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Bray  Knox (brayknox) The docks where some fishermen have boast between the two cities. Some nobles have much fancier boats used for leisure.

~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments It was still dark outside. Both Henry twins wore matching dark blue tunics. "Do you think those girls will come sis?" Alec asked watching the sea birds flying above them. Elzie shrugged, she didn't bother to hide her raven black hair neither her skin color. "I don't know", she aid then added after a heartbeat "Did you find anything about Corra Lockwood?". She knew even though that girl claimed otherwise, she was indeed the Duchess Lockwood. It was just her gut feeling but she knew well enough to never cast away her hunch. "I know about their family but need time to find more about her on personal level", he admitted. Even someone as resourceful as he was, he can't find about a person in one night.

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