly attempting to get away her tail striking the girl behind her. Though again forgetting she was in a dead end alley.

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lorien | 616 comments Corra frowned as the fox tried to escape. She quickly cornered it and said to the girl softly, "Don't worry. I will not hurt you." What could she do to convince the girl she was safe? Asking the fox to nod was a foolish mistake. "Apparently you have little control over this form. Meaning, your human and fox instincts are contradicting the other. You have to control them!"

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly backed against the wall. Her paw skidding as she tried to back up further to no avail. However as the girl spoke she tilted her head in that comical animal way when they look confused. She knows... how could she know? The nodding? No she had asked me before. Why? She looked up at her and forced herself to sit, knowing if the girl lunged for her she could jump straight up very easily and get away. She gave a soft noise. Almost puppy like in pitch. Since in this form she couldn't speak. Wanting to ask. 'What do you want'

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lorien | 616 comments Blast this, Corra thought, since they were obviously getting nowhere. "I can find a place where we can talk. . . more comfortably if you wish. And I promise you, no harm will come to you so long you're with me." Now THAT didn't sound pushy or anything. Now the girl may just want to hide, not wanting to be with a stranger.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly didn't like the sound of that. Somewhere that should be safe as long as she was with her. And in this fox form, she was going to say no. So instead she stood up and acted as if she was going to walk slowly for her then after a few tentative steps moved to dash quickly between her legs hoping to catch her off guard

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lorien | 616 comments Well it certainly did the trick, Corra smiled when the fox came towards her but frowned when it dashed off. Pushing most of her cloak over her shoulder, Corra chased after it, wishing of all days she could be a Symbol.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly like a silly girl that she was was looking back over her shoulder at the one chasing her, instead of paying attention to where she was going. As such she did good for a little while until she collided with something. A trashcan. She slammed into it headfirst, very hard knocking it over. She was standing caught a little by surprise before she moved and turn to try a different direction. There is a reason that her parents kept her in the castle, she was a world-class clips at times. And could run into the only dangerous thing in an area.

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lorien | 616 comments Corra willed her legs to run faster. She was never going to stop the girl if she kept going like this. The girl unintentionally showed her Corra's ability, so why couldn't she do the same? As soon as it ran off into another direction, Corra filled the girl's head with images of other foxes and tarts, hoping it'd at least distract her. She then slipped into it's mind and said it a loud voice, STOP!

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly had scrambled around the trashcan and was about to leave the alley and she did a double take, foxes and tarts all over the place just get it back as one of the foxes was near her not sure what to think and then hearing stop so loud that it kind of hurt she instinctively cowerd like a dog. Looking around in confusion for the threat, she was unfamiliar with this ability being used on her and it truly scared her.

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lorien | 616 comments Corra smirked as the fox stood in confusion, not letting the images escape from the girl's mind. She wanted to pluck it's small body off the ground but she had no idea if the girl would bite and run away again. "Please. Come with me and it will stop. Just follow the sound of my voice."

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly didn't know what to do, but all the stuff scared her a little bit. Trembling a little fox creature stood up slowly walking towards the sound of the voice but not liking it one bit. Her eyes darting around unnerved. How is this happening? What does this person want?" That in several other questions went through her mind.

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lorien | 616 comments "That's it," Corra cooed to her. "Come to me and they will stop." She wasn't sure why she even wanted the fox. Maybe because she had never seen anything like her before? Did that have to be the answer? She wasn't even sure if she wanted to let the images disappear. Maybe she wanted the fox to stay that way until they arrived to her room.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly continued to follow, walking tentatively her paw treading lightly, she tried to ignore what she was seeing to see if there was danger, if she should run. Some people did skin foxes she knew, but didn't think that what the girl had in mind, she knew she wasn't a normal fox, but that might make it worse actually.

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lorien | 616 comments "You're a good girl," Corra said softly to the cute fox. Once the fox was in reach, she gently plucked it off the ground and stood up. "Are you hungry? We can head over to my room if you wish. I'll be sure to ask if they can fetch something for you as well. Would you like that?"

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly squirmed slightly, but didn't attack as she was still scared and confused. She gave a sound that was almost like a whine. It wasn't as if she could speak in this form. And turning back was not an option especially now, it took focus and an open space, not to mention she wouldn't have any clothes on. I'm so going to be in trouble... The question was what did this girl want? Surely not to keep her as a pet when she knew she understood human right?

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lorien | 616 comments "I know," Corra whispered soothingly to the fox. "We'll be in a safe room shortly. Don't you worry." She then swiftly made her way in between alleys and houses as the duchess clutched the fox protectively. She didn't want anything happening to the girl. Being able to change from a girl to a fox truly made Corra admire the girl.

((Do you happen to know of there is an inn of a sort which they could rent a room?))

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly squirmed only slightly and then Stefan does the grill cooking for speed. The words were kind she wasn't sure she trusted them. She didn't know where they were going she just closed her eyes so she could quit saying whatever the images were that were causing her to feel even more anxious. Hoping and praying that this person wasn't going to harm her.

((She's noble so the rita hotel. After i post post there? Have her say she's in a room? ^_^ ))

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lorien | 616 comments ((Okay! We can go there then! ^.^ And sure!))

Corra smiled as the girl finally closed her eyes. As a late promise, she lifted the images from the fox's mind and continued walking somewhat briskly to the hotel.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((I'll post there next))

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lorien | 616 comments ((Brilliant! Thank you! ^.^))

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