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Bray  Knox (brayknox) These docks are tailored to the finest ships the Kingdom has. Most are owned by the royal family for travelling and shipments of important materials.

~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments De`Henry twins watched the Kingdom of Kortana through the mist. The mist wasn't too thick, or maybe that's what it was like in here, twins had no idea. All they could remember from this place was the castle and its pompous court.
"My lord, my lady we are nearing the destination", a man's voice behind them drew their attention. Anne,the elder twin looked at the man-who was apparently sent by their father to haul their as*es out of Eastern Empire- regarded him with obvious contempt, "Did you come here to tell us something we can see ourselves?", she wasn't in a good mood with all the swinging she had to endure throughout the journey but Alec cut her before she could say anymore, "What is it?", the man bowed his head again, "Duke ordered you to get changed into the clothes arranged by him", he bowed again and moved away before Anne could bark at him with a swiftness even Anne had to admire.

Alec sighed, "Don't make a scene Elz, I know you don't like how father always has his way with everything but..." he sighed again, "Let's get changed okay?", he squeezed his sister's hand searching her face for an outburst. Anne looked at her brother, something in his face made her relax a little, "If you say so my dear brother", she said and gave him a little smile and noticed him relax under her smile.


As they were getting off the ship, twins saw the banner men- De`Henry Callaghan family banners- and some guards in the royal dock waiting for the them. A young banner man shouted their names as they finally stepped onto the dock," Lord, Alexander De`Henry Callaghan and Lady, Anne Elizabeth De`Henry Callaghan have arrived to the Kingdom of Kortana", they cringed at the grand performance arranged by their father. Of course their father is that kind of a person, a powerful man who only listen to the king. With one last longing look at the sea behind them, twins got into the carriage.

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