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Adding New Books > Error in an edition of my book TRAZOS SECRETOS

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message 1: by Diaz (new)

Diaz Tuesta | 6 comments I was adding a new edition of my book, when I saw that it was already, someone had added it, with an error in my name that makes it appear as another author.
I sign "Diaz de Tuesta", without the first name. The librarian who has added the card has put "Yolanda Diaz de Tuesta" (my full name, that i do not use in my books), with which there is a non-existent author out there, with the isbn of my book. DD
I have already uploaded my book. Could they eliminate the other, and that author profile? Thanks D
Pd I hope this is where I have to consult this. I'm sorry, it's very difficult for me to use English. Thanks for your time.
This is the wrong card:
(As you can see, the author is "Yolanda Díaz de Tuesta" I never use my full name, my professional signature is "Díaz de Tuesta")

message 2: by Bea (new)

Bea Added cover and other details to book from Amazon. Corrected author name to match cover name.

Book was not added by a librarian but was a bot upload from Amazon, I think.

Author profile for Yolanda should be eliminated automatically by GR since the book entry has been corrected.

message 3: by Diaz (new)

Diaz Tuesta | 6 comments Hi, Bea ;D

Oh, sorry, i said that "I have already uploaded my book. Could they eliminate the other, and that author profile?"
I wanted to say that I had added details (and cover) in this card:
That is, my book already had its page and data ok, but I needed to delete the other to be able to use this very isbn13 in mine.
Now, there are a duplicate edition. Please, can you delete one of them? which you want ;DD

Mmm... No, I do not think it was for an Amazon bot, because there I appear as "Diaz de Tuesta" alone. Neither do I think that outside the publishing house. I do not know, maybe it was a reader.

Thanks for very much your help, Bea. ;DD

message 4: by Codex (last edited Feb 02, 2017 12:54AM) (new)

Codex | 3401 comments Merged duplicate hardcover edition (with invalid truncated ISBN-13=“9788490703” in ISBN-10 field) with this hardcover edition (ISBN-13: 9788490703304):

message 5: by Diaz (new)

Diaz Tuesta | 6 comments Thank you very much, Codex! ;DDDD

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