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Bray  Knox (brayknox) The park in the heart of the city. It holds several gardens and fountains for nobles to stroll about. It is filled with trees and rich grass, suitable for any Emblem.

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Kim was sitting on a branch of a tree that was well hidden. She was reading a book when she heard a male voice call out, "Marty? You in there?" She stayed quiet. She wasn't Marty. Was she? No, she was still Kim.

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Kim covered her mouth to conceal a snicker. She wondered if she should say anything. She decided to wait a minute or two longer to see if he would find her. She closed her book and folded her hands.

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"Quite a while, actually." Kim smiled sweetly. "I apolgize, I have not seen this Marty anywhere."
She quite enjoyed the surprised look on his face. "I'm Kim Clarkes. And you?"

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"All the time. Only way to get away from my sisters." Kim laughed. Suddenly, a pigeon flew over and landed on her shoulder. "Oh! Hello. Do you happen to be Marty?" She petted the bird with a finger.

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Kim laughed. "It's okay! I'm glad he's safe. Animals seem to like me." She kissed the pigeon's head and handed him over. "He's a very handsome bird."

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Kim smiled at the boy with a piegon on his shoulder. In a way he reminded her of a pirate. "I'm fourteen."

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"Oh, not at all. You are a welcome distraction." Kim said honestly. "I find the main character in this book to be quite bothersome. But I have the curse of having to wait a book out till its end."

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Kim laughed. She liked his sense of humor. "I'm a Mind. But to be perfectly frank, I can only tell what someone's thinking if I touch them."

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"Probably just about crackers." Kim teased. "I'm not sure exactly sure. The moment I touch someone I just hear their thoughts instead of my own. It's like I go into their mind. My family is mostly Matters so I've had to figure this out mostly on my own." She explained. "And I like to use it to make people get together. I love meddling."

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"Easy. I read their thoughts to see if they like someone, and then read that someone's thoughts to see if they like them too. If they do, then I tell each person that their crush likes them back, and they get together. Sounds complicated but it's really not." Kim shrugged.

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"Thank you! Although I'm not sure that's true." Kim smiled. "Now, would you like to finally know what Marty is thinking? I could tell you." She actually had taken a liking to the bird. His mohawk of feathers amused her.

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((I can. Save you the work))
"Oh yes. Animals are such complex characters." Kim smiled. She reached out and cupped the bird in her hands. She closed her eyes. Then she opened them and laughed. "He likes the way my hands feel. He also wants a cracker. Sound like him?"

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"2. They're awesome but they don't like Symbols much." Kim petted the bird. She snickered. "He says thanks for the cracker and it was about time you gave him one." Kim found herself enjoying Adam's company.

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"Because they're Emblems. It's simple prejudice. They've never even MET a Symbol, yet they choose to hate them because it's what society thinks. My sisters are amazing people, but they can be so cruel to Symbols. It's shocking to me." Kim sighed. She rolled up her sleeve and looked at the M marked on her arm. "Just a single letter separates you from what could be so much more."

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Kim looked around nervously and leaned in. "When I take strolls I do talk to the local Symbols. But if anyone else found out, I would be in huge trouble. My family has a very important reputation to uphold. My dad works closely with the king. So please. Please. Do not tell." She whispered.

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"Adam, that is wonderful! But I understand. I won't tell anyone." Kim made an X over her heart. "Kortana is a wonderful place to live, but oh so many secrets reside here. I feel like.. We're being watched. Every move we make. It's not a good feeling." Her brown eyes were troubled as she looked at Adam. She cupped Marty close to her heart. "I fear... No ones safe.."

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Kim's face broke out into a smile and she laughed. "Those dang squirrels. Always eavesdropping." She joked. "But in all seriousness, it's nice to know I'm not alone in feeling this way. And who knows, maybe we are just paranoid, but like my granny always used to say, it's better to be suspicious all your life then to just go along ignorantly." she sighed.

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Kim nodded. "I heard my parents talking about it. They find it ridiculous but I find it quite brave that people are risking their lives to make Kortana a better place for future generations. I'm sure that won't happen in your or my lifetime, but I would die happy knowing that someday, balance will be restored to this land, and everyone is equal."

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"Are you sure? You're risking a lot. An Emblem joining the resistance? The king would consider that turning against a brother. You could be tried or killed or both, there's a lot to consider." Kim listed off nervously. "As much as I would enjoy being part of something crucial to our land, I agree it's probably not the brightest idea."

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"I'm not going to stop you. But I fear for you. Is this resistance going to be peaceful or violent? Who knows? If you get killed, you'd be leaving behind so much. I'm sorry, but I don't think I could ever be brave enough to join it," Kim bit her lip. "A wishing stone? So you mean it's not a stone you can make wishes on.."

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"I'm a thinker. It's both a curse and a gift. I'm glad you're going to think about it harder. You just csn't be sure. I hate the unknown. I like to br aware of what's going to happen. Unfortunately that's impossible most of the time." Kim sighed. "Interesting. I hope it doesn't bring back a bad memory, I would prefer those to stay forgotton." She joked.

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"I suppose that would get tedious after a while. But at least I could warn people and prevent bad things from happening. Oh well." Kim sighed. She watched as Adam grabbed the wishing stone. "Fascinating. She took it from him and closed her eyes. She thought happy thoughts, until the memory took over.

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Kim opened her eyes and looked at the stone. "Oh.." She sighed happily. "I remember this.." She caressed the stone. "This was when my sisters and I used run around in the mansion.." She watched as young her and her older sisters skip down the foyer. "Granny used to get so mad at us. Young ladies do not run, she would say." Kim chuckled sadly.

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Kim giggled but focused on the memory. Her granny came into focus. "Felicity! Madilyn!" She scolded. Her sisters came to a halting stop. Herself came to a stop as well. She watched as her granny lectured her sisters on the importance of being role models for little Kim.

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"Granny was the best. She did love us true, I know she did. She always did tell us, be role models ladies. Be role models for the younger girls in the kingdom. To this day, I always do try to be a good person for the younger ones." Kim smiled. "Granny practically raised us. Mom and Dad were great... They were just.. Busy.."

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Kim smiled sadly and petted Marty with one finger. "I believe so. I just wish she was still with us. I knew she was adventurous but I never thought..." She shook her head and gave back the stone. "Oh well. It's in the past."

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Kim's eyes widened as she took the picture. "Wow... Thank you so much!" She beamed at Adam. "I never expected... How can I repay you? With a gift as amazing as this I don't think I could top it!"

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"Oh it's so wonderful. I will treasure it forever." Kim still couldn't believe her eyes. She kissed the boy on a the cheek and refocused on the gift, unaware of his reaction.

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"You're so kind to me." Kim beamed. "Whenever you need to know the thoughts of someone or something like me know." She paused for a minute. "My power isn't very useful for much, unless you need dirt on someone."

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"Definitley! I love pranks. I used to pull them on my sisters all the time until they caught on. Those were the days." Kim smiled wistfully before shaking her head. "Anyway, I suppose that's true. But it's hard to touch people I don't know that well. I mean, I can't very well just walk up to someone and touch their arm. That would be rude not to mention strange. I wish I was able to read minds without having to touch the person."

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"That's not a terrible idea. But I'm not a terribly good pretender." Kim laughed. "Okay, I'll leave that job to you." She smiled at his silliness. "Probably sometime new. How about the next time I can sneak past my guard Brutus."

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"Oh thank you. That's quite helpful." Kim smiled, her cheeks a bit red when he touched her shoulder. "Oh, I apologize. My parents are Duke Landon and Duchess Sasha. So since I'm their daughter, I require a guard. It's quite tiring but I do like Brutus. He and Granny practically raised me."

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"I'm Lady Kim." Kim said. "But please do not call me that. I much prefer Kim. It has taken years ro get Brutus to call me Kim and he still refuses to do it in public. Felicity will be the next Duchess once Mom passes, and then Madilyn and then finally me. If I get married before I am up for the spot, I will be called Lady whatever his first name is and his surname until I become Duchess."

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"A surname is your last name. For example. Mine is Clarkes. So if I happened to marry a man named Philip Johnson, my title would be Lady Philip Johnson. It's really quite simple." Kim explained. "Well I guess I'll just have to make sure I never anger you. I dislike my title but it is my duty to be a lady."

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"Kind of sort of not really. In no way am I in relation to the king of course, but I like to think of myself as the next best thing after a princess. My parents aren't technically royalty. They're nobles." Kim shrugged.

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((Go ahead :D))
"Thank you. It's bothersome at times but I know my relatives just want the best for me." Kim smiled.

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Hearing the crack, Kim swiftly pulled her and Adam to another branch, just before the branch fell. "I have good reflexes." She said to the astonished boy.

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Kim covered her grin. "Amazing is stretching it a little don't you think?" She giggled. She lightly punched him. "Girls are a lot smarter then you boys give us credit for."

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Kim laughed. "I'm glad I amaze you. Although I'm still not quite sure amazing is the correct word for me. I'm thinking more like just okay. I'm nothing special."

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Kim smiled. "Well, thank you Adam. That means a lot to me." She said. "You're amazing and special too. In your own way. You're a dork, you're incredibly sweet, and best of have restored my faith that there are good Emblems out there."

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Kim hugged the boy back. For the first time in years, she felt like she belonged. She never fit in with the other Emblems yet she fit so well with Adam. It felt.. Nice.

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"Probably not but you know what?" Kim half smiled. "I don't care. My parents can whine all they want but I choose my friends. And if they kick me out, they kick me out. I have people who will help me. And that's what is most important."

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"I won't, I promise." Kim said. "I'm usually good with keeping things. I can pay Brutus to keep quiet as well if he ever finds out. But this is the first time I've ever felt I belonged. I would risk anything for that feeling."

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Kim giggled as the pigeon cooed in agreement. "I would love to meet your friends. If they are as awesome as you are I think we'll get on well."

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Kim smiled. "I usually just walk around here. You meet so many interesting people. My sister met the elder princess here once!"

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"Not well. I had a playdate with the youngest princess when I was like three but I doubt she remembers it. I like the royal family, but Mom and Dad just never really let us do anything with them."

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"Alright. Red, Bird, Autumn, and morning." Kim said. "Red because it reminds me of Felicity, a bird because I adore them." She smiled at Marty. "Autumn because I adore all the leaves and colors. And morning.. Because it's the start of a brand new day. Tomorrow is in the past. And sometimes.. That can feel amazing, others times, sad."

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