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Bray  Knox (brayknox) The biggest market in the Kingdom, where nobles and royals buy well made and quality product by the higher class Symbols. Everything from fresh food to jewelry is sold here.

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Dionne | 73 comments Having spent a certain amount of time in a garden, Maud, with a guard in tow had made her way to the Grand Market where she perused the area. It was a grand place, to her eyes since she hadn't been there in a while. Well not since she was younger.

Now, she could look around closely and maybe find something for her family.

Keeping the emblem hidden from all eyes, Maud went around the market, with wide eyes and mouth open, like a tourist or something. No one, she hoped, knew a princess was in their midst since Maud preferred it this way.

She soon found items she figured her family would like and bought them.

Not wanting to leave just yet, Maud continued her exploration around the market always careful and everything.

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juno. (junosummers) | 28 comments
Of all the places she liked, Krystal liked going to the Great Market most. It was just for an errand for her father — he'd run out of satin and needed it for a noble customer who wanted it "as fast as possible" — and there was only one supplier anywhere close by who had the specific type that particular noble preferred, but work or no work, Krystal loved the lively atmosphere. Plus, sometimes she'd like to imagine herself as one of those nobles, floating around in those perfect dresses her mother made for them.

But today she was running late. She'd stopped by that candied apple stall that she always visited, and the nice old lady who ran it had chattered away at her, until she tried, as polite as she could, to excuse herself from the conversation, and ducked away into the crowd.

Having a sense of balance was never Krystal's strong suit, but she ran along anyway, weaving through the sea of people with as much nimbleness as she could manage. She even let out a few little "excuse me"s, pressing a little song into them, and a few people actually let her pass. Soon, though, her luck ran out, and she ran headlong into someone.

Krystal gasped and dropped into a deep curtsey. "F-forgive me, my lady!" she stammered, holding the bundle of cloth closer to her chest as she kept her eyes down, scared to look up.

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Dionne | 73 comments The guard, standing behind Maud took a step catching Maud before she too landed in a heap before the girl. A head cocked in question once she was righted. The girl seemed frightened of her, why she wondered.

Maud nodded to the guard who reached out a hand to the girl. Maud waited until then before speaking,

"Are you all right there? You seem flummoxed or something?" Her voice was soft and all of pretty though Maud's mind had then been thinking of what to get for her mother when the incident had happened.

She saw the cloth and her eyes widened. "You a dressmaker," she asked, her eyes on the cloth.

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juno. (junosummers) | 28 comments
"No, my lady," Krystal answered, eyes still downcast. She quickly glanced at the feet of the lady in front of her; her dress was made by someone with the most skill in all the land, no doubt, judging by the quality of the hem, and the shoes she could see just peering out from underneath her skirt looked much better than the shoes she herself wore.

She decided the lady must be important.

"But my ma and pa are. And I'm perfectly alright, my lady — just a little startled, that's all." She blushed. "It was my fault. I didn't watch where I was going."

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Dionne | 73 comments Maud shook her head though noticing this girl probably couldn't see it. "Um please raise your head. I can't talk to you like that. Besides, um you say your parents are dressmakers. I'd like to meet them if you don't mind."

Maud was staring at her wanting to get to know her, a real person and not those she'd seen from the palace. She wanted to talk more and everything, but first she wanted to get something pretty for her little sister Mia.

"You have anything for an eleven year old girl," she asked. "At your shop I mean."

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juno. (junosummers) | 28 comments
"S-sorry, my lady." Krystal flushed again. Gosh, how'd she manage to displease someone so many times in the same moment? But she'd looked up anyway, careful not to let her eyes directly meet the important lady's.

She tried not to let the surprise show on her face when the important lady asked her about the goods at her family's shop. "Well, we probably have a couple frocks, but if you're looking for something custom-made, my ma and pa take orders and use the clothes you like. Or if you'd like, we're just next door to the shoemakers and the jewellers, so you can go look at their places, too." She added, a little hurriedly.

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Dionne | 73 comments "Oh," Maud said dejectedly. She hoped to find something that would look really nice on Mia besides the paints she'd already gotten for her, she wanted just one more thing to buy. Maybe...

And she stared at the girl again. "Frocks you say? May I see them?" she asked.

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juno. (junosummers) | 28 comments
"Of course!" Krystal nodded, maybe a little too vigorously, then winced slightly at that. "Just follow me, my lady. I'm on my way back to the my parents' shop anyway."

As she waited for the important lady to follow her, she began to go through the dresses she knew would be ready-made at the shop. She knew there were several customers who would donate dresses to the shop for them to re-use the fabric, and her parents kept several ready-made items anyway, so she was sure that the lady could find something she at least liked a little.

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Dionne | 73 comments Maud nodded to the guard standing behind her yet slightly to her right before smiling at the girl and moving to walk with her. Now Maud was curious and wanted to ask questions so she would begin.

As she walked with the girl she asked, "So, can you tell me something about yourself, this shop, maybe your family?"

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juno. (junosummers) | 28 comments
Krystal began hesitantly. "Well," she said — not quite sure where to start, really, because why would this important lady be interested in hearing about her ordinary family?

"Well," she started again. "There's just me and Ma and Pa, really — 'cept there's a baby on the way. I grew up in the shop and sometimes my Ma teaches me how to sew. Do you know how to sew?"

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Dionne | 73 comments Maud grinned at the mention of her sewing. Though she did want to, things didn't end up that way. There was always other things she had to do as a princess that is.

"No, I don't really know how. No one wanted to teach me and there were... um...circumstances." she responded keeping the fact of why to herself for the time being.

Her eyes lit though at the mention of a baby. She'd always loved babies and besides her younger sister was quite young herself. "so, where's your shop?" She asked.

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juno. (junosummers) | 28 comments
"Well, that's unfortunate," Krystal mused. Though sewing made her prick her fingertips, it was a useful skill to have, especially when she didn't want to let Ma know that she'd ripped her skirt for the tenth time, so she'd do it herself. "Sewing's real useful. When I'm older, I can help Ma and Pa with the outfits too, so they don't have to do them all themselves."

She skipped a few steps. "It's just this way. It's close to the edge of the market cos we need more space."

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Dionne | 73 comments "I see," Maud said. Usually she wanted to learn but whenever she tried a servant or one of her family would come up with something else for her to do. "That would be a good thing, to help out our parents. A good skill, sewing is, I would think."

She and her guard moved to follow, Maud curious about everything about Krystal and everything. "So tell me about the baby? Have they been born or rather how far along are they?"

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lorien | 616 comments Alderius walked along a path as he searched for a particular somebody he was suppose to deliver a package to. The package itself was decently heavy but not so much so he couldn't do his job. So he searched for any distinguishable mark he could use to find their person he wa suppose to deliver the package to.

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Dionne | 73 comments Princess Maud with her guard had been walking having seen the clothing and such, and her packages bought and paid for, except one. The present she wanted to give to her mother, the Queen. It had taken a bit to find a gift. What can you get for a queen who practically had everything? And then she had but when she had gone to the place, she was told it would take a bit of time. She had been walking around waiting.

Her guard walking always with her. Luckily she'd told the shopkeeper that she had a guard with her, so the one to deliver the package could recognize her that way.

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lorien | 616 comments Alderius then spotted a girl and her. . . guard? Weird. Quickly running through a hand through his hair, Alderius ran after them and said, "Princess?" He waited for her reaction, in case she wasn't who she said she was. Delivering was a trade he learned quite well and when he called to people, without knowing if they were really who they said they were, he could see clear on their faces that it told all. The widening of eyes was a sign that they didn't expect him and wanted to play the part. The unsurprise glance was a sign that they had expected him. Though Alderius really hoped that this girl in front of him was the princess.

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Dionne | 73 comments The guard heard the call and sort of turned to face Alderius. He was glaring before wiping the glare to turn back to Maud, "Highness, I believe your package has arrived." he said aside to her.

Maud turned and saw Alderius. Though she wanted to react she didn't. After all, a Princess did not react or let it show for that moment. She nodded to the guard.

The guard raised a hand toward Alderius as if to call him forward, though his other hand was close to his weapon just in case.

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lorien | 616 comments Alderius couldn't help himself but raise an eyebrow at the guard then bowed at the princess once he had come close enough. "Good morning. I hope you're enjoying a stroll today," he said, hoping he at least remembered his manners.

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Dionne | 73 comments Maud continued her looking at Alderius, but for the time being she wouldn't say anything, she merely nodded to the guard.

"She has had much to do of late, that is all. Do you have the package?" The guard inquired.

Then Maud raised a hand 'pulling' the guard back. "Tell me, what is your name?" she asked curious about this one. She loved going outside and talking to people, but for the like of her she couldn't recognize seeing him before.

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lorien | 616 comments Even though she was a princess, Alderius was still a bit hesitant to give out his name. However, if he didn't do want she wanted, he may be looking at a few years in prison! "Alderius Marr, ma'am. And here's your package," he brought it out swiftly and carefully and held it out for her. "Hope I'm not too late."

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Dionne | 73 comments The guard takes the package but Maud smiled at Alderius with that sweet smile of hers one designed to calm a person, to show she meant no harm. "It's fine, thank you Alderius Marr." she said. Maud would size him up for a bit and figured a bit more would be needed.

"How long have you worked at your place of employment? I'm just curious you know. Nothing to worry about."

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lorien | 616 comments Alderius calmed himself into being more relaxed. She was just a princess and there was absolutely nothing to worry about. So when she gave that warm smile of hers, Alderius couldn't believe that he was even more calm than before. Without hesitation he answered her question with a friendly smile, "Ever since I was six or ten. I keep forgetting after doing this for a while."

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Dionne | 73 comments "Wow, you worked when you were still a child. That's amazing!" Maud said clearly shocked at this revelation but she didn't mind it. After all, there were others out there who did the same. "You have any abilities? Besides working?"

She was curious though about his symbol or whatever he had though she didn't mind hers except when things got a bit tense at times. Not like she didn't have powers like her mother and sister(s), that would get a bit hard on the mind. Instead, she enjoyed the fact they had those and reveled in her sisters and mother's ability.

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lorien | 616 comments "Um," Alderius started, wondering if he should really tell the princess. She asked, didn't she? So it was true of him to tell at least tell her. "A Swift. That's my ability." Now she had his name, and his ability. At this point, he was mostly trusting that the princess wouldn't use this information for evil purposes.

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Dionne | 73 comments A lovely smile spread at Maud's lips when he mentioned it. "Really, that's so cool! I envy you, that's all and am proud to know someone with your ability." she said.

Besides, she really didn't mind it. After all a Swift was cool, unlike hers but then again, she didn't mind hers,

"You want to walk with me?" she asked him.

"Highness," the guard said and Maud turned to him.

"What's wrong with talking to people? I like talking to them. They have such fresh and innovative ideas."

"But... He's not in your league."

"Don't worry about it. You can follow if you don't trust him." Maud said.

The guard said nothing and Maud turned back to Alderius, "Well?" she asked the smile returning to her lips.

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lorien | 616 comments ((I'm so sorry Dione for not replying sooner to you! :-( ))

"I. . . I would love to," Alderius replied to her, giving a Charming smile. He whispered to both of them and leaned down, "Mister, you're not going to kill me are you?" He glanced at the guard, curious for his response.

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Dionne | 73 comments The guard's brow rose. "Only if you try and harm My Lady," he responded.

Maud rolled her eyes. She didn't really need this after all, she just wanted to talk. "So, you up for a walk?"

(Not a problem. Spent this day with my sister.)

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lorien | 616 comments "Yes, ma'am," Alderius said, eyeing the guard before bowing. "You were my last delivery so I have the rest of the day off!" He stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked past the princess. "Have you eaten anything yet, princess?"

((I hope you both had fun! I wish her a happy birthday! :D))

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Dionne | 73 comments However before Maud could so much as speak, a growl came from the vicenity of her stomach region. She blushed and giggled at the sound. "I'd like that. Thank you."

The guard sort of grunted moving into place so as to be close enough just in case of an attack.

"So where to?" Maud asked.

(Thanks. We had fun!)

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lorien | 616 comments "I'd recommend. . . Trixie's Bakery," Alderius told her as he pointed at a sign. "She has the best rolls as well lemon tarts. They always seem to make you smile every time you bite into one. Shall we?"

((I'm glad you did! :-) ))

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Dionne | 73 comments Maud smiled serenely,"Then let's go." she said though her voice sounded a bit excited. She liked lemon tarts but rolls were good too. "What's your favorite from there?"

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lorien | 616 comments "Just about everything. My cousin would take me here every time we had a big delivery, usually during the holidays, and he would take me to buy the same cinnamon rolls. They're the best you'll ever have, trust me," Alderius said to the princess as he opened the door to the bakery and held it out for her.

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Dionne | 73 comments Maud entered first followed by the guard. "So you don't really have a favorite? Kind of sad really. I like lemon tarts but I've never had any from around here."

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lorien | 616 comments "Definitely try the lemon tarts here," Aldeieus suggested, closing the door behind him with a slight jingle. He showed her a wide glass case which showed the variety of desserts and pastries. "Even the castle orders from Trixie. So anyway, let's see how you do with the tarts and then we can move to anything else," Alderius said kindly. He then glanced at the guard and asked, "Unless you prefer your charge not to eat anything?"

((Aaaand last post! Goodnight! :D))

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Dionne | 73 comments The guard said nothing, but the look suggested don't go there.

Maud smiled, "No, I'm going to try it. Looks delicious." she said.


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lorien | 616 comments "I hope you do," Alderius said, giving an eloquent bow and tipped his head at the soldier politely. "And being the kind gentleman that I am, how about I pay for this? If your Majesty deems this permissible," he said smoothly to her while giving a wink.

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Dionne | 73 comments A brow rose at Alderius mention of Maud's. And she thought she'd hidden that well enough. Maybe the guard gave her away. Maud shrugged. "Very well, if we should meet again I'll the next time. Deal?"

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lorien | 616 comments Alderius shooked his head and smiled. "Sounds like a deal to me." He glanced over at the glass case and couldn't help himself but stare longingly at the delicious treats. The lemon tarts were his favorite and so asking him to eat one as if it was a punishment was hardly possible for the boy.

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Dionne | 73 comments Maud noticed his look and she pointed, "I'll have that one then," she said and smiled wondering what he would do.

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lorien | 616 comments Alderius followed the princess' finger and almost groaned. But seeing as though he could always come back here in the next half an hour, he nodded and rang the bell which usually alarmed the staff while they slept in the back. One came out with her hair in a loose bun and was clad all in white. She smiled at Ladeieus and asked, "How can I be of help?"
"Well," Alderius started, smiling lazily at Maud, "this dear lady would like to have the last of your lemon tarts. Is that correct?"

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Dionne | 73 comments Maud listened in silence, her guard still behind her watching. She turned to Alderius, "We'll share it if you want?" She'd seen his face when she pointed at it and could almost hear him groan, though she really couldn't. It was there in his face though.

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lorien | 616 comments "Sharing is caring," Aldeeius teased but nodded gratefully. "And what would you like. . . sir?" He didn't actually know what to call the guard other than sir or guard. Guard might've sounded odd so sir was just what Alderius was going to cal him.

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Dionne | 73 comments "I guess, but I saw your face and it looked a bit disappointed or something," Maud said. "That's why I offered to share it with you. You seemed to like it so much, so," and she paused.

The guard merely shrugged. He wasn't about to eat anything or even let the princess eat any until he tasted it first.

"Don't worry about it. I'm just doing my job."

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lorien | 616 comments Alderius couldn't help himself but flush at the princess' comment. "Well, um, thank you. But if you want the whole thing, I don't mind. Trixie has loads of other treats she puts on display."

message 46: by Dionne (new)

Dionne | 73 comments Maud waved a hand, "Don't worry about it. I'll share this time. It's no big thing. Beside, I know you wanted one too."

message 47: by lorien (new)

lorien | 616 comments Alderius smiled sheepishly and nodded at the woman behind the cashier. "May we have one lemon tart and a cream puff?"
The woman quickly stuffed a paper bag with both of the requested items and she winked at Alderius. "Regular customers don't have to pay."
He beams at the woman. "Thank you! Tell Trixie I said thank you!"
"I will Mr. Marr," the woman said warmly, raising an eyebrow at the. Princess and her guards "hope you enjoy the rest of your day."
"We will, thanks!" Alderius said happily as he opened the door for Maud and couldn't wait to try out those treats.

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Dionne | 73 comments Maud remained silent listening. So this is how the other half live, she thought to herself. "Can't wait to try it." she called to the woman smiling at her as she left with Alderius. Her guard following behind them, a silent shadow, so to speak. "So, where you want to eat these?" she asked once she was outside.

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lorien | 616 comments "How about over there?" Alderius asked, pointing at a stone bench shielded under the trees. "That spot is my favorite and even grumps can stay too!"

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Dionne | 73 comments "Okay then, sounds like a plan," Maud said a smile coming to her lips at his calling her guard a grump. She preferred not to have guards following her everywhere she went and tended to ditch them when she could, but this time she allowed since she wanted to buy presents for her family and besides, she'd promised her mother she would do so.

She took Alderius by the arm and practically pulled him toward the spot. "Shall we partake?" Her gaze on the sweets.

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