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Woods near the village of Kanyon. At night, it looks really creepy and dark while at morning it looks very green and lush. People say that if you go deep inside the woods one night, the Sedahr devil will capture and you will never return.

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Felicity looked up at the lush greenery. "Psh. This isn't dangerous. Ain't no Sedahr devil getting Felicity Clarkes." And with that she plunged into the forest. She immediately felt at home. No sisters to attend to. No bossy parents. No overshadowing lady in waiting. Just her.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Xander walked through the woods, humming a little tune that he didn't have to remember, but he liked remembering things. It made him feel smarter and a bit stronger. He looked down at the ground, stopped whistling as he saw a big tree trunk lying on the ground. He stepped around it, whistling as he started to walk again.

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Suddenly, Felicity heard whistling. Deciding to stay out of sight, just in case, she hid behind a tree and prayed that there would be no wind so the skirt of her dress wouldn't move.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Xander stopped whistling as he came across another huge tree trunk that had fallen down. He stepped around it as he started whistling again. He had a little bit of bounce in his walk as he went through the woods. After walking for what seemed like forever, he went to the woods quite often for a few hours, he leaned against a tree, taking a few deep breaths.

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Crap. He had to pick her tree to rest on. Of course he did. Oh well. Felicity decided to say hi. She jumped out and said, "Hello. Who are you?"

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emma (theonlytanman)
Xander whipped his head around, looking at the girl who had just said something to him. He didn't know a girl was behind this tree. Also, whenever he went to the woods there weren't any girls hiding behind trees. "Who are you?" He asked, raising his eyebrow and crossing his arms.

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"I asked you first." Felicity smirked, brushing her hair out of her face. She loved being sassy. It was her only defense against people who insisted they were her superior.

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"I asked you second, but since you asked me first, I guess I'll tell you what my name is." Xander said, chuckling as he drew little circles in the ground with the tip of his shoe. "My name is Xander. What is your name?" He asked curiously, looking back up at the girl who was talking to him.

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"Felicity Clarkes." Felicity smiled and curtsied. "If I may, what are you doing in this forest? I wouldn't expect anyone else to be here with all the tales."

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emma (theonlytanman)
Xander smiled. "Felicity Clarkes." He whispered. "It is nice to meet you, Felicity Clarkes. That is a very nice name. I like it very much." Cocking his head, he looked over at Felicity, then around the woods. "Tales? What tales? I have never heard of any tales."

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"Well, thank you." Felicity said, giggling. "Oh, you have never heard of the Sedhar devil? My, when I was growing up that's all I ever heard about. You lucky man."

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emma (theonlytanman)
Xander smiled. He liked the sound of people laughing. "Oh. The Sedhar Devil? I have never heard of him until now. My parents weren't that big on telling stories around the house. We had a pretty big family and it was very hard to get us all to listen." He spoke. "Is he really that bad?"

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"Well.. The legend says.." Felicity smirked and stepped closer. "That if you ever, go into the Sedhar woods at night, the Sedhar devil will catch you. And you will never return." She lowered her voice for dramatic effect. "But some people, they don't even dare venture here during the day."

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The light hairs on Xander's arm stood up along with the ones on his neck. It was actually pretty frightening once she had said it. "Oh. Wow. That is actually kind of freaky. I am not so sure that I really like that. Is he going to come out now?"

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"I highly doubt it. He's probably not even real. It's just an old wive's tale parents used to tell their kids to keep them out." Felicity shrugged. "I wouldn't worry about it."

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emma (theonlytanman)
Xander let out a breath of relief. He was glad that a monster wasn't going to come for them in the wood, even though it was kind of light outside and cloudy at the same time. "You're fearless, you know that right? Has anybody ever told you that before?"

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Felicity laughed. "I wouldn't say fearless... Just practical. If you fed my sister's that crap they'd be scared straight." She said. "It's all about being realistic. I mean, really, what are the chances of a devil being in a forest? The closest thing to a devil here is a bear."

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Xander lightly chuckled, running his hand through his blond hair. "Oh. I like bears. Bears are nice, except for the fact that some of them may or may not want to rip your faces off." He said, chuckling lightly as he looked around to make sure that there weren't any bears.

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"Yeah, you don't find too many sweetheart bears. But you can't really blame them for being vicious. If someone was in my territory I would get a little mean too." Felicity smirked.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Xander nodded. "I wish that there was a nice baby bear somewhere, so I could pet it." He responded, laughing lightly at the thought of having a baby bear as his pet.

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"Better hope his momma ain't around." Felicity winked. "Otherwise... You dead."

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Xander lightly chuckled. However, he was still very nervous. "Oh. Trust me. I'm hoping that she isn't coming right now. That would be super dangerous. Plus, we would be in a deadly situation."

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"Don't worry. I'm trained for this. You're okay." Felicity said in a patronizing tone, a joking smile on her face

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emma (theonlytanman)
Quite amazed, Xander still couldn't believe that Felicity wasn't scared of a monster that could come into the woods. "Really? So, you are trained to fight bears?" He asked curiously.

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"Not specifically bears, but all big animals." Felicity corrected. "I'm the daughter of a duchess after all. I have to learn to protect myself."

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"Ooh. A duchess sounds like a fancy position." Xander spoke. "I am a jester for the Kingdom of Kortana and I am super funny." He spoke, nodding as he crossed his arms with a confident smile on his face. He wasn't entirely that funny.

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"Oh really?" Felicity smirked and crossed her arms. "Try and make me laugh then, jester." She was interested to see how funny this man actually was.

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Xander smiled, blushing a bright red as he looked down at the ground. Then, looking back up, he started coughing. "Oh. I think that I may be coming down with something. I think that it may be a cold." Xander coughed, smiling as he looked back up at Felicity.

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